When you drop your foil Mythic Rare Dromoka and they just kill it with the common Pinion Feast… (Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Story)

I went to the Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release early today (12 AM to be exact) and had a blast! I got some cool pulls, played a lot of great matches and have 0 regrets.

What I pulled:


Despite pulling Sarkhan Unbroken, I decided to play G/W to run Dragonlord Dromoka and Sunscorch Regent.

My Deck:


The deck was more or less a ramp into dragon deck. The MVP cards overall were Center Soul and Epic Confrontation. Both put in a lot of work (Confrontation wiped out many enemy morphs, while Center Soul almost won me a game or two).

My Match ups:

I technically went 2-2 overall, but I can only recall some of what I faced.

Round 1: Vs Abzan Bolster

My opponent’s deck was based on the card Echoes of the Kin Tree. I blew him out game 1 with Dromoka, but I lost games 2 and 3 due to the card Pinion Feast. I think you should be on the lookout for that card if you’re playing against Green. No card was more game-ruining for me than Pinion Feast.

Lost 1-2

Round 2: Vs Dromoka

My opponent seemed to be playing a deck based on Aven Sunstriker and bolstering it, but he folded to Sunscorcher Regent backed by my removal spell Enduring Victory (Which was also insane, but not as strong as Pinion Feast).

Won 2-0

Round 3: Vs Ojutai

So I lost Round 1 when I over-sided to stop Echoes of the Kin-Tree.


^My Sides

So in this round after losing Round 1 to the card Skywise Teachings, I sided minimally (1 Advantage, 1 Naturalize), but I still lost to an army of Djinn tokens when Valorous Stance killed by Regent.

Lost 0-2

Round 4

My opponent round 4 dropped thus ending my adventure at the event.

Final Thoughts


If I can give any advice to players going into this sealed its to be wary of the following common cards that I saw having a really strong impact in Limited.


A strong kill spell that answers most land creatures and smaller dragons.

Pinion Feast

It not only kills a dragon, but it also makes your own creature Bolster 2, which was very relevant (this card killed Dromoka twice, essentially beating me).


This is probably obvious, but whenever a blue player has open mana you should at least think about how to recover from a potential Negate. This card blew me out in Game 2 of Round 3 when my Enduring Victory got countered.


Anyway, I hope everyone has a great time at their pre-releases. I’m very hyped for my 2nd one tomorrow afternoon. I’ll discuss how it went once I get back. Game on everyone, game on.


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