Katsucon Trip Day 1

So as I left for the anime convention Katsucon yesterday (which is why I missed posting). I’ll be there in D.C. this weekend so my posting will be a bit more sporadic and infrequent until Sunday. On the plus side though I brought the following decks to play against friends and strangers alike:

Magic the Gathering:

  • Mono-Red (Standard) (because it’s my best deck still at the moment)
  • Mono-Green (Modern) (same logic as Mono-Red)
  • 5-Color Door to Nothingness (Casual) (The door is love, the door is life)
  • 5-Color Superfriends (Commander) (No question)


  • Heroes (A newer build, that I’ll post about soon with more traps!)
  • Infernoid-Sworn (Still awful with no Ununcu)

A pile of cards surrounding my Guardian Eatos (Reasons will be given later)


Rarity White (Based around resource assets)


Jutsu Abuse (1010.deck)


Beedrill Spam (because I love Beedrill)


  • Red Ambition (Because why not)
  • Blue Request (Eldora too strong)


My Starter deck (in hopes of learning)

I’ll try to get some posts in to discuss my games! Thanks for stopping by! (in real life Wixoss in addition with card games with strangers to come soon!)


1st Thoughts on Wixoss, Love isn’t Strong Enough

So after remembering that Skype existed I got to play a close friend of mine in Wixoss. Our first game started at 7 PM today and we had a total of 3 games, the last of which ended at 10 PM. Not to say the matches took very long, but they were also my first games so I had a lot of questions.

First Impressions:

I love this game. It’s really fast paced like Yugioh, but also has the resource aspect of Magic. I’ll give a more depth explanation and comparison post later in the week (as we’re planning a battle tomorrow night and on Friday).


^A picture of one the last turns of my last game.

First of all, I bought two very different decks.


The Red Ambition Deck (Hanayo-San) is a beginner level deck focused around Burn spells and creatures that gain power upon their summon (with a ton of vanilla normal monsters too). So essentially it’s like Mono-Red in Magic. I played this deck my first 2 games against him (he was using the White Tama deck, which was based on searching his own creatures and bouncing enemy creatures). I lost both games, but was able to get a feel for the game.

Game in a nutshell (with multiple comparisons to other games)

You summon Signi (Creatures/Monsters) to attack your opponent’s Life Cloth (Shields). Once you destroy their Life Cloth you can attack them for game (reduce their life to 0). Your LRIG (Commander) is the centerpiece of your deck and its effect relates to your strategy.


Now the 2nd deck I got, Blue Request was FAR DIFFERENT than anything I’ve played before and I loved every moment of it. So the Life Cloth mechanic (which from my TCG knowledge) is like the Shields from the old Duel Masters card game (which makes sense since the same company made Wixoss). However, Eldora (the Blue Request Commander) and all her cards are based around manipulating your life cloth to gain various perks and effects.


So this was really hard to figure out (being my 3rd game and all), but that was what made it so much fun. Essentially without going into more details than I have time for right now, Eldora’s card all work based on either knowing the top card in your Life Cloth or cycling the top card in your Life Cloth. I had about 15 tabs open to keep track of what each card did (many of which had effects that activate when destroyed as Life Cloth). It was an insane deck filled with combos!


I will give a better in-depth anlysis of Wixoss after I get a few more games in. I’ve got to call it a night early. Thanks for reading!

Janky Sultai Whip Standard deck post

So while rummaging through my yugioh tins I found an EDH/Commander deck I made a while back. I have the habit of never taking apart old decks I’ve made. Instead, I just leave them in a tin like a time capsule to uncover a few months later. Anyway, I found a Sultai EDH deck I made with Sidisi, Brood Tyrant as its commander. I was beyond excited to build this deck when Khans of Tarkir first came out and bought a lot of cards for it. However, I stopped playing it pretty quickly.


Admittedly, I’m not very good at making Magic decks due to lack of knowledge of older cards. Though of all the decks I’ve ever made this one has failed me the most. It all came back to me last Friday after the draft. I invited a buddy over to test his Merfolk EDH deck and decided to use my old EDH decks against him. Then I remembered the flaws of my build (which you can see fully here). As much as I love the Sultai (my 2nd favorite clan) and Sidisi, making a few 2/2 zombies in EDH turned out to be pointless. I could never get the right ratio of mill to recursion to make this deck potent. Every time I’ve played it I ended up watching everyone else do broken things while I sat around without enough mana or cards in grave to play anything.

So what’s the point of all this? Well at this point I’ve spent a total of $6 to get all the creatures for the Brutal Hordechief deck I was planning to make. However, I’m strongly considering taking the Sidisi EDH deck apart to build Sultai whip in Standard. The money cards I would have to acquire would:

3 Courser of Kruphix

3 Yavimiya Coast

2 Temple of Deceit 

4 Temple of Malady

3 Sylvan Caryatid

There are definitively a lot more cards I’d need, but these come to mind first. The main issue I’m seeing with building the B/W warrior deck right now is that just like my former Mono-Red deck it would fold almost instantly to Drown in Sorrow.


And the last thing I want to do is build another deck that auto-loses to that card. I still love Brutal Hordechief, I’m just not sure about playing him in standard anymore.

Anyway, I apologize for rambling. If anything I’ll make a Sultai standard deck by taking this EDH apart first and foremost. Where things go from there I’m not sure. Thanks for reading.

Suddenly Selector Infected Wixoss joins the fray

So a close friend of mine reminded me of our pact last year to acquire Wixoss cards after finishing season 1 of the anime. A lot of time as passed and while it may take forever for us to play a match we both at least got the cards.


I bought 2 starter decks in the hopes of getting someone locally to learn how it works and play it with me. I got Hanayo-San and Eldora, because one is awesome and the other is funny.


So I can’t provide any discussion on this card game yet because I haven’t played it. Nor can I relate it to Magic the Gathering yet. Though upon a quick inspection the cards somewhat resemble CardFight Vanguard.


After I learn how to play this (and Vanguard), I’ll be able to relate their game play mechanics. In the meantime here are some more pictures before I call it a night.


Some X-Sabers arrived as well.


Quality use of toy fire, I need to try this with another backdrop though.


Until next time!

Random Yugioh Opening 2/8/15

I visited a hobby store in my town last week that was closing. I returned this afternoon to see what they still had in stock. The store had a large amount of Zexal era yugioh merchandise all on sale. When I returned they still had a decent amount of low priced product so I indulged myself and bought quite a bit.


I got all of this for $48. Rationales for each purchase were:

Cosmo Blazer Packs: This was all they had left and I need a Fire Formation Tenki for my X-Saber deck (I did manage to pull 1)

2 Zexal Sleeves: This was all they had left and I’m sleeving all the Zexal era decks I own with these sleeves.

2 Kaiba: I’m sleeving the cards I plan to sell with these sleeves and I’m also throwing together a Union deck based off Kaiba’s XYZ-Dragon Cannon.

2 Six Samurai decks: This deck was being sold for $4 and it comes with Fiendish Chain a $3 card. Also this was until now the only Yugioh structure deck I had never bought.

2 Realm of the Sea decks: Same logic, but with Atlantean Marksman instead of chain. Also I’ll take the Dark Hole/Torrential Tribute for my casual decks gladly.

Tempest Tin: This was to get another spare Number 50: Blackship of Corn. I don’t think he’ll see play in the future, but he’s still a $3 card.

Tidal Tin: Black Luster Soldier is always a nice card to have lying around.

Zexal Collector Tin: This was impulse, pure and simple.


Pulls were very good this time around, mostly due to pulling a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Still I was blown away to have actually opened it. Anyway this was just me randomly buying some cards. I’ll make a quick 6 Samurai deck too since why not.

Current Plans with these cards:

  • Sell one of my Dracossacks (likely the Mega Tin one)
  • Re-Sleeve my 2 Zexal Era decks with Zexal sleeves
  • Build 6 Samurai deck (with my set of 6 Sam sleeves)
  • Build XYZ Union deck with Kaiba sleeves
  • Add staples to random casual decks

Anyway, that’s my current prerogative. Thanks for reading.

A discussion about Naruto Cards?!

So I got the chance to play Naruto cards for the first time this year on Thursday. I thought I would discuss some aspects of the game briefly and relate it to the other TCGs I play. I’ plan to make this into a series about relating different card game mechanics.

Card Types:

So in Naruto, you control the various ninjas from the Naruto world as your monsters/creatures.


You strengthen your Ninjas through the use of the 2 other types of cards. Missions and Jutsus.


Missions are like spell cards (or enchantments). They provide a myriad of simple to incredibly convoluted effects when played.


Jutsus are like Traps/Instants however they can only be used in Ninjas are fighting.

Card Costs:

Naruto balances their cards by preventing the playing of  cards until a certain number of turns have passed.


You need to wait until the corresponding turn to play your ninja similar to playing a Magic creature on curb (assuming you don’t miss a mana drop).


The more expensive cards not only take longer to be played, but they also require you to discard a card from your hand to play them (This is referred to as Hand Cost).


I’ll discuss Naruto’s Game Mechanics in a later post. The game ended in 2013 long before the manga did. The cards relatively cheap and I would recommend them to any Naruto card (even if just to get your favorite character). I plan to do more talks about the similarities in trading card game design in the near future. Thanks for stopping by.

FNM 2/6/15 Summary

I’m pretty tired out, so I’d like to write this summary fast so I can get to sleep.

My Deck:


*I didn’t actually play the Siege Rhino and the Plains. I wonder if I missed out in not doing so…

I played Sultai midrange with Frontier Siege (My 1st pack, 1st pick) to ramp into Destructor Dragon and Archfiend of Depravity. On the cheap end I was passed a Rakshasa Deathdealer. The deck felt very solid from the onset (I also had 2 copies of Grim Contest as removal). I think I didn’t put in enough bomb honestly and despite running 17 lands I got flooded multiple games.

The Matchups:

Game 1: Vs Abzan

I foolishly kept a 2 lander though I was on the draw so I thought I’d make it in time. Soon I was down to 7 life thanks to the Elite Scaleguard. I lost that game soon after.

Game 2 my deck worked perfectly and I ramped into Destructor Dragon on curb, winning quickly. I then proceeded to lose Game 3 to the mana flood…

Loss 1-2 to Abzan.

Game 2: Vs Jeskai

I played against a new player (as opposed to the little kid who seemed to be a veteran at this). Game 1 I opened well (Smoke Teller and Molting Snakeskin), but the game dragged on long enough that he established a board I couldn’t crack.

Game 2 and 3 my deck gave me enough of a combination of Ramp and big creatures to win. I owe my win to a bolstered Archer’s Parapet.

Win 2-1 over Jeskai

Game 3: Vs Mardu

I played against my buddy who got my into Modern. He was playing the most aggro deck I’d seen all night

Game 1 I got Rakshasa Deathdealer out on turn 4 (I had to  cast Sultai Banner for the black source). However, despite my use of Deathdealer to kill almost all of his creatures until Goblin Heelcutter ended my best blocker.

Game 2: I lost because I wouldn’t mulligan to 5 to get a creature in my opening hand. A big mistake against an aggro deck. So I lost pretty fast.

Loss 0-2 to Mardu

It was a rough night, but I figure it was good practice. My deck didn’t have a good mix of bombs and I spent most of my turns with an absurd amount of mana and nothing to use it on. However, my pity pack got me a copy of Shaman of the Great Hunt to make the night not a total wash.


I’m pretty bummed, but all in all it was good night of magic. Thanks for reading.