Introducing TMCG Premier League

So our esteemed champion Brent and also I, as you probably know, hosted an online YuGiOh Tournament last weekend. I can’t say things went off without a hitch (actually there are plenty of things that could use ironing out) but overall it was a blast and I’d like to think everyone had a good time. It was a non-meta (tier 1 was excluded) tournament, since I figured that’s what would have the broadest appeal, and 5 people ended up participating.  I managed to secure victory in the final versus Brent but I must admit a different David probably deserves the title “best of the tournament”, as he did not so much as lose a duel before a surprise knock out by Brent.

Gottoms Beelze
Matchup of the tournament

Anyway, with the relative success of our first tournament, we’ve decided to make this a semi-regular thing on TMCG. While we have yet to arrive at a solid date, the next tournament will be held at some point in March. It will probably be another non-meta tournament, like the first one, though down the line I definitely intend to mix things up and do other things (and if anyone wants a specific kind of tournament hosted feel free to suggest it in the comments). In any case, I invite you all to participate, because hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun.