New Cards New Plans (Part 3)

Ok, so here is the last part of my New Plans series. This will be a rather quick post though tonight I’ll have my usual FNM summary post (In addition this weekend I’ll do a non-Yugioh/Magic post for once).


So what essentially brought me into this state was a huge sale I made on Ebay recently. I had multiple lot for 500 Yugioh cards set up for Buy It Now. On Saturday the 31st three of those 500 card listings sold at once.


These are the 1500 cards I sold on Tuesday. After making this sale my collection of spare Yugioh commons was decently hit. I’m pretty sure that after a few more sales I’ll actually run out of spare Yugioh cards. However, this has also spurred me to make as many decks left as possible with the spare cards I have left. As of right now I’m working on the following Yugioh decks (all of these decks are intended to be casual):

X-Sabers (I had a decent number of the commons, the new SECH rare and every Synchro other than Hyunlei. As of right now all I’ve done is purchase 2 Fautroll, 1 Boggart Knight, a playset of Darksoul and of Emmersblade)

Constellars (I’ve only bought 1 Constellar Pleiades and that’s also the constellar I’ll own. I do have some decent Light support like Honest lying around though)

Bandit Keith Machines (An excuse for me to run Barrel Dragon in a deck. So far I bought a Blowback Dragon, but that’s it)

B.E.S. (I have a lot of the ships and I love the art/concept)

My aspiration is build all of these without breaking $20 between staples and deck specific cards (in total). The only pricey cards are the entire Constellar Core and very specifically XX – Saber Hyunlei. This is not expected to interfere with my quest to build an actual competitive Yugioh deck. I’m getting a 3rd Hero deck through a friend and then I’ll make deck edits accordingly. After a bit of play-testing I already have ideas for what to change.

Magic the Gathering:

I have made my decision to play Black/White Warriors in Standard or a least attempt it. I’ve already bought all the Fate Reforged Warriors and I’ve bid on multiple Caves of Koilos. In addition I’m scrapping getting a Fate Reforged box in favor of buying Ugin, The Spirit Dragon separately (that being said at the time of posting this he’s treanding at $30 so I might not get him anytime soon).

Depending on how it plays I may switch to either Black/Red or to straight Mardu. However, the major issue will always be that I don’t want to buy a Play-set of Thoughtseize.

The iteration of the deck can be found here. Like with my Hero deck in Yugioh much play testing and edits are needed.

This has more or less been a series of posts to summarize my thoughts. I don’t expect them to have been very engaging, but they were good for my own sanity. Thanks for reading.


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