2nd SECH Box Opening! The Long Road Remains Long…

In my last post I revealed I would opening another box of SECH. Here’s up I pulled from that box:



Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon for my Yuuya deck

Metaphys Horus, which looks pretty

An Infernoid Antra and a 3rd Patrulea

Playset of Nekroz Cycle


No Ununcu or Harmadik

Secret Rare was Malacoda (who does look amazing though)

Lots of duplicate rares (I think I have 5 Dragoons of Draconia at this point)


You can never have a perfect box. Where am I going from here? Despite this opening I still really want to play Infernoids. I’ll wait until after the next YCS to see if they top or not. Depending I may just buy Ununcu by himself (Harmadik too, though his price tag scares me). That being said I have an unhealthy love for this set and would buy another box if it was cheap enough. You can’t really pay for it, but I really like the cards.

Thanks for stopping by.


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