A Basic Introduction to Wixoss

I’m started playing this game 2 months ago. I watched the anime with some friends last year and resolved to someday learn the game/import the cards from Japan. I’ve been playing semi-regularly with a friend over Skype ever since.

Goal in Wixoss

In Wixoss you have a set of 7 cards placed face-down from you deck that’s called your Life Cloth. Whenever you get attacked you reveal the top card of your Life Cloth and add it to your Ener (resource) pool. Once you have no cards in your Life Cloth, you lose the game if you take another attack.

Card Types in Wixoss



Your LRIG is your commander, or the leader of your deck. You reveal this card at the start of the game from your LRIG deck (Extra Deck). The basic mechanic of this game is to level up your LRIG to be able to play stronger cards.


You level up your LRIG during the GROW phase by paying Ener (your in-game resource, think Mana/Energy).

LRIG Arts & Arts


Arts are your spells/sorcery/trainer cards. There are 2 types of Arts: LRIG Arts and normal Arts. In addition to your LRIG you can play arts specific to your LRIG in your separate 10 card LRIG deck. However you also keep your differently leveled LRIG cards in your LRIG deck as well. Thus you have to allocate spaces to your LRIG and for their Arts. Normal Arts are stored in your main deck and cost ener to play.



Signi are your troops (Monsters/Creatures). The levels represent what level your LRIG needs to be before you can cast that signi. Most signi have their own effects also.


Some Signi have ability to guard against LRIG attacks

Some cards also have an effect called Life Burst which is an effect that triggers when they’re revealed for the life burst check. You can only have 20 Life Burst cards in your 40 card deck.

Phases in Wixoss:

  • Ready Phase (Untap)
  • Ener Phase (Charge Mana)
  • Grow Phase (Pay the cost to play the next level of your LRIG)
  • Main Phase (Play your Signi and your Arts)
  • Battle Phase (Attack with your Signi)
  • LRIG Battle Phase (Attack with your LRIG)

Your turn ends after you attack.

You can read the rules and watch a game tutorial here.


Sincerely this has been one of the most fun games I’ve ever played (an easy rival to both Magic and Yugioh). The board states in Wixoss are some of the most intricate ones I’ve ever seen. Also for whatever reason the cards are very cheap (I got both of the 2 decks I bought on Amazon for $14 and $11 respectively). It may seem daunting with the cards being in Japanese, but after a few play sessions you’ll remember each card’s effect pretty easily. I’d recommend this game to any fan of the anime. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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