February 2015 Update

So I left to visit friends this weekend. I thought I would be able to post while there, but the time got away from me. Also, due to a sporadic amount of purchases at my Ebay store on Saturday I’m going to be relatively busy organizing lots for the next few days. So for now I’ll summarize my current card gaming goals/plans for February.


Finish Infernoids (After playtesting them during the weekend I can safely say I love their playstyle. I’ll probably buy an Ununcu or 2 or another SECH box)

Build Heroes (I have 2 of the structure decks on pre-order. This is still the back-up plan)

Build Necroz (I have one Secret Forces box on pre-order, which hopefully will get me started on the deck)


Build a Standard deck with Brutal Hordechief (My FRF box was lost somehow, so once Ebay refunds me I’ll get another one.)

Improve Green Devotion Modern deck (By somehow getting another Khalni Hydra…)

Look into updating a deck I own into a Legacy deck (Why? Because it only took so much work to make my Elf deck fun to play in Modern. I can easily see a Legacy player appearing before me so why not at least considering editing a deck to make it playable for that format. Not necessarily viable, but at least playable).

Card Fight Vanguard:

Learn how to play with my Japanese deck (Extra challenge)

Those are more or less my plans and my current positions. I also want to start discussing the decks I’ve built, but that will have to begin sometime later in the week.

Thanks every much for dropping by.


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