So which Yugioh deck is going to eat all my money?

So I mentioned at some point early this morning that I was going to make a future plans post.

Most recently I’ve come to an impasse with the games I treasure the most, Magic the Gathering and Yugioh. My primary goal with each game has recently changed. Originally, my only goal in Yugioh was make decks based on characters from the anime, whereas with Magic my only goal was only to do well in draft. However, now I seriously want to give playing both games competitively a shot. As dumb as it sounds I’ve reached near completion in both of my prior goals. I cannot wait to discuss and analyze the 60+ Yugioh decks I’ve built already on this blog. Furthermore, repeated drafting has allowed me to meet many amazing magic players who have ignited a desire for me to make a competitive deck for their formats. Similar to Yugioh, I’ll also discuss over time the evolution of my decks for Magic (granted my Magic decks were always based on the creatures I liked the most, see Minotaur and Gorgon tribal). I’ll probably try to do a daily discussion once (if) I get into a set schedule.

Now anyone slightly rational would say to pick one game over the other, but sadly that just wouldn’t satisfy me. I love both of these games very deeply and want to try harder to get better at both. And yes I will talk about other card games on this blog at some point, but I can’t help the fact that I play Magic and Yugioh more than the other games. So without further ado let’s go into the potential plans.

Yugioh: A Choice of 3 Giants

I’ll post someday (likely soon) about my incredible disdain for the current “big three” meta in Yugioh that replaced the Summer 2014 H.A.T. meta. What was once a very diverse format of 7+ top decks has shrunk down to 3-4. If you don’t play Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, Qliphorts or Satellarknights you essentially have to fight an uphill battle against each of these revolutionary decks. Despite this, I don’t want to build any of these decks mostly due to their cost, which is really the fault of a select few $20+ cards in every deck (Deneb, Dante, Disk, I’m looking at you). So how can I (we) play Yugioh competitively against the big 3 (4) without becoming them?

The potential answer lies within the 3 newest decks to arrive in America by mid-February. These decks are the Infernoids, the new Masked Heroes and the Necroz. Each deck is new, has a myriad of interesting tricks at their disposal, and has left some mark on the OCG metagame. I’ll give the pros and cons (as I see them) to each deck:

Potential Deck 1: Infernoids



Sack Potential (Depending on your Reasoning mills you can play huge broken creatures from your graveyard like Infernoid Ununcu)

Can integrate Lightsworn easily (I’ve been playing Lightsworn for the longest time now so being able to use some of the same cards excites me)

Built in D.D. Crow effect(Almost all of the Infernoids can tribute a monster on your field to banish a card from opponent’s graveyard. This is incredibly useful against decks like Satellarknights or Burning Abyss that rely on recurring cards from the graveyard)

Cool Art (That’s just my opinion, but as an “adult” still playing a game designed and marketed to 6 year-olds I’m very intrigued that Konami released literally hellspawn as cards)


Currently expensive due to pre-event hype (See the price of the Ultra Rare Harmadik on tcg as of 1/25/15. I’m certain it will drop, but as of right now it’s way to pricey to buy as a single)

Lots of high rarity cards to collect (Harmadik is an Ultra, Ununcu is an Ultimate/Secret, Antra is a Super, etc.)

Potential need for Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss (He’s the current most expensive card in Yugioh, I’ve never owned one nor do I want to drop $60+ dollars on him)

Loses to Floodgates (Infernoids are wrecked by cards like Vanity’s Emptiness and Skill Drain which are both staples in the Qliphort deck)

Potential Deck 2: Masked Heroes



Having the old support (My Jaden/Judai Yuki deck can easily integrate the new Hero Support, so I don’t have to buy any copies of Miracle Fusion, Masked HERO Acid, etc.)

Elemental Hero Dark Law is the new Evilswarm Ophion (Dark Law’s ability to banish all of the opponent’s cards that enter the graveyard and punish searching from the deck might as well have been designed to upset Burning Abyss and Qliphort Players)

Cheap (Structure decks for Yugioh tend to go for between $9 and $12 during their initial release period depending on where you look)


The new protect the castle deck (From my limited viewing of the Hero deck it seems that maintaining Dark Law is the key to winning, again similar to Evilswarm players protecting Ophion)

Very Well known (Everyone knows how the Hero deck works and likely how to side against it)

Uninteresting (Now don’t get me wrong I love Heroes, but when I compare them to new age Infernoids or the Necroz it feels like the boring easy way out)

Potential Deck 3: Necroz



Big in OCG (Whenever I look up OCG top lists, which is pretty much weekly, Necroz are always a top deck there)

Trishula (The Necloth of Trishula is a legal version of the long banned Synchro monster Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, one the game’s most powerful cards)

Godly Searching/Protection Power (The Necroz all have search and protection effects built into them making them very consistent)

Amazing Flavor and Art (The Necroz are the descendants of the Gishki, and art-wise I think they look cool for a group of magical cosplayers)


Likely to be Expensive (I’m happy to have my play-set of Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands and Herald of the Arc Light pre-bought. I can see literally any card related to this deck jumping in price)

Everyone sees it coming (Due to its OCG success, the TCG Yugioh community is very aware that Necloths are coming and that they’re powerful)

Current Courses of Action:

At present, I’ve ordered a 2nd box of Secrets of Eternity (The Infernoid launch set). In addition, I’ve already Pre-Ordered 2 copies of the Hero Structure deck and a box of The Secret Forces (The Necloth launch set). Depending on my pulls from the second SECH box my Infernoid dreams may die then and there (unless their prices drop, which may happen if they don’t top an event soon). Heroes are the back-up plan of back-up plans. There’s very little I would need to build the deck other than a new set of sleeves and a few copies of the card A Hero Lives. Necloth is possibly the most out there dream, since while I love Rituals I’m certain that every piece of the deck will be incredibly expensive upon release.

Ok, so that’s my current plans with Yugioh. Essentially I’m going to try to build a meta deck from the new cards coming out. As my orders come in and I do more product openings what I’ll be playing will become more apparent.

I’ll discuss my Magic the Gathering Plans in another post to also go up tonight!


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