Why is my favorite card game Yugioh when Magic the Gathering is objectively better?

So I revealed at the end of my last post that Yugioh was my favorite card game. Here are 2 reasons for my decision:

Reason 1: The Anime

I’ve watched the Yugioh anime and its various spin-offs religiously for the past couple years and frankly I’ve loved them despite their many ups and downs. I’ve made it my goal to build the decks of every yugioh character in the various shows (within reason). As ridiculous as that sounds that desire has spurred my yugioh decisions for the past 4 years.

Reason 2: History

I’ve played Yugioh longer than any other game. I played from Elementary school to Middle School where i quit it for Naruto. I then more or less abandoned Yugioh until Senior year of High School where I picked it back up while first learning Magic the Gathering. During my most recent years at college I started following the Yugioh meta-game as closely as I could. Granted, Philadelphia is more or less devoid of stores that run Yugioh events so I watched online and began subscribing to yugioh channels to keep up with the game. It wasn’t until last year that a new Yugioh Community started to grow at my college (spearheaded by one impressive freshman) that gave me people to play against and collaborate with. In a nutshell I’ve both played and followed Yugioh for the longest time.

Now while that’s all well and good, my love for Yugioh is very much tied to my love for the anime. The desire to build all (or as many as possible) of the anime decks has always been the driving force behind my collecting. I never mentioned directly anything about its game-play, cards, art etc.

Now I do love the actual cards, their art, effects and what have you, but when compared to Magic the Gathering I will always both admit and argue that Magic the Gathering is a better designed game than Yugioh.


2 thoughts on “Why is my favorite card game Yugioh when Magic the Gathering is objectively better?

  1. While I don’t know how often magic sets come out, what I will say for Yugioh is that it doesn’t outright force you to buy new cards in order to play in official tournaments. Admittedly in order to play competitively in yugioh you do need to run those new cards, so it’s similar, but my Twilight deck, for example, runs almost the exact same cards as over a year ago, minus a few new support cards like eclipse wyvern. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a pair of Eclipse wyverns than it would be to buy a whole new 60 card magic deck, which is nice, financially speaking.

    No debate on the huge existence of power creep. Even year old decks would get completely demolished by Qliphort.

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