Why do I build awful jank decks in Yugioh?

Ok one more post before I go to bed. I talked a lot in my last entry about supporting the anime decks I’m building and now I want to explain what I meant.

For the longest time I’ve always said I only care about building anime decks. Anyone who’s played me knows I’ve changed decks at random for the longest time seemingly without a care. Regrettably, I’ve never adequately explained what I’ve been doing with Yugioh for the last couple of years. Here’s my attempt to explain things very quickly so I can move on.

My goal has been to build a deck for every major character in the Yugioh Anime (which I’ve already admitted to loving). I’ve been working toward this goal since my initial playing of the game in Middle School. What I always wanted to create was essentially what the new Yugioh Tag Force Special Game is, a Yugioh Crossover dueling experience. To fulfill this goal I’ve been building the decks of every character I can to someday run, support or assist in some kind of LARP or role-play style event. Some of my closer friends may know what I’m getting at (but for now the specifics are not important).

It’s for this reason that I’ve never been nor do I consider myself a very competitive player. I understand the meta and what are the best decks, but I never have built such a deck in favor of building decks that relate to those used in the show. The only decks I ever tried very hard with were Blackwings and Lightsworns and even then I never invested the playtesting to make either deck viable.

Instead, I put my time and effort into tracking down the various obscure cards needed to build each character’s deck. I plan to review the decks I’ve built with pictures and explanations on this blog in the near future. With every deck built I tried to do 2 things:

1) Integrate the cards that character used in the show

2) Make the deck enjoyable to play and playable (not viable, but at least playable. My definition of playable will have to wait until another post)

This meant cutting, adapting and transforming every deck (since I know very well that every show’s matches are written, and thus for example running 1 Junk Synchron in your deck wouldn’t be an issue). This allowed me to be creative with building many fun casual decks. Anyway that more or less sums up my Yugioh life. At this point everyone is probably wondering 1 of 3 things at this point.

A) What decks do you actually have?

B) Why did you do all of this instead of just investing in a meta deck to actually win at events?

C) Isn’t this blog supposed to be about more than just Yugioh?

I’ll answer all of these questions in later posts. I hope this makes sense to someone other than me, but I’ve had a lot more fun building casual decks to play against my friends than I believe I would have focusing solely on building the best deck to win events.

Now that being said I do want to build a competitive Yugioh deck now, which will be a series of posts by itself. The reason for this is that I’ve reached an impasse where I’m satisfied with the decks I have built (that and the repeated sting of defeat has made me want to play a new age deck instead of one from 2010).

However, all of that is better suited to another time and another post.


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