What Magic the Gathering deck will eat all my money?

So after taking forever discussing my Yugioh plans, I also want to discuss not only my Magic Plans, but also the Magic deck I’ve been working on and the deck I know want to build for Standard.


I started Commander during the summer of 2014 with Vorel of the Hul Clade as my commander. My deck was Simic EDH based around generating an absurd number of +1/+1 counters with Vorel. I then moved to Sidisi, Brood Tyrant when Khans of Tarkir was released and made a tri-color Dredge deck. However, when I learned of a potential EDH tournament I bought and modified the Commander 2014 Daretti, Scrap Savant deck. However, in between Daretti and Sidisi I found the card Progenitus (A 10/10 Legendary with “Protection from Everything”). I fell in love at first sight and tried to make 5 Color EDH. Eventually, that deck evolved into the 5 Color Superfriends deck I have today and I haven’t gone back to any of the other Commanders in months. My deck list can be found here.

My magic ambition became simply strengthening this deck, through the slow accumulation of boardwipes, dual-lands and planeswalkers. All that changed however when I met a man at my locals who showed me Modern.


My current modern deck is a Elf Green Devotion Deck I modified from the first Magic deck I built back in 2013 (I got the Yeva, Nature’s Herald deck and turned it into a Hydra ramo deck). My current deck list can be found here. I have no plans to spend a lot of money making this deck good at the moment, but I do want it to be playable.

Standard (and another choice of 3 Giants)

Despite my 2-2 record at the Fate Reforged Pre-Release I feel blessed to have pulled 2 copies of Brutal Hordechief (one of which was my promo).


After playing Mono-Red I want to keep playing faster more aggro decks. Furthermore, I’ve come to love the Mardu clan from Khans (I defected from Sultai) as their hyper aggressive battle style is the most fun to play (in my opinion).

So for magic my choices as of this moment are between Straight Mardu, Black/White Warriors or Black/Red Warriors. I know that Brutal Hordechief can be made a win-con and really want to use him as one.

Straight Mardu



More Mainstream (There will likely be other Mardu decks I can use as a base for mine)

All the Removal (Between Hero’s Downfall, Banishing Light and Stoke the Flames, I would have the most removal options in Mardu)


Mainstream (Everyone knows how Mardu works, and in comparison to Sultai Whip and Abzan Midrange it hasn’t won/topped as many events)

Possibly having to buy Thoughtseize (This applies to every deck equally, but I don’t want to have to buy Thoughtseize, I’d rather run Despise to save $78)

Black/White Warriors

Image (1)


Has Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale as 2 drops (Both synergize really well with the myriad of other warriors)

Has access to Banishing Light (Any Uncommon worth $1.50 or more deserves respect)

Mardu Woe Reaper as a turn one drop (He’s pretty good at messing with Sultai also)


I’d have to get 4 Caves of Koilos (I’d probably have to do this for Mardu as well)

Black/Red Aggro

Image (2)


Probably the most similar to what I’ve played (I love Mono-Red so this would probably be the easiest switch)

Easiest Access to Hordeling Outburst (I feel that this card combined with Brutal Hordechief would be very viable)


Rogue (I know someone has probably already ran this deck, but it definitely feels the least mainstream)

No Chiefs for Turn 2 (Edge and Scale are really what makes the otherwise wimpy warriors threatening)

Current Solutions:

So I have a Fate Reforged Box in the mail. Depending on what I pull from that box I’ll decide on a deck to run with. I’m hoping a few copies of Mardu Strike Leader are in there as he’s pretty much necessary along side the Mardu Shadowspear. Prior to that I’ll be mulling over how to use and abuse Brutal Hordechief. If I go anywhere in Standard I want it to be with him.

I’ll hopefully start doing regular deck discussions either tomorrow or later this week. Have a good night and thanks for dropping by!


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