Rantings of a Cardboard Addict Post #675

I haven’t gotten to post recently (mostly because I was distracted planning for a trip). However, I have some updates in the works as well as new planned posts.

What Happened?

1. I bought Nekroz of Trishula from a very nice Batteryman player while on my trip to Philadelphia. My deck is still far from being complete and after finally getting in some real life playtesting I could tell how much Nekroz of Valkyrus would help. Though my plan is to still wait for it drop and buy it before I attend a major Ygo event.

2. I got to also playtest my Sultai Whip deck against a friend’s Blue/Black Control deck. I’m fairly torn since I could maybe finish this deck if I bought 2 of the Power/Profit Clash pack (since that would include Whip of Erebos, Courser of Kruphix and Hero’s Downfall). Though I’m trying to tell myself to wait for the Theros block to rotate out before I try to build a more competitive Magic deck. I still have Mono-Red built though I’m toying with some builds with either more or less Heroic triggers. I also have the Mardu deck, but that deck is more about flavor at this point than anything else.

3. I ordered a chunk of Weiss Schwarz cards on Ebay with the hopes of improving my current deck. I’ve just about discovered how to play the deck, though the Madoka playstyle (or at least my current one) feels very simple (Play the Lv. 1 Sayaka Assist, then play the Lv. 2 Sayaka and hope they can’t beat it). So I want to spice up the deck somewhat. Also I cannot deny that the fact that I have no foil Weiss Schwarz cards does actually bother me.

What’s Next?

1. I think I should try to explain all of these games at least briefly. I’ve operated on the assumption that anyone reading this knows at least one of these games. However, it’s likely confusing then when I make references between each game. For that reason this week I’ll give each game a quick introduction. In this introduction I’ll explain the basic rules, card types and synergies so that comparisons can be more easily made between each TCG.

That’s the plan for now. I’ll get started on these Intro posts either tonight or tomorrow and that should last until next week. After which we can move into comparisons and such. Interspersed will be updates about my 2nd YgoRP blog and whatever cards I acquire. Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.


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