Arashin Sovereign would never lose in limited right? (Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Story)

I went to my local comic book store East Side Mags for another Dragons of Tarkir Pre-release this afternoon. Once again I had a great time, pulled a few cool cards and had a lot of fun.

What I pulled:


While it’s destined to be a junk rare very soon, Arashin Sovereign is my favorite dragon in the set. It was designed to be unfair in Limited and it did its job greatly. I was overjoyed to have pulled it.

My Deck:


I played G/W again. I knew I had to play a deck built around Sovereign, so I essentially built the same deck as last time, but with better ramp/removal (2 Whole Pinion Feasts).

The awkward splash:


So I had the thought of splashing black just for Flatten. This card was the best black removal spell I had seen during the last pre-release so I threw it during deck construction. However, I took it out before game 1 when my test hands were awful. I later sided back in the splash in Game 2 of Round 2 and I can safely say it was worth it.

My Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs Ojutai (Actual)

The opponent was a kid playing Ojutai with both  Dragonlord Ojutai and Ojutai’s Command. I gained life early into Game 1 thanks to Resupply then waited until he attacked with Ojutai. After taking the damage I killed Ojutai with Pinion Feast and the game swiftly ended after that. I swept him after that with the best early game set-up I could open. Turn 1 Dragon Hunter into turn 2 Dromoka Warrior leading into turn 3 Glade Watcher. This led to Watcher being able to attack on turn 4. It was a quick fight.

Won 2-0

Round 2: Vs Kolaghan (Actual)

My opponent was another kid with another promo dragonlord. However, it wasn’t Kolaghan that beat me Game 1, but actually the repeated Dash attacks of Sprinting Warbrute.

At this point I thought the dream (of actually winning) was dead so I sided out my 2nd Pinion Feast and added in the Flatten splash. It made a huge difference as I manage to kill a Morphed Stormcrag Elemental before it could flip. Though the clear MVP of both Games 2 and 3 was the Arashin Sovereign whose arrival left my opponent at wit’s end as to how to deal with it. Sovereign forced a stalemate until I cast both Stampeding Elk Herd and a Mega-morphed Segmented Krotiq. I then wiped out his life with a Trample swing thanks to the Elk Herd.

However, we started Game 3 with less than 10 minutes left in the round to complete it. I knew with how slow my deck was that we would likely tie, if I didn’t just lose (his deck being strong in the early game, mine in the mid to late game). Once we went into turns he had 24 life to my miniscule 6. However, I had Arashin Sovereign on board while Dragonlord Kolaghan lay slain. I quickly realized I couldn’t win in time so I passed with Sovereign protecting myself meager life. My opponent had exhausted his creatures and couldn’t finish me, so the game ended in a draw.

Draw 1-1-1

Round 3: Vs Silumgar

Round 2 was the most exciting part of my Pre-Release. It was a amazing fight to the finish. My 3rd round was a lot less epic though. I played a Silumgar player who seemed to be hiding the Dragonlord Silumgar I had heard him exclaim about it during deck construction. Game 1 as I summoned all my creatures his only response was 1 Palace Familiar. Game 2 he played a few more cards like Skywise Teachings (The dreaded card that beat me 2-0 at the last pre-release) and Silumgar Sorcerer. Despite this I still took the game pretty fast.

Win 2-0

I somehow got 3rd place with this record and won 3 packs pulling a few more playable rares.


Final Thoughts:


I underestimated how fun DTK would be. There are a lot of interesting new cards to play in Limited. There are also a lot more cards to experiment with for my Standard deck, but I’ll discuss that another time. I hope everyone had a great pre-release and that the new set brings with it a rich diverse standard format.


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