How to win at Magic the Gathering? Bamboozle small children (Funny and evil draft stories

I just back from drafting at East Side Mags. I had a blast, pulled some cool cards and played alot of intense games (also I messed up big time a few times).

My Draft Deck


This is my deck at the start of the draft. I realized Round 2 that I should be playing Ambush Krotiq so the deck turned into this.


I wound up playing Green/White again. My first pack first pick was actually Kolaghan’s Monument but I abandoned black when I didn’t see any copies of Flatten.

The Match-Ups

Round 1: Vs Sultai Control

Once again I was in a rematch with my Modern friend. He boldly showed up his Silmgar mid-drafting (his 1st pack 1st pick) so I knew what was to come. Game 1 Glade Watcher was desperate to show off it’s greatness. I cast 2 of them and gave one Battle Mastery, that along with Dromoka’s Gift allowed the mantis to hit for 14 in one turn. The first colossal misplay of the night however was mega-morphing my Aerie Bowmasters to block Silumgar only to realize that Silumgar is a 3/5 with Deathtouch, while Bowmasters was only a 4/5. He played Reduce in Stature afterward on Glade Watcher, but the 4 +1/+1 counters allowed me to win on the next turn.

Ending Lifetotal: 2 (I ended with really low life almost every game I won)

Game 2 I got him into a top decking war, but I once I ran out of removal I lost to Aven Surveyor. Glade Watcher once again dealt all the damage.

Game 3 I lost again to Aven Surveyor. The bounce effect knocked off my Battle Mastery and that was it.

Lose 1-2

Round 2: Vs Mono Green Midrange

I played a little kid and as usual I couldn’t help but underestimate him much to my own demise. I lost Game 1 to his Segmented Krotiq as a Return to the Earth lay dead in my hand. This was when I sided out Return and added in Ambush Krotiq.

Game 2 he got mana screwed and I opened Ambush Krotiq and Battle Mastery. The lethal play was swinging for 18 with Krotiq after giving it Dromoka’s Gift. I didn’t take damage this game due to his mana screw.

Game 3 I was beaten down soundly in the early game. I was at 1 life by turn 7 and stayed there hoping to topdeck Resupply (my new guilty love in DTK). So my colossal misplay was giving my opponent lethal on me by casting Dromoka’s Gift on Great-Horn Krusok leaving myself open to flying damage. My opponent however startled by the sudden power boost however ended his turn giving me the chance to come back. That Krusok won me a game that I legitimately should’ve lost.

Ending Lifetotal: 1

Win 2-1

Round 3: Vs Ojutai

Game 1 my opponent played nothing bigger than 2 power leading me into a false sense of security. His only nasty cards were 2 copies of Ojutai’s Breath (both of which were blocked by my own 2 copies of Center Soul).  I barely sided assuming he was a beginner.

Game 2 though I got blown out by Illusory Gains. He used it to steal my Dromoka’s Gift boosted Krotiq and proceeded to trash me with it. His ending life was 31, I thought it was worth mentioning how much he gained from the card Student of Ojutai.

Game 3 was a flying showdown. On his end were Sandsteppe Outcast tokens, Palace Familiar and Abzan Skycaptain, all of which fought against my 2 copies of Dromoka Monument. All of which died, though the high point of the game was when he cast Channel Harm to kill my Segemented Krotiq only for it to get protected by Center Soul. I then made a big board of things and he surrendered.

Won 2-1


Despite getting nowhere near the top 3 I still got this Deathbringer Regent as a participation prize. Alongside it I have the MVPs of the night.

The store also had 1 Atarka DTK pre-release kit for sale, which I bought on impulse.


The Promo and new D20


The most relevant pull is a 2nd Dromoka, which going right into the casual G/W deck I’m building with my promo one. The 2nd is the Brutal Hordechief (giving me a playset of the guy). Overall, despite inner rage over my misplays I had a lot of fun and got some decent cards (The one ygo card pictured happened to arrive today so I felt like throwing him in). Thanks for reading, I’ll do an inventory of what decks I’m playing and what decks I own tomorrow.


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