2nd SECH Box Opening! The Long Road Remains Long…

In my last post I revealed I would opening another box of SECH. Here’s up I pulled from that box:



Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon for my Yuuya deck

Metaphys Horus, which looks pretty

An Infernoid Antra and a 3rd Patrulea

Playset of Nekroz Cycle


No Ununcu or Harmadik

Secret Rare was Malacoda (who does look amazing though)

Lots of duplicate rares (I think I have 5 Dragoons of Draconia at this point)


You can never have a perfect box. Where am I going from here? Despite this opening I still really want to play Infernoids. I’ll wait until after the next YCS to see if they top or not. Depending I may just buy Ununcu by himself (Harmadik too, though his price tag scares me). That being said I have an unhealthy love for this set and would buy another box if it was cheap enough. You can’t really pay for it, but I really like the cards.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yugioh Deck Building Status Update

So feeling somewhat down for not posting yesterday, I’ll be posting twice today. I thought I’d gather up pieces to going toward the potential new decks I wanted to build. This will be a relatively quick and picture heavy post so bear with me.

Infernoids Status: Close, but still a long way to go


So at present I have:

1 Harmadik

2 Patrulea

No Ununcu

A Play set of Seitsamas, Attondel and Piaty (not pictured)

Along with a playset of Reasoning, 1 Monster Gate and the totally not being run Eye of the Void and Void Expansion

I would honestly try to build the deck if I can get some Ununcus and Harmadiks. However pre-YCS hype has Harmadik trending around $25 (see tcgtrader as of 1/28/15).

Necloth/Nekroz Status: A cute start


I only have what’s pictured. I don’t have Djinn Releaser of Rituals which hurts since preventing Special Summons breaks the current state of Yugioh, but depending on how my Secret Forces Box goes there may still be hope.

Heroes: Ton of old support


More or less this is my fan-made Jaden/Judai Yuki deck. It’s traditional format (don’t freak out) and was built around always having fusion options. While I’d love to discuss the deck in full for time’s sake I’ll just say I have a lot of old Hero cards.

So that’s where I am currently. However tonight may still decide what deck I build.


I got a 2nd SECH box (for about $20 less than the first one). I’ll post whatever I pull later tonight. Here’s hoping for a few more Infernoids!

What Magic the Gathering deck will eat all my money?

So after taking forever discussing my Yugioh plans, I also want to discuss not only my Magic Plans, but also the Magic deck I’ve been working on and the deck I know want to build for Standard.


I started Commander during the summer of 2014 with Vorel of the Hul Clade as my commander. My deck was Simic EDH based around generating an absurd number of +1/+1 counters with Vorel. I then moved to Sidisi, Brood Tyrant when Khans of Tarkir was released and made a tri-color Dredge deck. However, when I learned of a potential EDH tournament I bought and modified the Commander 2014 Daretti, Scrap Savant deck. However, in between Daretti and Sidisi I found the card Progenitus (A 10/10 Legendary with “Protection from Everything”). I fell in love at first sight and tried to make 5 Color EDH. Eventually, that deck evolved into the 5 Color Superfriends deck I have today and I haven’t gone back to any of the other Commanders in months. My deck list can be found here.

My magic ambition became simply strengthening this deck, through the slow accumulation of boardwipes, dual-lands and planeswalkers. All that changed however when I met a man at my locals who showed me Modern.


My current modern deck is a Elf Green Devotion Deck I modified from the first Magic deck I built back in 2013 (I got the Yeva, Nature’s Herald deck and turned it into a Hydra ramo deck). My current deck list can be found here. I have no plans to spend a lot of money making this deck good at the moment, but I do want it to be playable.

Standard (and another choice of 3 Giants)

Despite my 2-2 record at the Fate Reforged Pre-Release I feel blessed to have pulled 2 copies of Brutal Hordechief (one of which was my promo).


After playing Mono-Red I want to keep playing faster more aggro decks. Furthermore, I’ve come to love the Mardu clan from Khans (I defected from Sultai) as their hyper aggressive battle style is the most fun to play (in my opinion).

So for magic my choices as of this moment are between Straight Mardu, Black/White Warriors or Black/Red Warriors. I know that Brutal Hordechief can be made a win-con and really want to use him as one.

Straight Mardu



More Mainstream (There will likely be other Mardu decks I can use as a base for mine)

All the Removal (Between Hero’s Downfall, Banishing Light and Stoke the Flames, I would have the most removal options in Mardu)


Mainstream (Everyone knows how Mardu works, and in comparison to Sultai Whip and Abzan Midrange it hasn’t won/topped as many events)

Possibly having to buy Thoughtseize (This applies to every deck equally, but I don’t want to have to buy Thoughtseize, I’d rather run Despise to save $78)

Black/White Warriors

Image (1)


Has Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale as 2 drops (Both synergize really well with the myriad of other warriors)

Has access to Banishing Light (Any Uncommon worth $1.50 or more deserves respect)

Mardu Woe Reaper as a turn one drop (He’s pretty good at messing with Sultai also)


I’d have to get 4 Caves of Koilos (I’d probably have to do this for Mardu as well)

Black/Red Aggro

Image (2)


Probably the most similar to what I’ve played (I love Mono-Red so this would probably be the easiest switch)

Easiest Access to Hordeling Outburst (I feel that this card combined with Brutal Hordechief would be very viable)


Rogue (I know someone has probably already ran this deck, but it definitely feels the least mainstream)

No Chiefs for Turn 2 (Edge and Scale are really what makes the otherwise wimpy warriors threatening)

Current Solutions:

So I have a Fate Reforged Box in the mail. Depending on what I pull from that box I’ll decide on a deck to run with. I’m hoping a few copies of Mardu Strike Leader are in there as he’s pretty much necessary along side the Mardu Shadowspear. Prior to that I’ll be mulling over how to use and abuse Brutal Hordechief. If I go anywhere in Standard I want it to be with him.

I’ll hopefully start doing regular deck discussions either tomorrow or later this week. Have a good night and thanks for dropping by!

So which Yugioh deck is going to eat all my money?

So I mentioned at some point early this morning that I was going to make a future plans post.

Most recently I’ve come to an impasse with the games I treasure the most, Magic the Gathering and Yugioh. My primary goal with each game has recently changed. Originally, my only goal in Yugioh was make decks based on characters from the anime, whereas with Magic my only goal was only to do well in draft. However, now I seriously want to give playing both games competitively a shot. As dumb as it sounds I’ve reached near completion in both of my prior goals. I cannot wait to discuss and analyze the 60+ Yugioh decks I’ve built already on this blog. Furthermore, repeated drafting has allowed me to meet many amazing magic players who have ignited a desire for me to make a competitive deck for their formats. Similar to Yugioh, I’ll also discuss over time the evolution of my decks for Magic (granted my Magic decks were always based on the creatures I liked the most, see Minotaur and Gorgon tribal). I’ll probably try to do a daily discussion once (if) I get into a set schedule.

Now anyone slightly rational would say to pick one game over the other, but sadly that just wouldn’t satisfy me. I love both of these games very deeply and want to try harder to get better at both. And yes I will talk about other card games on this blog at some point, but I can’t help the fact that I play Magic and Yugioh more than the other games. So without further ado let’s go into the potential plans.

Yugioh: A Choice of 3 Giants

I’ll post someday (likely soon) about my incredible disdain for the current “big three” meta in Yugioh that replaced the Summer 2014 H.A.T. meta. What was once a very diverse format of 7+ top decks has shrunk down to 3-4. If you don’t play Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, Qliphorts or Satellarknights you essentially have to fight an uphill battle against each of these revolutionary decks. Despite this, I don’t want to build any of these decks mostly due to their cost, which is really the fault of a select few $20+ cards in every deck (Deneb, Dante, Disk, I’m looking at you). So how can I (we) play Yugioh competitively against the big 3 (4) without becoming them?

The potential answer lies within the 3 newest decks to arrive in America by mid-February. These decks are the Infernoids, the new Masked Heroes and the Necroz. Each deck is new, has a myriad of interesting tricks at their disposal, and has left some mark on the OCG metagame. I’ll give the pros and cons (as I see them) to each deck:

Potential Deck 1: Infernoids



Sack Potential (Depending on your Reasoning mills you can play huge broken creatures from your graveyard like Infernoid Ununcu)

Can integrate Lightsworn easily (I’ve been playing Lightsworn for the longest time now so being able to use some of the same cards excites me)

Built in D.D. Crow effect(Almost all of the Infernoids can tribute a monster on your field to banish a card from opponent’s graveyard. This is incredibly useful against decks like Satellarknights or Burning Abyss that rely on recurring cards from the graveyard)

Cool Art (That’s just my opinion, but as an “adult” still playing a game designed and marketed to 6 year-olds I’m very intrigued that Konami released literally hellspawn as cards)


Currently expensive due to pre-event hype (See the price of the Ultra Rare Harmadik on tcg as of 1/25/15. I’m certain it will drop, but as of right now it’s way to pricey to buy as a single)

Lots of high rarity cards to collect (Harmadik is an Ultra, Ununcu is an Ultimate/Secret, Antra is a Super, etc.)

Potential need for Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss (He’s the current most expensive card in Yugioh, I’ve never owned one nor do I want to drop $60+ dollars on him)

Loses to Floodgates (Infernoids are wrecked by cards like Vanity’s Emptiness and Skill Drain which are both staples in the Qliphort deck)

Potential Deck 2: Masked Heroes



Having the old support (My Jaden/Judai Yuki deck can easily integrate the new Hero Support, so I don’t have to buy any copies of Miracle Fusion, Masked HERO Acid, etc.)

Elemental Hero Dark Law is the new Evilswarm Ophion (Dark Law’s ability to banish all of the opponent’s cards that enter the graveyard and punish searching from the deck might as well have been designed to upset Burning Abyss and Qliphort Players)

Cheap (Structure decks for Yugioh tend to go for between $9 and $12 during their initial release period depending on where you look)


The new protect the castle deck (From my limited viewing of the Hero deck it seems that maintaining Dark Law is the key to winning, again similar to Evilswarm players protecting Ophion)

Very Well known (Everyone knows how the Hero deck works and likely how to side against it)

Uninteresting (Now don’t get me wrong I love Heroes, but when I compare them to new age Infernoids or the Necroz it feels like the boring easy way out)

Potential Deck 3: Necroz



Big in OCG (Whenever I look up OCG top lists, which is pretty much weekly, Necroz are always a top deck there)

Trishula (The Necloth of Trishula is a legal version of the long banned Synchro monster Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, one the game’s most powerful cards)

Godly Searching/Protection Power (The Necroz all have search and protection effects built into them making them very consistent)

Amazing Flavor and Art (The Necroz are the descendants of the Gishki, and art-wise I think they look cool for a group of magical cosplayers)


Likely to be Expensive (I’m happy to have my play-set of Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands and Herald of the Arc Light pre-bought. I can see literally any card related to this deck jumping in price)

Everyone sees it coming (Due to its OCG success, the TCG Yugioh community is very aware that Necloths are coming and that they’re powerful)

Current Courses of Action:

At present, I’ve ordered a 2nd box of Secrets of Eternity (The Infernoid launch set). In addition, I’ve already Pre-Ordered 2 copies of the Hero Structure deck and a box of The Secret Forces (The Necloth launch set). Depending on my pulls from the second SECH box my Infernoid dreams may die then and there (unless their prices drop, which may happen if they don’t top an event soon). Heroes are the back-up plan of back-up plans. There’s very little I would need to build the deck other than a new set of sleeves and a few copies of the card A Hero Lives. Necloth is possibly the most out there dream, since while I love Rituals I’m certain that every piece of the deck will be incredibly expensive upon release.

Ok, so that’s my current plans with Yugioh. Essentially I’m going to try to build a meta deck from the new cards coming out. As my orders come in and I do more product openings what I’ll be playing will become more apparent.

I’ll discuss my Magic the Gathering Plans in another post to also go up tonight!

When you lose the PPTQ and try to ease the pain with a draft (Magic the Gathering Scrubbing out Story)

Ok one more post before I sleep in all Sunday. I entered a 2 Fate Reforged, 1 Khans draft after finishing my last round of the tournament. I’ll try to keep it brief as it’s getting late and my eyes are starting to hurt x_x

My Deck:


So after lamenting not playing tri-color enough I still wound up playing Green/White Ramp. My 1st pack 1st pick was Yasova Dragonclaw and then I was passed Sandblast. I told myself I was playing Abzan, but then I didn’t take any black.

The basic logic I was going for was that Whisperer of the Woods combined with 4 Power creatures like Yasova and Alpine Grizzly would let me ramp up to Tusked Collosodon, Wooly Loxodon and Pine Elemental. Things didn’t go perfectly, but it was far from my worst draft deck (especially with 2 packs from a small set thrown in).

Round 1: Vs 4 Color Manifest

As if by some weird joke I wound up playing against the same friend who convinced me to come to this event in the first place.

Game 1: So he built his deck around the card Mastery of the Unseen. While I established a board of huge creatures he held his mana to keep manifesting the top card of his deck. However, since I didn’t have trample he kept manifesting 2/2’s to block my huge creatures stalling the game. Though things went south for him though when his constant manifesting not only caused him to lose his 1 out (Crux of Fate), but also destroyed his deck. I won by decking him out as Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Typhoid Rats couldn’t get near wiping out my huge creatures/life total in time.

Game 2: He mulligan-ed to 2. I don’t think I need to say anymore (granted I still managed to cast Crux of Fate on curb somehow).

Won 2-0

Round 2: Vs Mardu Flyers

I played against the Sultai player from earlier. His deck was more or less pump flyers the deck.

Game 1: Alabaster Kirin enchanted with a Mardu Runemark put me on a clock I could not keep up with.

Game 2: OK so I committed the sin of keeping a 1 land opening hand. I had Whisper, Yasova and multiple 2-3 mana cost spells. I rolled to decide on the mulligan and didn’t mull. Luckily, I pulled a land on turn 3 and managed to establish an un-crackable board thanks to a bolstered Whisperer of the Woods, which lead to 6/4 Yasova. I was able to game him with Ruthless Instincts.

Game 3: I tried hard to stabilize despite a mana screw the entire game. However,  even with much struggling and almost going into time I lost at the last second. I should point out that Gurmaw Angler was once again the death of me.

Loss 1-2

Round 3: Vs Abzan

I faced off against the Blue/Black Control player from earlier. This time he was running multiple Gurmaw Anglers and Pilgrim of the Fires.

Game 1: Gurmaw and Pilgrim crushed me despite my Abzan Skycaptain getting him down to 9.

Game 2: I sided as best I could to oppose his huge creatures. Luckily, Hunt the Weak dealt with his Pilgrim allowing me to overpower him.

Game 3: I’ll assume he got color screwed or something since I was able to control the flow of game 3 completely beating me with limited resistance.

Win 2-1

So I went 2-1 with this deck, pulling a Flooded Strand in the process. I was very happy after the draft (as it helped soften the blow of losing in the main event). I’m getting more confident in my draft skills which is why I’m torn between actually making a competitive standard/modern deck or just continuing to draft.

I’ll make a future plans post sometime later or tomorrow. I want to evolve in both Yugioh and in Magic (play competitively). I’m not sure where to go and I’m very torn as to what decks to build. However 2 AM is probably a bad time to mull it over so I’ll figure things out later. Thanks for reading about my 1st PPTQ and first full day of Magic in a long time.


^Part of my deck, my victory pulls, and a shock I bought from the store as a souvenir

And here are “some” of the commons the guy at the store let me take after that people left them behind


Until next time!

Would Mono-Red Aggro Fail you?! The answer may surprise you! (Magic the Gathering PPTQ story)

Reinvigorated by a shower and copious amounts of sugar I can retell the actual events of the PPTQ. It was a 5 Round Swiss tournament for an invitation to the normal PTQ (with other prices such as money, and boxes of Fate Reforged). I was incredibly anxious as the round started. I’ve followed what decks were topping (and I knew my deck had become a rogue deck). Still what I quickly realized was that I was doing with Magic what I did at every tournament for Yugioh. I went there with a power-creeped deck and would have to struggle to win. Somehow resolved by this logic I began the first round.

Round 1: vs Abzan Midrange

My opponent was playing an Abzan Midrange deck edited with new Fate Reforged cards.

Game 1: I lost game 1 to one such card Tasigur, the Golden Fang, whose’s 5 toughness proved to hard to remove.

Game 2: I opened the perfect Akroan Crusader Rush and dealt 12 damage on turn 3. I gamed him well before he could establish his board.

Game 3: My dream team was drowned in sorrow before Siege Rhino stomped me into oblivion.

Loss 1-2

Round 2: Vs Sultai Whip

My opponent was playing Sultai Whip (also with new Fate Reforged cards).

Game 1: Looking back on my life total and notes all I can tell was that I won the game using Rabblemaster and dealt 13 damage in one turn.

Game 2: His Gurmaw Angler and Torrent Elemental crushed me with the devastating Whip of Erebos to back them up (This card kills my deck since Lifelink heals away all the damage I deal). This was the only game I both sided and resolved Anger of the Gods (Which killed Sidisi and her zombie pal, but not the Angler).

Game 3: Judging from the life totals I was able to get him down to 7 life before he stabilized with Whip and got back up to 24 beating me along the way.

Loss 1-2

Round 3: Vs Abzan Midrange

My opponent was playing a very standard Abzan Midrange and he made very questionable plays during the match.

Game 1: I won with Foundry Street Denizen as he suffered the dreaded Mana screw.

Game 2: So I knew he had Drown in Sorrow in his hand thanks to Courser of Kruphix. However rather than play it he used Ajani Steadfast to ultimate Sorin, Solemn Visitor. The Sorin Emblem did beat me, but I had signed my own deathwish by keeping a hand full of enablers with no turn 1 creatures to play. To clarify when he had Drown I had played Hordeling Outburst in desperation to get a few blockers. He still got me without having to Drown though.

Game 3: I swept him quickly dealing 10 damage on turn 3 using 2 Foundry Street Denizens pumped by a sudden Hordeling Outburst alongside a 2/3 Monastery Swiftspear. The game ended on turn 4.

Won 2-1

Round 4: Vs Blue/Black Control

This was one deck I didn’t expect to play. I thought Control was dead, but with the new Crux of Fate and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon this guy was trying to keep it alive (Not that he cast either against me I just happened to see him play them during a later game).

Game 1: His only offensive card was Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and I plowed through him. His gain 2 life land was my biggest annoyance.

Game 2: I sided out all of my creature interaction (Hammerhand/Coordinated Assault) for Hordeling Outbursts and direct burn. Once again only Ashiok and a well timed Whelming Wave came to protect him and again I ran right through him.

Won 2-0

Round 5: Vs Blue/White Control

My opponent was playing control based around Elspeth, Sun’s Champion and Pearl Lake Ancient. Unfortunately for me he said that he lost to a mono-red deck earlier that day. From that loss he learned how to perfectly counter my deck.

Game 1: I dealt him a steady amount of damage, but he quickly put an end to my tactics by using Banishing Light on my Akroan Crusader. Eventually once, Elspeth came down I was done for.

Game 2: My dream team suffered at the hands of End Hostilities before Pearl Lake Ancient finished me off once and for all.

Loss 0-2

Ultimately, I went 2-3 and took 17th in the 25 person tournament. I was upset, but not surprised. My Mono-Red deck could push out explosive amounts of damage, but in such a life gain heavy format filled with high toughness creatures it just couldn’t win consistently. I’m very happy to have had the experience of playing in a PPTQ though and would definitely enter another tournament in the future. However, before doing so I need to make a more competitive standard deck (even if that means finally biting the bullet and acquiring the expensive land base needed for any deck in this format.

Though that will have to wait for another post. I entered a draft right after the tournament! I’ll describe what happened and my plans for the future in one more post to be uploaded before I finally go to sleep #_#

My 1st Preliminary Pro-Tour Qualifier (A Full Day of Magic Part 1)

So after the draft last night a buddy of mine told me that he was heading to a Preliminary Pro-Tour Qualifier in Boonton New Jersey today. Claiming it to be a mere train ride away I decided to go with him on impulse. I had a Mono-Red deck built for standard, though I barely ever playtested it (since my magic experience is limited more or less to drafting and EDH with friends). I knew getting wrecked was in my future, but after having gone to 3 official Yugioh tournaments in life (at some point I’ll reminisce I promise) and not a single Magic tournament I felt today was a good time to start.

Getting there is half the fun…

So before I talk about cards I need to discuss how the local train doesn’t actually go to Boonton on the weekends, but you can still buy tickets on that day for the train that will never come ($12 wasted off the bat). Luckily, my buddy had the Uber app and called us a taxi to the place. We made it about 5 minutes before the event started (writing out a decklist that fast was a pain). However, luckily we made it with enough time to enter and compete.

Before I go into my matches, I’ll try to fully explain my deck. I started by netdecking a Mono-Red deck that got 8 in an LA regional back in October. I’ve been tweaking it ever since. Some of the following explanations are specific to this event, but as I’m running on fumes it’s the best I can do right now (relevant links are included).

My Deck:

Posted here at: Tappedout


Akroan Crusader x4 (MVP of the entire deck)

Monastery Swiftspear x4 (Headliner and Heavy Hitter of the deck)

Foundry Street Denizen x4 ((Tied with Swiftspear for Relevance and easily my 3rd if not 2nd best creature)

Firedrinker Satyr x4 (This suicidal punk got crushed and wound up dealing me more than damage than he was ever worth. I can’t say he was useless, but I wish there was another 1 drop to replace him)

Stoke the Flames x4 (Somehow not as good as it should’ve been…)

Dragon Mantle x4 (The card draw was a lifesaver, I used the Firebreathing effect once all day)

Hammerhand x4 (Solid outside of my matches against Control and Sylvan Carayatid, usually just dropped it to trigger Heroic)

Titan’s Strength x4 (Best Red 1 drop instant and my most beloved card)

Lightning Strike x3 (Solid in general)

Goblin Rabblemaster x3 (I borrowed 2 from the same friend, very solid, but it never won me a game)

Coordinated Assault x2 (Relevant with Swiftspear and Crusader, not sure if more of these would’ve been better)

Hordeling Outburst x1 (When I both drew and resolved it I was very happy)

Rouse the Mob x1 (I have no clue how or why I played this as a 1 of. I never drew it and sided it out every match…)

Mountains x18 (Only got Mana-screwed once all day)

So how to explain Mono-Red Agrro? I built the deck not only because it topped, but more because it was insanely cheap (bar the Rabblemaster) and it felt the most like Yugioh to me (winning on turn 3-4 = like Yugioh)

The basic plays in this deck focus entirely on Akroan Crusader. I swear he was the best card in the deck. His Heroic trigger to summon a 1/1 solider (with Haste) won me almost every game I actually took with this deck. Essentially Akroan Crusader was heart and soul of the deck while Monastery Swiftspear and Foundry Street Denizen are tied for second best. Swiftspear was the strongest creature in my deck as her Prowess allowed her to get bigger when I played spells on Crusader. Foundry Street worked similarly as the soldiers summoned by Crusader triggered Foundry Street to raise his power.

After moving past the wonder trio the rest of the deck was mostly good red cards and Heroic enablers. The MVP of red spells in this regard was Titan’s Strength. It gave Swiftspear a net +4/2 for 1 mana and allowed me to hit for absurd damage on turn 2-3. No other spell helped me deal as much damage (though Coordinated Assault came really close).

Last cards to discuss are the expensive cards (both cost-wise and mana-wise). Goblin Rabblemaster proved to be amazing when dropped on curb. If I played him after the opponent had a blocker for the goblin token however it usually was all for not. Stoke the Flames was moderately useful, though I winded up siding it out in some match-ups where 4 damage just didn’t kill anything (see Gurmaw Angler and Siege Rhino). Lastly, all but once after resolving Hordeling Outburst did I manage a blow out victory (best time was giving +3 to 2 Foundry Street Denizens and swinging for 11 on turn 4).


The weakness of this deck was its endgame. I had very little if any cards that were effective after turn 4. If the game dragged out too long my opponent would always stabilize and beat me. The next threat to this deck was life gain as it made closing out the match even more difficult. However, hands down the greatest nemesis of this deck is the card Drown in Sorrow, which is board wipe that kills all of my creatures for a mere 3 mana (did I also mention that’s a sideboard staples in both Abzan and Sultai…)

My Own Sideboard?:


Magma Spray x2 (Never sided in once)

Anger of the Gods x2 (I borrowed 1 and they both came in against Sultai Whip. Resolved it once, but still lost)

Harness by Force x2 (1-2 came in Game 2 against Sultai Whip and Abzan Midrange the 2nd time. Never drew or played it)

Hordeling Outburst x3 (Came in against both Control decks)

Searing Blood x2 (Came in against Sultai Whip and B/W Control, I only resolved it once)

Hall of Triumph x1 (Allowed me to destroy Blue/Black Control when I sided it, only sided for that one match up to counter Drown*)

Coordinated Assault x1 (Came in and replaced Rouse the Mob almost every game, except against Control)

Scouring Sands x1 (Sided against B/W Control didn’t see it)

Lightning Strike x1 (Not sure why I didn’t main this over Rouse the Mob)

Siding in only one color is kind of a joke. Furthermore, with my limited knowledge of how to side I’m not if I made that many optimal choices. Some sides like Hall of Triumph or Searing Blood did well in one game, but match-wise it always came down to my Akroan Crusader, Monastery Swiftspear and Foundry Street Denizen to actually win me any games.

Ok, so now that I’ve discussed my deck for a bit I’m going to make another post about my matches in the PPTQ and then a 3rd post about the draft I entered after the qualifier ended. I won’t rest until I sum up this full day of Magic (although I really want to!).


Red-Green Aggro is Broken! Crush your enemies with Battle Rage! (Magic the Gathering Draft Story)

So the 2nd thing I wanted to use this blog for was to discuss my Friday Night Magic drafts. I try to head out to FNM as often as possible and then post about my match-ups, pulls, etc. This is my first attempt to do so in a blog post so here goes.

My Deck:


So I played Red/Green Aggro (also known as Gruul also known as Temur without the shaman part). My 1st pack first pick was Flamewake Phoenix so I immediately tried to go Temur to abuse it’s Ferocious Effect. However, I think my resistance to playing 3-color got the better of me again (See Fate Reforged Pre-release, which someday I’ll reminisce about) as I didn’t start taking blue cards until pack 3 (and they became essentially pointless). My basic game plan was to out-speed my opponent with cheap Red creatures and use Tusked Colossodon for the late game. From the lack of excitement in my wording you can probably tell things didn’t go as I planned.

The Matchups:

Game 1: Vs Mardu

I played against my high school rival (literally a high schooler I keep getting matched up against) who was running a very flavorful Mardu deck. He had Ankle Shanker, Despise and even 2 Ponyback Brigades at his disposal. His deck almost looked like the Mardu intro pack.

Game 1 I lost after getting turn 1 Despised, though the needle in my coffin was forgetting to play my Hooting Madrills the turn I could’ve dropped it thanks to Delve. I was then wrecked by warrior rush. Game 2 I got Flamewake Phoenix on curb (words that tend to accompany my success) and I beat him with minimal resistance. Game 3 he made a very bad play using Rush of Battle (words that should never be said) and it allowed me to win the match.


Game 2: Vs Abzan

This was where things fell apart for me. I was playing a friend of mine who was drafting next to me. I knew he had opened and was running Warden of the 1st Tree (which contrary to a certain someone’s opinion turned out to be a major threat). Game 1 was close with us both at 5 or less life when he beat me. The Arashin Cleric and 1/1 Bird Soldier held off my Flamewake Phoenix and Valley Dasher long enough for him to beat me. Game 2 was another close 5 or less life finish. I sided in my 2nd Tusked Colossodon in hopes of overpowering him, but it just didn’t come in time.


Game 3: Vs Jeskai

I was playing a little kid who very blatantly told me before the game he pulled Sarkhan. Despite my initial fear his inexperience with the game lead to his downfall. Game 1 he had game on me, but didn’t combo his Temur Battle Rage with my Alpine Grizzly (which he stole using Act of Treason). Had he done that he would’ve gamed me that turn. Game 2 I won handily with Flamewake.


Somehow I took 3rd place with my record. They ran out of Fate Reforged so I took a Khans pack. Luckily, I pulled a Bloodstained Mire, which saved me from totally failing to pay for the night.

The Verdict:


I need to get back into the feel of the set and play tri-color again. Overall it wasn’t a bad night. Between decent trades, pulling a fetch and getting some more draft experience I can’t complain. Clearly all of this is fate for me choosing Bring Low over my former draft favorite Kill Shot.

Depending on the snowstorm tomorrow I may have a lot to post about. Until then thanks for dropping by.

Why do I build awful jank decks in Yugioh?

Ok one more post before I go to bed. I talked a lot in my last entry about supporting the anime decks I’m building and now I want to explain what I meant.

For the longest time I’ve always said I only care about building anime decks. Anyone who’s played me knows I’ve changed decks at random for the longest time seemingly without a care. Regrettably, I’ve never adequately explained what I’ve been doing with Yugioh for the last couple of years. Here’s my attempt to explain things very quickly so I can move on.

My goal has been to build a deck for every major character in the Yugioh Anime (which I’ve already admitted to loving). I’ve been working toward this goal since my initial playing of the game in Middle School. What I always wanted to create was essentially what the new Yugioh Tag Force Special Game is, a Yugioh Crossover dueling experience. To fulfill this goal I’ve been building the decks of every character I can to someday run, support or assist in some kind of LARP or role-play style event. Some of my closer friends may know what I’m getting at (but for now the specifics are not important).

It’s for this reason that I’ve never been nor do I consider myself a very competitive player. I understand the meta and what are the best decks, but I never have built such a deck in favor of building decks that relate to those used in the show. The only decks I ever tried very hard with were Blackwings and Lightsworns and even then I never invested the playtesting to make either deck viable.

Instead, I put my time and effort into tracking down the various obscure cards needed to build each character’s deck. I plan to review the decks I’ve built with pictures and explanations on this blog in the near future. With every deck built I tried to do 2 things:

1) Integrate the cards that character used in the show

2) Make the deck enjoyable to play and playable (not viable, but at least playable. My definition of playable will have to wait until another post)

This meant cutting, adapting and transforming every deck (since I know very well that every show’s matches are written, and thus for example running 1 Junk Synchron in your deck wouldn’t be an issue). This allowed me to be creative with building many fun casual decks. Anyway that more or less sums up my Yugioh life. At this point everyone is probably wondering 1 of 3 things at this point.

A) What decks do you actually have?

B) Why did you do all of this instead of just investing in a meta deck to actually win at events?

C) Isn’t this blog supposed to be about more than just Yugioh?

I’ll answer all of these questions in later posts. I hope this makes sense to someone other than me, but I’ve had a lot more fun building casual decks to play against my friends than I believe I would have focusing solely on building the best deck to win events.

Now that being said I do want to build a competitive Yugioh deck now, which will be a series of posts by itself. The reason for this is that I’ve reached an impasse where I’m satisfied with the decks I have built (that and the repeated sting of defeat has made me want to play a new age deck instead of one from 2010).

However, all of that is better suited to another time and another post.

New Cards! Secrets of Eternity and Battle Pack 3 Box Openings

So there are 2 things I really want  to have on this blog, and one of them is the results of my box openings. I try to purchase at least 1 of each new Yugioh and Magic the Gathering set as they release (and before this blog have posted the images of my pulls on Facebook). I then take all the cards relevant to my decks/friends and sell the rest on Ebay/TCGtrader.

Tonight I finally got around to opening the following:


I got the SECH box on Amazon for $69 and the BP3 box also on Amazon for $23. I’m a huge fan of BP3 and always pick up a box whenever it drops below $25. Anyway on to the pulls!

First up is SECH:


Most relevant pull is definitely Satellarknight Constellar Diamond. This card is amazing and really helps Tellarknights to compete against Shadolls. I was hoping to build Infernoids so pulling a couple of the rares was a good start. Other relevant pulls were a ton of support for the following decks I’ve built:

Superheavy Samurais (Played by Noburo Gogenzaka/Gong from Arc V, Trumpeter and Susanowo are a welcome addition to an all monster deck)

Gem Knights (Played by Kotsu Masumi also from Arc V, Gem-Knight Lapis and her Fusion form because why not)

Volcanics (Played by Austin O’Brein/Axel Brodie from GX, 3 copies of that beautiful Blaze Accelerator Magazine, which I honestly want to try out irl for the lolz)

Performpals (Played by Sakaki Yuuya, no surprise from Arc V, A lot of new cards I have to read and be underwhelmed by. I’m looking at you Partnaga…)

Monarchs (Played by the great Neo Sawatari Shingo from Arc V, not to be confused with Neo New Sawatari who plays Yosenju. Essentially Tenacity of the Monarchs is really good. If I had a Majesty’s Fiend or 2, I’d drop everything and just play monarchs.)

I hope to get started on a Raid Raptors deck for Shun Kurosaki with the few cards released in this set (granted it looks like it will be a bad blackwing rip-off deck until more support is released). In addition I’ll start on an Infernoid deck that desperately hopes Nehemoth drops in price asap.

The BP3 box was much more fun to open as it holds an insane amount of interesting cards (imo):


I think fate was paying me back for never pulling a Mark of the Rose card. I never expected to get 3 at once (a shatterfoil one at that!). The most relevant pull is the Shatterfoil Gagaga Cowboy, in addition to a much appreciated Lance, E-Con and Breakthrough Skill. Decks directly supported by these pulls are:

Plants (Played by Izayoi Aki/Akiza Izinski from 5Ds, it took some serious restraint not to throw all 3 Marks in, instead I’m running 2)

Insects (Weevil Underwood from the Original, More 1900 attack bugs are always welcome)

Granted BP3 also allows me to replace my commons with Shatterfoils so random decks like Vehicroids (Syrus) or Meklords (Aporia) can have more shiny cards in them, which is always nice. Not to mention getting a few new staple cards to throw around always helps.


Overall I’m very satisfied with my pulls. I’m not sure if I should purchase a 2nd SECH box to get more Infernoids or wait for their prices to drop (hopefully). I’ve already pre-ordered the Hero’s Strike Structure deck which may become my new Yugioh main deck (as Dark Law is the bomb), but all of that should wait for another post. Expect many of these cards to either go up on my eBay store, TCGTrader account or to some of closest friends.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂