Katsucon Trip Day 1

So as I left for the anime convention Katsucon yesterday (which is why I missed posting). I’ll be there in D.C. this weekend so my posting will be a bit more sporadic and infrequent until Sunday. On the plus side though I brought the following decks to play against friends and strangers alike:

Magic the Gathering:

  • Mono-Red (Standard) (because it’s my best deck still at the moment)
  • Mono-Green (Modern) (same logic as Mono-Red)
  • 5-Color Door to Nothingness (Casual) (The door is love, the door is life)
  • 5-Color Superfriends (Commander) (No question)


  • Heroes (A newer build, that I’ll post about soon with more traps!)
  • Infernoid-Sworn (Still awful with no Ununcu)

A pile of cards surrounding my Guardian Eatos (Reasons will be given later)


Rarity White (Based around resource assets)


Jutsu Abuse (1010.deck)


Beedrill Spam (because I love Beedrill)


  • Red Ambition (Because why not)
  • Blue Request (Eldora too strong)


My Starter deck (in hopes of learning)

I’ll try to get some posts in to discuss my games! Thanks for stopping by! (in real life Wixoss in addition with card games with strangers to come soon!)


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