Random Yugioh Opening 2/8/15

I visited a hobby store in my town last week that was closing. I returned this afternoon to see what they still had in stock. The store had a large amount of Zexal era yugioh merchandise all on sale. When I returned they still had a decent amount of low priced product so I indulged myself and bought quite a bit.


I got all of this for $48. Rationales for each purchase were:

Cosmo Blazer Packs: This was all they had left and I need a Fire Formation Tenki for my X-Saber deck (I did manage to pull 1)

2 Zexal Sleeves: This was all they had left and I’m sleeving all the Zexal era decks I own with these sleeves.

2 Kaiba: I’m sleeving the cards I plan to sell with these sleeves and I’m also throwing together a Union deck based off Kaiba’s XYZ-Dragon Cannon.

2 Six Samurai decks: This deck was being sold for $4 and it comes with Fiendish Chain a $3 card. Also this was until now the only Yugioh structure deck I had never bought.

2 Realm of the Sea decks: Same logic, but with Atlantean Marksman instead of chain. Also I’ll take the Dark Hole/Torrential Tribute for my casual decks gladly.

Tempest Tin: This was to get another spare Number 50: Blackship of Corn. I don’t think he’ll see play in the future, but he’s still a $3 card.

Tidal Tin: Black Luster Soldier is always a nice card to have lying around.

Zexal Collector Tin: This was impulse, pure and simple.


Pulls were very good this time around, mostly due to pulling a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Still I was blown away to have actually opened it. Anyway this was just me randomly buying some cards. I’ll make a quick 6 Samurai deck too since why not.

Current Plans with these cards:

  • Sell one of my Dracossacks (likely the Mega Tin one)
  • Re-Sleeve my 2 Zexal Era decks with Zexal sleeves
  • Build 6 Samurai deck (with my set of 6 Sam sleeves)
  • Build XYZ Union deck with Kaiba sleeves
  • Add staples to random casual decks

Anyway, that’s my current prerogative. Thanks for reading.


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