The maddened ravings of a man who spends too much on shiny cardboard episode #75

So I waited far too late to do this post. For that reason I’ll discuss my plans in each game very briefly. Also I’ll set out some goals for the near future.


Build a Nekroz deck


I love the art of the Nekroz cards, the fact that they’re actually destroying the Yugioh meta right now is merely another reason to respect them. Infernoids fell through as I never got a copy of Ununcu. Furhermore, the deck never shined competitively. Similarly, Heroes are doing ok on the regional level, but little on a national level . Meanwhile, you have Nekroz running away with 22 of the top 32 slots at the most recent YCS (Tacoma). Now I’m somewhat reasonable and I understand that Brionac is currently worth much more than the box I bought him in. However, my goal was to build Nekroz, not make money off selling cards from the box. My plans will obviously depend on the 2nd box I open later this week, but for now I plan to build a Nekroz deck. HOWEVER, as I have to be honest with myself I don’t play Yugioh competitively very often. I don’t plan nor want to spend upwards of $300 on this deck, but we’ll see how things turn out.

Magic the Gathering:

  • Improve my EDH/Commander deck
  • Put Standard on hold for until Theros rotates out


In lieu of finishing the Sultai Whip deck I was working on or the Mardu deck I started, I plan to focus on bettering my current Super Friends deck. I simply don’t have the morale to purchase a playset of Thoughtseize or getting the Power&Profit Clash pack multiple times. Once Theros block rotates out, I’ll be able to make a new standard deck that isn’t shackled to cards like Sylvan Caryatid and Courser of Kruphix.

In contrast, my love for Commander has only grown after taking on an interesting group of strangers at Katsucon. Right now my only wish in Magic is too strengthen my EDH deck and the current plan is too add stall (a.k.a. Pillow Fort). There are about 15 cards in my deck that synergize with the 4-5 basic lands still in my deck. My idea is to switch them all out. The name of the game is protecting my planeswalkers from attacks with my spells instead of my words.

Weiss Schwarz:

Improve my Madoka deck


So at Katsucon I bought a Weiss Schwarz deck because I’m a Madoka fan and because all of my friends each bought a deck for their own favorite series. I really like the card art for this game, though it has the most convoluted and needlessly difficult rule set I have ever attempted to learn. I’ll go into details at a later time.


*Improve at Wixoss


So after 2 weeks of playing Wixoss I still have yet to win a game. However, every match has been an amazing fight and sincerely this game has made me think in a different manner than any TCG before it. I definitely owe an explanation for this game alongside Weiss Schwarz.

At the time of writing this I’m very much satisfied with my current position with the following games:

  • Vanguard (I have both an English and Japanese Starter deck as I await my friends to teach me how to play)
  • Pokemon (I have a Beedrill deck and a Fossil deck that I love despite neither being remotely legal)
  • Naruto (I have a Mental Power deck and a 1010 deck, and quite frankly I can live with that)
  • My Little Pony (I have a enough decks at this point and can’t see myself buying anything other than a Derpy Hooves card)


So as for the immediate future, I want to do more game comparisons. I think expanding my TCG knowledge to Weiss, Wixoss and soon Vanguard will definitely help in my understanding the nature of trading card games. Thanks for reading. I hope to provide some insights soon.


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