Vanguards Riding Ponies (Finishing the Basic Introductions Series)

I’m doing the last 2 games in one post so I can get in another post about my weekend plans, current decks etc. Anyway let’s rush right into Pones and Vanguards.

My Little Pony CCG



In MLP each player uses their horde of adorable mini horses to solve problems (both there’s or their opponent’s) which are stored in their respective problem decks. Doing so earns the player points and the first player to reach 15 points wins the game.

Card Types

“Mane” Character Pony

Premiere_001 Premiere_001b

You start MLP with the “Start” version of your commander pony in play. After you fulfill their condition they evolve into a Boosted state (which is the reverse side of the card). The boosted state is stronger and has better effects.



Friends are your troops in the game. Friends have a cost, a power and usually an effect.

How do I pay this cost?

The resource in this game is called Action Tokens (which functions like mana with the exception that you don’t lose it at the end of your turn).  Both players gain Action Tokens on their upkeep. Action points can be used to:

  • Pay the cost of Friends, Events, Resources and Troublemakers
  • Move Friends
  • Ready (Untap) frightened friends (Fright is a status effect like Paralyze in Pokemon and works in the same way preventing your Friend from acting)
  • Draw a card (OH BY THE WAY THERE IS NO DRAW PHASE IN THIS GAME, IF YOU DON’T PAY YOU DON’T DRAW!!!). Honestly, not normally drawing is the strangest part of this game

Events, Resources and Troublemakers

Premiere_127 Premiere_141 Premiere_158

Events, Resources and Troublemakers are all your various weapons in the game. Here are some hopefully helpful comparisons:

Events are like Spells/Sorcery. These cards provide some kind of effect when played whether it be support or disruption.

Resources are like Continous Spells/Enchantments. These cards provide lasting effects while on the field.

Troublemakers are like traps. You play them face-down at a problem to disrupt your opponent.



Each player has a 10 card deck of Problem cards that both player attempt to solve. Each problem is solved by sending ponies whose total power is greater than or equal to the number facing the player attacking it.  Using Dark Dank Dungeon for example the opponent would need 9 power in any color to solve the problem, while the owner of Dark Dank Dungeon would need 7 (4 yellow and 3 white). When both players are attacking the same problem a Face-off occurs where the player with the higher power in ponies solves the problem (and wins the points). You also flip the top card of your deck and add its power to your team in a Face-off.

You can find the full rule book here. I have not played this game in a while. It’s more of a novelty if anything, but if you like MLP and card games then this may be the game for you.

Cardfight Vanguard


Ok so to be completely honest I don’t know how to play Vanguard. I haven’t played a correct full game yet, so it would be disingenuous to try and discuss it now. I can tell from skimming the rules that it works like Wixoss in that you grade up your starting Vanguard. I also know that the goal is to deal 6 damage to your opponent by attacking their Vanguard directly. Similar to Weiss, you check the top card of your deck for triggers when attacking too. Still I’m going to leave this as is for now. Sometime down the road once I play some matches I’ll be better prepared to talk about Vanguard.

So with that I’m proud to bring a conclusion to the introduction series. Thanks for following so far. I felt I needed to make this series if only so that when I later relate everything to either Magic or Yugioh there will at least be some more context. Anyway, I’ll discuss my current plans in a later post.


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