What card games do I actually play?

OK, time to condense the last 10 years of my card game experience into a quick post to explain my madness, my methodology and my… (I need other word starting with “M”) muse?

Currently I play:

Yugioh (Casually, but it’s the game I understand most).

Magic the Gathering (Competitively if only for Draft, otherwise I’m totally casual).

Pokemon (Casually since I only have a few totally illegal decks based on my favorite cards).

My Little Pony (Casually, since I don’t believe I’ve ever played the game correctly).

Naruto (Casually, since my only opponent has been the old friend who dragged me back into the game, granted it’s been a blast).

I’m starting:

Cardfight Vanguard (since a friend just bought me a starter deck in Japanese)

Selector Infected Wixoss (as I’ve ordered 2 Starter decks from Japan due to arrive by March since I really liked the show)

I plan to break my posting into some kind of one card game each day schedule (Magic Monday, Wixoss Wednesday, etc.). In the meantime I’ll try to explain (in another post) why I play multiple games at once, what my definition of play means and how I’ve grown as a player from doing so.


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