Yugioh Deck Building Status Update

So feeling somewhat down for not posting yesterday, I’ll be posting twice today. I thought I’d gather up pieces to going toward the potential new decks I wanted to build. This will be a relatively quick and picture heavy post so bear with me.

Infernoids Status: Close, but still a long way to go


So at present I have:

1 Harmadik

2 Patrulea

No Ununcu

A Play set of Seitsamas, Attondel and Piaty (not pictured)

Along with a playset of Reasoning, 1 Monster Gate and the totally not being run Eye of the Void and Void Expansion

I would honestly try to build the deck if I can get some Ununcus and Harmadiks. However pre-YCS hype has Harmadik trending around $25 (see tcgtrader as of 1/28/15).

Necloth/Nekroz Status: A cute start


I only have what’s pictured. I don’t have Djinn Releaser of Rituals which hurts since preventing Special Summons breaks the current state of Yugioh, but depending on how my Secret Forces Box goes there may still be hope.

Heroes: Ton of old support


More or less this is my fan-made Jaden/Judai Yuki deck. It’s traditional format (don’t freak out) and was built around always having fusion options. While I’d love to discuss the deck in full for time’s sake I’ll just say I have a lot of old Hero cards.

So that’s where I am currently. However tonight may still decide what deck I build.


I got a 2nd SECH box (for about $20 less than the first one). I’ll post whatever I pull later tonight. Here’s hoping for a few more Infernoids!


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