A discussion about Naruto Cards?!

So I got the chance to play Naruto cards for the first time this year on Thursday. I thought I would discuss some aspects of the game briefly and relate it to the other TCGs I play. I’ plan to make this into a series about relating different card game mechanics.

Card Types:

So in Naruto, you control the various ninjas from the Naruto world as your monsters/creatures.


You strengthen your Ninjas through the use of the 2 other types of cards. Missions and Jutsus.


Missions are like spell cards (or enchantments). They provide a myriad of simple to incredibly convoluted effects when played.


Jutsus are like Traps/Instants however they can only be used in Ninjas are fighting.

Card Costs:

Naruto balances their cards by preventing the playing of  cards until a certain number of turns have passed.


You need to wait until the corresponding turn to play your ninja similar to playing a Magic creature on curb (assuming you don’t miss a mana drop).


The more expensive cards not only take longer to be played, but they also require you to discard a card from your hand to play them (This is referred to as Hand Cost).


I’ll discuss Naruto’s Game Mechanics in a later post. The game ended in 2013 long before the manga did. The cards relatively cheap and I would recommend them to any Naruto card (even if just to get your favorite character). I plan to do more talks about the similarities in trading card game design in the near future. Thanks for stopping by.


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