What? Blog Updates? You thought I had a plan?

So after sadness last night over the lack of new Nekroz, I’ve re-motivated myself. This blog is not just about my experience with TCGs. I want to provide meaningful content, analysis and advice based on the thing that I love. For those reasons I’m going to change how I run things from today on.

In the future there will be:

A look into each of the game’s I’ve started to learn how to play, how they stack up and how much they cost to play both casually and competitively.

Game by Game comparisons which I’m going to tentatively name “Head to Heads” where I compare 2 TCGs side by side to gauge their similarities and differences.

A full explanation of my Yugioh D&D game which I’m also tentatively naming the “Yugioh Roleplay Scenario” (a.k.a. the Yugioh Big Eyes Small Mouth campaign). As of right now I think I’ll make this into its own blog attached to this one.

Attempting to prove my own personal thesis that all commercialized trading card games are the same. Whether or not this turns out to be true is something we’ll find out together.

I’ll still post about FNMs, box openings and the like, but I also hope to get in at least 2 meaningful posts each week about these amazing pieces of cardboard that have taken away all my money. Thanks for reading, there’s much more to come!


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