New Cards New Plans (Part 2)

So my plans have changed as dictated in the last post.

This is my 1st build for Masked Heroes in Yugioh (until I either open a huge amount of Nekroz or randomly acquire Infernoid Ununcu)SDC12929-001

^This is literally the first iteration of the deck and I’m sure it will change with the format. At the time of making this I only bought 2 of the Structure deck.

Deck Profile and My Thoughts:



I split the monsters up between what I can Play Makers and Enablers. In a nutshell you use the Enablers to Special Summon or Search the Play Makers.

Play Makers:

Elemental Hero Shadow Mist x2 (You’re basic playmaker in the deck. I may go up to 3 once I get a 3rd structure deck)

Elemental Hero Bubble Man x2 (Might also go up to 3, he’s the 2nd playmaker and the only target for Shadow Mist at the moment)

Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn x1 (This is my attempt at making my deck stand out from the other thousands of hero decks. He might be a weak leg, but here’s my reasons for running him:

  • He’s a light target for Mask Change II and far more desirable card than Neos Alius
  • He’s a Tuner which adds Lv 8 Synchros as options
  • He’s a Warrior and thus is searchable with ROTA

All that being said he’ll probably be the 1st thing to get cut as I make changes


Tin Goldfish x2 (He’s a target for Mask Change II for Masked Hero Acid, the 2nd best Masked Hero)

Goblindbergh x3 (Again questionable, but he’s searchable off ROTA and gives you the necessary Special Summon. 3 may be excessive though)

Summoner Monk x2 (Probably my favorite due to this deck’s high spell count, can also go into Raiden)

12 Monsters Total


I broke the spells up into the following categories:

  • The Mask Cards get you to Dark Law
  • The ROTAs get you to Shadow Mist
  • The Graveyard Abuse is for the mid-late game
  • The Reactive Cards to get an advantage in the early game


Mask Cards:

Mask Change x3 (Key Spell of the deck)

Mask Change II x2 (Key troll card of the deck, Konami may have made Dark Law a splash-able engine by itself with this card)

Mask Charge x2 (It’s like they took The Warrior Returning Alive and made it eons better)



E – Emergency Call x3 (Staple)

Reinforcements of the Army x3 (Staple)

A HERO Lives x2 (Not sure if I should bump this up to 3)


Graveyard Abuse:

Miracle Fusion x3 (This is my favorite card in Heroes, I’m just biased towards it)

Soul Charge x1 (One of the most powerful cards they’ve ever made)


Reactive Cards:

Enemy Controller x1 (Given the control switching nature of the format this felt appropriate)

Mystical Space Typhoon x3 (Qliphort is waiting behind every corner)

Forbidden Chalice x2 (Feels better than Breakthrough Skill at the moment)

Forbidden Lance x1 (Not sure honestly)

Snatch Steal (Why Not)

Compulsory Evacuation Device (OMG A TRAP?! It felt like the best one to include)

Spells: 27

Traps: 1

Moving onto the Extra Deck:


I’m not 100% on the Extra Deck right now which is why there are 16 cards shown.

Definitely Running:

Masked Hero Dark Law x2 (The heart and soul of Masked Heroes, designed to wreck Burning Abyss every day of the week)

Masked Hero Acid x1 (Harpies Feather Duster on a 2600 body)

Masked Hero Dian x1 (Very interesting in my opinion and a Mask Change II target for Goblindbergh)

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero x1 (Another Raigeki)

Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer x1 (The best Rank 4 xyz, just going to leave that claim there)

Elemental HERO Gaia x1 (Honestly, not too happy about him from the onset)

Elemental HERO Escuridao x1 (Really not happy with this one, but unlike Gaia I feel Escuridao is mandatory since he’s so easy to summon)

Elemental HERO The Shining x1 (I love the Shining, he’s recursion ability is amazing. I only wish I had more targets)

Heroic Champion Excalibur x1 (4000 attack to wreck Towers)

Masked Hero Koga x1 (Basically un-killable in battle)

Unsure of Section:

Contrast HERO Chaos x1 (He feels good, but I think if I’ve burned through 2 Masked Heros I’ve already lost)

Stardust Spark Dragon x1 (In all honesty I want him just so my Extra Deck can have a card of each type, Fusions, Synchros and Xyzs)

Abyss Dweller x1 (Because with Bubble Man he’s a 2200 Graveyard stopper)

Evilswarm Exciton Knight (Because boardwipe)

Blade Armor Ninja (This guy loses out to Heroic Champion in my book, just because Champion outs Apoqliphort Towers and this card does not). Actually I think he’s definitely the one to cut while writing this.

Anyway this is my first attempt at a new age competitive deck. At some point I’ll reminisce about Blackwings and my recent stint with Lightsworn Rulers, but this is my first time betting on a structure deck. In the meantime I’m going to start play-testing this deck. Hopefully, I can track its growth on this blog to see how it develops.


I threw the side together at random so it’ll need to change a bit too.  Thanks for reading.


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