Red-Green Aggro is Broken! Crush your enemies with Battle Rage! (Magic the Gathering Draft Story)

So the 2nd thing I wanted to use this blog for was to discuss my Friday Night Magic drafts. I try to head out to FNM as often as possible and then post about my match-ups, pulls, etc. This is my first attempt to do so in a blog post so here goes.

My Deck:


So I played Red/Green Aggro (also known as Gruul also known as Temur without the shaman part). My 1st pack first pick was Flamewake Phoenix so I immediately tried to go Temur to abuse it’s Ferocious Effect. However, I think my resistance to playing 3-color got the better of me again (See Fate Reforged Pre-release, which someday I’ll reminisce about) as I didn’t start taking blue cards until pack 3 (and they became essentially pointless). My basic game plan was to out-speed my opponent with cheap Red creatures and use Tusked Colossodon for the late game. From the lack of excitement in my wording you can probably tell things didn’t go as I planned.

The Matchups:

Game 1: Vs Mardu

I played against my high school rival (literally a high schooler I keep getting matched up against) who was running a very flavorful Mardu deck. He had Ankle Shanker, Despise and even 2 Ponyback Brigades at his disposal. His deck almost looked like the Mardu intro pack.

Game 1 I lost after getting turn 1 Despised, though the needle in my coffin was forgetting to play my Hooting Madrills the turn I could’ve dropped it thanks to Delve. I was then wrecked by warrior rush. Game 2 I got Flamewake Phoenix on curb (words that tend to accompany my success) and I beat him with minimal resistance. Game 3 he made a very bad play using Rush of Battle (words that should never be said) and it allowed me to win the match.


Game 2: Vs Abzan

This was where things fell apart for me. I was playing a friend of mine who was drafting next to me. I knew he had opened and was running Warden of the 1st Tree (which contrary to a certain someone’s opinion turned out to be a major threat). Game 1 was close with us both at 5 or less life when he beat me. The Arashin Cleric and 1/1 Bird Soldier held off my Flamewake Phoenix and Valley Dasher long enough for him to beat me. Game 2 was another close 5 or less life finish. I sided in my 2nd Tusked Colossodon in hopes of overpowering him, but it just didn’t come in time.


Game 3: Vs Jeskai

I was playing a little kid who very blatantly told me before the game he pulled Sarkhan. Despite my initial fear his inexperience with the game lead to his downfall. Game 1 he had game on me, but didn’t combo his Temur Battle Rage with my Alpine Grizzly (which he stole using Act of Treason). Had he done that he would’ve gamed me that turn. Game 2 I won handily with Flamewake.


Somehow I took 3rd place with my record. They ran out of Fate Reforged so I took a Khans pack. Luckily, I pulled a Bloodstained Mire, which saved me from totally failing to pay for the night.

The Verdict:


I need to get back into the feel of the set and play tri-color again. Overall it wasn’t a bad night. Between decent trades, pulling a fetch and getting some more draft experience I can’t complain. Clearly all of this is fate for me choosing Bring Low over my former draft favorite Kill Shot.

Depending on the snowstorm tomorrow I may have a lot to post about. Until then thanks for dropping by.


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