That feel when this is the only Magic the Gathering draft where I actually finish first (Magic Draft Story)

I went to my locals comic book store East Side Mags yesterday for another Friday Night Magic. The actual draft process was interesting so I’ll dive straight into that part before discussing my deck or matches.

My 1st pack first pick was Gurmag Angler which I took over Temur War Shaman. I thought War Shaman was too hard to cast (CMC of 6) whereas Angler should in theory cost 1 manna thanks to Delve. My initial plan was to play either Abzan or Sultai as I started taking green (namely Temur Sabertooth and 2 Whisperer of the Wilds). Pack 2 1st first I hate drafted Ashcloud Pheonix. Then I found my favorite removal spell Kill Shot along with my guilty love removal spell Smite the Monstrous. I managed to get 2 of each. Pack 3 I first picked High Sentinels of Arashin (which is my new favorite creature in limited, I swear it was insane). Along with that I found a Seeker of the Way and a Suspension Field. At this point though I realized that I had only taken the initial Gurmag, Hooded Assassin, Duneblast, Abzan Guide and Armament Corps. I elected to abandon black entirely and just played green/white.

My deck:


+8 Forests and 8 Plains

The Match-Ups

Round 1: Vs UB Control

Game 1: Master of the Hidden Way appeared on turn on turn 4 and single-handedly killed me as Smite the Monstrous and Suspension Filed rotted dead in my hand. I sided out both Smites for Hunt the Weak and Formless Nurturing in games 2 and 3.

Game 2: We played a very long game, but his removal was incapable of outing Temur Sabertooth with an Archer’s Parapet to bounce. I won with 5 minutes left in the round.

Game 3: We agreed to draw with only 5 minutes left in the round. The ironic part it was that we played out the game for fun and I got lethal on him on what would’ve been turn 5 in time. No complaints as it was a fun round overall.


Round 2: Vs Mardu Midrange

Game 1: I want to call this deck Mardu Midrange, but my opponent was using Herald of Anafenza to make tokens while defending them with the Mardu Hateblade and Typhoid Rats. I had out a Longshot Squad (which I also actively outlasted), Great-Horn Krushok, Whisperer of the Wilds and an Archer’s Parapet. Our game 1 lasted 20+ minutes as I didn’t want to lose a huge creature to his 1/1 death-touchers, while he lacked a spell to boost his token army. I kept killing his Herald of Anafenza (first with Smite, and then with Suspension Field), however he revived it with Timely Hordemate and then with Erase. What ended the game though was High Sentinels of Arashin. At this point in the game I had Long Shot Squad, Salt Road Patrol, and the Whisperer of the Wilds out. Essentially Arashin placed a +1/+1 on the Whisperer, while the other 2 creatures had already outlasted. I had enough mana to get High Sentinel up to 7/8. I then proceeded to beat him in 2 turns.

Game 2: I won game 2 with Ambush Krotiq. I can’t recall much about this game, but it was a lot shorter.

Won 2-0

Round 3: Vs Red/Blue Aggro

Game 1: He got mana screwed and I didn’t.

Game 2: He combo’ed Temur Battle Rage with Whirlwind Adept and I lost to that.

Game 3: He both came attacking, him with 2 Cunning Strikes and me with Ambush Krotiq, but he made a misplay getting his Bloodfire Expert killed. I won the match after that.

Won 2-1

I took first place in the draft 🙂

I used my store credit to buy Fate Reforged packs. After opening nothing of value in 5 of 7 packs a kid asked if he could open one for me. I acquiesced and he opened a Soulfire Grand Master and a Polluted Delta in the same pack. I didn’t know what to say.


The New Cards Shot, many of these I traded for after the draft or pulled in prize pack. I’m still in love with White in Khans drafting. Kill Shot is my favorite card in limited and I hope when Dragons of Tarkir comes about that another common removal spell becomes prevalent. Anyway, that’s what happened with last FNM. I would honestly say the best move I made last night was taking a few big vanilla creatures (much love to the Great-Horn Krushok that came down in 3 of my games).

My basic intro series will continue into next week. Thanks for reading.


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