Suddenly Selector Infected Wixoss joins the fray

So a close friend of mine reminded me of our pact last year to acquire Wixoss cards after finishing season 1 of the anime. A lot of time as passed and while it may take forever for us to play a match we both at least got the cards.


I bought 2 starter decks in the hopes of getting someone locally to learn how it works and play it with me. I got Hanayo-San and Eldora, because one is awesome and the other is funny.


So I can’t provide any discussion on this card game yet because I haven’t played it. Nor can I relate it to Magic the Gathering yet. Though upon a quick inspection the cards somewhat resemble CardFight Vanguard.


After I learn how to play this (and Vanguard), I’ll be able to relate their game play mechanics. In the meantime here are some more pictures before I call it a night.


Some X-Sabers arrived as well.


Quality use of toy fire, I need to try this with another backdrop though.


Until next time!


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