Too much to say with no time nor energy to say it (Katsucon 2015 Loot)

I had a phenomenal time at Katsucon 2015 at the Gaylord Hotel in Maryland this weekend. I got spend a lot of time with of my closest friends and caught up with many friends that moved far away. In addition I drove into many new dimensions of card gaming.




Assorted rares from the $1 Magic rare box alongside cards I traded out of my EDH deck for (I traded lands I had duplicates of). Only 1 Shockland away from a complete set (Where’s a Stomping Ground?).



I cracked a box of The Secret Forces. I’m beyond lucky since I pulled a Brionac. While selling him is very enticing I’m going to see if my pre-ordered box makes building Nekroz still possible).


I split a box of Wixoss with the friend mentioned in the earlier (and likely all) Wixoss posts. I opened a myriad of new Eldora support and the deck has even more combos and options than before (I just remembered I never explained Wixoss, whoops).


So my friends forgot their own Vanguard decks so I bought an English version of my own so we could still play.


So the big news, I have bought my 1st deck of Weiss Schwarz. Despite initially being skeptical (and of course already having too many cards already) I’ve found the game very fun and enticing. Like with all card games comparison posts and such will come in the future.


I can’t go into details now, but plans are changing, different paths are being explored and tough decisions are about to be made. I’ll do a “New Plans” post tomorrow to get the ball rolling on this new era of card games.


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