1st Thoughts on Wixoss, Love isn’t Strong Enough

So after remembering that Skype existed I got to play a close friend of mine in Wixoss. Our first game started at 7 PM today and we had a total of 3 games, the last of which ended at 10 PM. Not to say the matches took very long, but they were also my first games so I had a lot of questions.

First Impressions:

I love this game. It’s really fast paced like Yugioh, but also has the resource aspect of Magic. I’ll give a more depth explanation and comparison post later in the week (as we’re planning a battle tomorrow night and on Friday).


^A picture of one the last turns of my last game.

First of all, I bought two very different decks.


The Red Ambition Deck (Hanayo-San) is a beginner level deck focused around Burn spells and creatures that gain power upon their summon (with a ton of vanilla normal monsters too). So essentially it’s like Mono-Red in Magic. I played this deck my first 2 games against him (he was using the White Tama deck, which was based on searching his own creatures and bouncing enemy creatures). I lost both games, but was able to get a feel for the game.

Game in a nutshell (with multiple comparisons to other games)

You summon Signi (Creatures/Monsters) to attack your opponent’s Life Cloth (Shields). Once you destroy their Life Cloth you can attack them for game (reduce their life to 0). Your LRIG (Commander) is the centerpiece of your deck and its effect relates to your strategy.


Now the 2nd deck I got, Blue Request was FAR DIFFERENT than anything I’ve played before and I loved every moment of it. So the Life Cloth mechanic (which from my TCG knowledge) is like the Shields from the old Duel Masters card game (which makes sense since the same company made Wixoss). However, Eldora (the Blue Request Commander) and all her cards are based around manipulating your life cloth to gain various perks and effects.


So this was really hard to figure out (being my 3rd game and all), but that was what made it so much fun. Essentially without going into more details than I have time for right now, Eldora’s card all work based on either knowing the top card in your Life Cloth or cycling the top card in your Life Cloth. I had about 15 tabs open to keep track of what each card did (many of which had effects that activate when destroyed as Life Cloth). It was an insane deck filled with combos!


I will give a better in-depth anlysis of Wixoss after I get a few more games in. I’ve got to call it a night early. Thanks for reading!


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