Yugioh Secret Forces Box Opening! Can we find that $140 Nekroz of Brionac?!


Someday I’ll stop making posts so late at night that I’m too exhausted to not be brief. I opened my pre-ordered box of The Secret Forces. I was putting my Nekroz ambitions into this box and it largely let me down.

My 24 Secret Rares:


The most valuable card is the Nekroz of Unicore, this box was far less useful than the first box I pulled shown below.


I’m still beyond lucky to have pulled even 1 Nekroz of Brionac in 2 boxes of the set. Though now I’m at an impasse. There is little desire in me to play Yugioh competitively. For this reason I really shouldn’t hold on to my Brionac. However, I also like Nekroz just as far as cards go. This has left me conflicted and it’s also the first time in my life that I’ve had an expensive card and not wanted to sell it immediately.

At this moment I don’t have the answer. I think I’d rather have a weak Nekroz deck than either drop an absurd amount of money on the remaining pieces or recoup my investment by selling Brio and thus have nothing to show for it. I’ll figure something out in the next few days.

The current price of Nekroz of Brionac on TCGtrader as I make this post is $169 as seen here today 2/18. So much screaming internally.

Though on the plus side I won a game of Weiss Schwarz earlier.


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