When you lose the PPTQ and try to ease the pain with a draft (Magic the Gathering Scrubbing out Story)

Ok one more post before I sleep in all Sunday. I entered a 2 Fate Reforged, 1 Khans draft after finishing my last round of the tournament. I’ll try to keep it brief as it’s getting late and my eyes are starting to hurt x_x

My Deck:


So after lamenting not playing tri-color enough I still wound up playing Green/White Ramp. My 1st pack 1st pick was Yasova Dragonclaw and then I was passed Sandblast. I told myself I was playing Abzan, but then I didn’t take any black.

The basic logic I was going for was that Whisperer of the Woods combined with 4 Power creatures like Yasova and Alpine Grizzly would let me ramp up to Tusked Collosodon, Wooly Loxodon and Pine Elemental. Things didn’t go perfectly, but it was far from my worst draft deck (especially with 2 packs from a small set thrown in).

Round 1: Vs 4 Color Manifest

As if by some weird joke I wound up playing against the same friend who convinced me to come to this event in the first place.

Game 1: So he built his deck around the card Mastery of the Unseen. While I established a board of huge creatures he held his mana to keep manifesting the top card of his deck. However, since I didn’t have trample he kept manifesting 2/2’s to block my huge creatures stalling the game. Though things went south for him though when his constant manifesting not only caused him to lose his 1 out (Crux of Fate), but also destroyed his deck. I won by decking him out as Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Typhoid Rats couldn’t get near wiping out my huge creatures/life total in time.

Game 2: He mulligan-ed to 2. I don’t think I need to say anymore (granted I still managed to cast Crux of Fate on curb somehow).

Won 2-0

Round 2: Vs Mardu Flyers

I played against the Sultai player from earlier. His deck was more or less pump flyers the deck.

Game 1: Alabaster Kirin enchanted with a Mardu Runemark put me on a clock I could not keep up with.

Game 2: OK so I committed the sin of keeping a 1 land opening hand. I had Whisper, Yasova and multiple 2-3 mana cost spells. I rolled to decide on the mulligan and didn’t mull. Luckily, I pulled a land on turn 3 and managed to establish an un-crackable board thanks to a bolstered Whisperer of the Woods, which lead to 6/4 Yasova. I was able to game him with Ruthless Instincts.

Game 3: I tried hard to stabilize despite a mana screw the entire game. However,  even with much struggling and almost going into time I lost at the last second. I should point out that Gurmaw Angler was once again the death of me.

Loss 1-2

Round 3: Vs Abzan

I faced off against the Blue/Black Control player from earlier. This time he was running multiple Gurmaw Anglers and Pilgrim of the Fires.

Game 1: Gurmaw and Pilgrim crushed me despite my Abzan Skycaptain getting him down to 9.

Game 2: I sided as best I could to oppose his huge creatures. Luckily, Hunt the Weak dealt with his Pilgrim allowing me to overpower him.

Game 3: I’ll assume he got color screwed or something since I was able to control the flow of game 3 completely beating me with limited resistance.

Win 2-1

So I went 2-1 with this deck, pulling a Flooded Strand in the process. I was very happy after the draft (as it helped soften the blow of losing in the main event). I’m getting more confident in my draft skills which is why I’m torn between actually making a competitive standard/modern deck or just continuing to draft.

I’ll make a future plans post sometime later or tomorrow. I want to evolve in both Yugioh and in Magic (play competitively). I’m not sure where to go and I’m very torn as to what decks to build. However 2 AM is probably a bad time to mull it over so I’ll figure things out later. Thanks for reading about my 1st PPTQ and first full day of Magic in a long time.


^Part of my deck, my victory pulls, and a shock I bought from the store as a souvenir

And here are “some” of the commons the guy at the store let me take after that people left them behind


Until next time!


4 thoughts on “When you lose the PPTQ and try to ease the pain with a draft (Magic the Gathering Scrubbing out Story)

  1. Nice posts! How long did it take to write all three of these? haha
    Btw, have you been considering getting a Standard deck? I’ve been waiting for the post-Fate meta to settle down a bit before committing to a deck. Did you have one in mind?


    1. I wouldn’t say that I’m getting a standard deck as much as I want to build using what cards I have. I’m hoping to build a deck using the Brutal Hordechiefs I pulled at the Pre-Release. It will be explained in my future plans post to come. Also it took me about 2 hours to write all of this (though most likely because I was tired).


      1. Would you be needing a Hordeling Outburst? I was looking through my cards and thought it may be relevant for your deck. I can give it to you next time you visit.

        Liked by 1 person

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