Wixoss Trial Deck Opening: Black Crave +

I got home to today to find a package waiting for me (several actually), but only one package had this glorious wording on it:


I don’t know why this amused me so much, but it did. Moving on to the Black Crave deck.


This is my 3rd Wixoss deck, which is a Black/White deck with Iona as the LRIG. The deck seems to rely on forcing the opponent’s Signi to attack you (My best comparison is Yubel from Yugioh).

Alongside Iona came a bunch of Yugioh Cards.


Instead of buying any of the Yugioh Premium Gold 2 set, I bought the singles I wanted on tcg-trader. I got the Ununcu to finish my Infernoid deck despite abandoning it as my competitive deck.


I got the Iona deck only because it was $11 on Amazon (Free Shipping). That’s a good deal in my book especially for one of my show favorite characters in card form.

Time to see if she can outdo Hanayo and Eldora. Anyway, so for my next few posts I’m going to display my current card collection and the decks I’ve built. After that I want to start offering tips as a card enthusiast (junkie) to help you either start a trading card game, sell your miscellaneous cards or balance playing another card game. Thanks for dropping by!



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