New Cards! Secrets of Eternity and Battle Pack 3 Box Openings

So there are 2 things I really want  to have on this blog, and one of them is the results of my box openings. I try to purchase at least 1 of each new Yugioh and Magic the Gathering set as they release (and before this blog have posted the images of my pulls on Facebook). I then take all the cards relevant to my decks/friends and sell the rest on Ebay/TCGtrader.

Tonight I finally got around to opening the following:


I got the SECH box on Amazon for $69 and the BP3 box also on Amazon for $23. I’m a huge fan of BP3 and always pick up a box whenever it drops below $25. Anyway on to the pulls!

First up is SECH:


Most relevant pull is definitely Satellarknight Constellar Diamond. This card is amazing and really helps Tellarknights to compete against Shadolls. I was hoping to build Infernoids so pulling a couple of the rares was a good start. Other relevant pulls were a ton of support for the following decks I’ve built:

Superheavy Samurais (Played by Noburo Gogenzaka/Gong from Arc V, Trumpeter and Susanowo are a welcome addition to an all monster deck)

Gem Knights (Played by Kotsu Masumi also from Arc V, Gem-Knight Lapis and her Fusion form because why not)

Volcanics (Played by Austin O’Brein/Axel Brodie from GX, 3 copies of that beautiful Blaze Accelerator Magazine, which I honestly want to try out irl for the lolz)

Performpals (Played by Sakaki Yuuya, no surprise from Arc V, A lot of new cards I have to read and be underwhelmed by. I’m looking at you Partnaga…)

Monarchs (Played by the great Neo Sawatari Shingo from Arc V, not to be confused with Neo New Sawatari who plays Yosenju. Essentially Tenacity of the Monarchs is really good. If I had a Majesty’s Fiend or 2, I’d drop everything and just play monarchs.)

I hope to get started on a Raid Raptors deck for Shun Kurosaki with the few cards released in this set (granted it looks like it will be a bad blackwing rip-off deck until more support is released). In addition I’ll start on an Infernoid deck that desperately hopes Nehemoth drops in price asap.

The BP3 box was much more fun to open as it holds an insane amount of interesting cards (imo):


I think fate was paying me back for never pulling a Mark of the Rose card. I never expected to get 3 at once (a shatterfoil one at that!). The most relevant pull is the Shatterfoil Gagaga Cowboy, in addition to a much appreciated Lance, E-Con and Breakthrough Skill. Decks directly supported by these pulls are:

Plants (Played by Izayoi Aki/Akiza Izinski from 5Ds, it took some serious restraint not to throw all 3 Marks in, instead I’m running 2)

Insects (Weevil Underwood from the Original, More 1900 attack bugs are always welcome)

Granted BP3 also allows me to replace my commons with Shatterfoils so random decks like Vehicroids (Syrus) or Meklords (Aporia) can have more shiny cards in them, which is always nice. Not to mention getting a few new staple cards to throw around always helps.


Overall I’m very satisfied with my pulls. I’m not sure if I should purchase a 2nd SECH box to get more Infernoids or wait for their prices to drop (hopefully). I’ve already pre-ordered the Hero’s Strike Structure deck which may become my new Yugioh main deck (as Dark Law is the bomb), but all of that should wait for another post. Expect many of these cards to either go up on my eBay store, TCGTrader account or to some of closest friends.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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