And then suddenly a Wixoss Box Opening (Piruluk Code Party Crash)

I met up with my Wixoss rival/only other person I know who plays recently to split a box of the first set.


This set contains cards for the 1st 4 LRIG characters (Ulith can cry on her stone bed), which we collectively have decks for (with the exception of Piruluk).

This game color-wise plays similarly to Magic.

Blue = Drawpower, Stall and Counters

Red = Burn, Double Crush (Double Strike)

Green = Mana, sorry Ener Ramp and Lancer (Trample)

White = Searching and Bounce

My current build of Hanayo plays like a Mono Red Aggro deck. In contrast my Eldora deck is based on manipulating your own life cloth (I can’t relate this to magic, it’s actually pretty unique). My buddy plays a Tama deck and a Midoriko deck.

Anyway on to the cards:


We split the cards by color, I took all the blue/red cards while he took all the green/white ones.


Ironically enough we pulled a Piriluk for levels 1-4, despite not having a deck for her.


^Here’s a card to break Magic, Draw 3, Discard 1 for 1 Mana

I made a lot of edits with these new cards. I’ll discuss the decks/deck additions more later. I want to make another post as an update to my March Plans post from a few weeks ago. I’ll post that either tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for reading!



Piruluk may seem cute, but she plays like a control deck hindering fun with counter-spells and hand disruption. Despite this I still think her cards have some of the best art…


^The Dreaded Counterspell

Essentially it’s this very conveniently named Magic card here.


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