New Cards New Plans (Part 1)

So the Yugioh Hero Strike decks I pre-ordered came in. I got a deal for them on eBay to include a booster pack in place of the box. Price was about the same, but I’m very pleased with the end result.


Also pictured in here are the 8 MSTs’ I won on eBay for $5.

I’m already hearing about Heroes shaking up the current yugioh meta. I truly adore this structure deck for not only bringing this long dead archetype back to the competitive scene. I’m really considering play Heroes for a bit. The deck is more fun to play than I initially gave it credit.

Also this structure deck gives very solid staple reprints like:

Pot of Duality, Call of the Haunted, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Bottomless Trap Hole, Neo Spacian Grand Mole and Reinforcements of the Army.

None of these are particularly expensive (except Duality), but I’ll take a staple card reprint any day.

I’ll upload a Hero deck list after I do some more testing online. Unless I’m very lucky with my Secret Forces box I think I’ll be playing Heroes for the rest of the format.

Also in terms of New Plans I’ll explain that in a 2nd post to be uploaded shortly.


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