Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release! What could possibly go wrong?! (Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Hype)

This weekend is the Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release!


I was so distracted with the intros, I didn’t discuss this amazing new set. Standard is about to be filled to the brim with huge dragons with every effect you can imagine. Leading the charge is Sarkhan (now Unbroken), who’s saving of Ugin in Fate Reforged has altered history and brought dragons back to Tarkir.


I’m planning to attend 2 Pre-Releases this weekend, one Friday at Midnight and another Sunday Afternoon.

I’m planning to play for Dromoka at both events.


^My Mom

Why am I playing Dromoka?

I’ve been fickle with my clan allegiances for a while now. When Khans debuted I played Sultai, and went 3-1 at the pre-release. At the Fate Reforged Pre-Release I switched and played Mardu, but went 2-2 in the end. My play preference in Limited is to always go for whatever gives me the most removal (See Kill Shot, my immortal love). However, this set is nothing, but flying beaters that can kill you if left unchallenged for 3-4 turns. While black has some decent tricks I think White has the strongest removal/protection this set.

What cards am I hoping for?

pacifism centersoul

Pacifism is one of the most obnoxious cards ever. It’s a 2 mana stall to almost any creature. Center Soul is the card that really got me into White though. If the set is about having huge dragons slam into each other giving your dragon protection seems like the best way to win out (the Rebound is just amazing too).

dragonhunter battlemastery

Dragon Hunter feels like a perfect card to run in limited. He’s a 2/1 for 1 that blocks any Dragon until removal is wasted on him. Battle Mastery on any dragon also just feels like victory by itself.

arashinsovereign radiantpurge

Guilty admission, the Arashin Sovereign is my favorite card in this set. It is useless in Standard, but in Limited it acts prevents you from ever decking-out and it acts as a recurring 6/6 beater the opponent may not have a way to permanently kill . Ironically enough the 2nd card I want to see answers Arashin Sovereign. Radiant Purge is a perfect answer to almost every scary dragon in this set.

Also Dromoka herself is capable of killing all of her Dragonlord colleagues other than Atarka (just saying). Furthermore, with her Lifelink ability I hope she can save me in the late game.


Also I can’t wait to get the new D20s (I’m perfectly fine with getting 2 yellow ones). Anyway, that’s my current plan and why I probably won’t post again until post the first pre-release sometime Saturday night. Thanks for reading and to everyone attending the event this weekend good luck and have fun!


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