FNM 2/6/15 Summary

I’m pretty tired out, so I’d like to write this summary fast so I can get to sleep.

My Deck:


*I didn’t actually play the Siege Rhino and the Plains. I wonder if I missed out in not doing so…

I played Sultai midrange with Frontier Siege (My 1st pack, 1st pick) to ramp into Destructor Dragon and Archfiend of Depravity. On the cheap end I was passed a Rakshasa Deathdealer. The deck felt very solid from the onset (I also had 2 copies of Grim Contest as removal). I think I didn’t put in enough bomb honestly and despite running 17 lands I got flooded multiple games.

The Matchups:

Game 1: Vs Abzan

I foolishly kept a 2 lander though I was on the draw so I thought I’d make it in time. Soon I was down to 7 life thanks to the Elite Scaleguard. I lost that game soon after.

Game 2 my deck worked perfectly and I ramped into Destructor Dragon on curb, winning quickly. I then proceeded to lose Game 3 to the mana flood…

Loss 1-2 to Abzan.

Game 2: Vs Jeskai

I played against a new player (as opposed to the little kid who seemed to be a veteran at this). Game 1 I opened well (Smoke Teller and Molting Snakeskin), but the game dragged on long enough that he established a board I couldn’t crack.

Game 2 and 3 my deck gave me enough of a combination of Ramp and big creatures to win. I owe my win to a bolstered Archer’s Parapet.

Win 2-1 over Jeskai

Game 3: Vs Mardu

I played against my buddy who got my into Modern. He was playing the most aggro deck I’d seen all night

Game 1 I got Rakshasa Deathdealer out on turn 4 (I had to  cast Sultai Banner for the black source). However, despite my use of Deathdealer to kill almost all of his creatures until Goblin Heelcutter ended my best blocker.

Game 2: I lost because I wouldn’t mulligan to 5 to get a creature in my opening hand. A big mistake against an aggro deck. So I lost pretty fast.

Loss 0-2 to Mardu

It was a rough night, but I figure it was good practice. My deck didn’t have a good mix of bombs and I spent most of my turns with an absurd amount of mana and nothing to use it on. However, my pity pack got me a copy of Shaman of the Great Hunt to make the night not a total wash.


I’m pretty bummed, but all in all it was good night of magic. Thanks for reading.


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