FNM 2/20/15 Riding the Durtle Turtle

Tonight I went to my local comic store for another FNM. I told myself to try something different with this draft. So from my 1st pack first pick I attempted to build Abzan.


Probably one of my less impressive pools, but it did the job rather decently enough (There was a Pilgirm of the Fires in there also, but I gave it away after the draft). My first pick was the Sandsteppe Outcast (you know you’re over-thinking things when you take a common over your first rare, sorry Archfiend of Depravity). Anyway onto the match-ups.

Round 1 vs Blue/Black Control

I play a high schooler who I frequently trade with (I owe him for much of my new cards tonight). Game 1 he got colored screwed and I beat him without taking damage. Game 2 he went self-mill into Delve crazy and deck out before he could kill me with Pilgrim of the Fires.

Won 2-0 to Control (He very happily told me he played control because he opened Polluted Delta).

Round 2 vs Jeskai

I played my modern friend. He’s proven to be my toughest opponent in draft so far. Game 1 I opened my big things on curb and wrecked him fast. Game 2 almost seemed like a repeat of the first until he stalled me with Citadel Siege. After which I proceeded to lose Game 2 and ultimately Game 3 to Ojutai, Soul of Winter.

Loss 1-2 to Jeskai

Round 3 vs Jeskai

I played one of the guys who runs the store. He makes it a habit of always playing Jeskai. We played a very long battle Game 1, however Meandering Towershell proved too strong. Game 2 he used multiple copies of Force Away on the godlike Turtle. Despite this I still swung for game with the turtle.

Won 2-0 to Jeskai

So I went 2-1 and took 2nd place. It was a good night of magic especially due to that crazy high schooler and the combo he was trying to make. I won’t give it away, but it involved 2 rares from M15 and one of them had alot to do with Mining.


I traded him $10 and boat load of $0.25 rares for his Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. along with the vast majority of the above cards. I also opened the Whisperwood Elemental in my victory pack (it’s for sale on Ebay if you want it). Anyway, it was a good night of Magic. I’ve overcome my disdain for the Abzan and will likely play that clan again in the future. Thanks for reading.


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