Lucky idiot pulls the only expensive card in Primal Origins (Opening packs and not being punished? Impossible)

I visited my local comic store East Side Mags earlier to chat with the owner and inquire about the recent FNMs/Game Day (which I missed regrettably). While there I noticed 4 Primal Origin Yugioh packs left for sale and decided to buy them all. Yugioh had never sold very well since all that the store had ordered was 1 shipment of Primal (which I personally believe is one of the worst Yugioh core sets ever printed). Also remembering the recent price jump of Dragonlord Ojutai I decided to get 2 DTK packs as well (gottalivethedream).


I was trying to write a meaningful post for this, but I kept writing about something that had nothing to do with these packs/cards. Anyway as the title implies decent pulls were had.


Majesty’s Fiend is currently the most expensive card in Primal Origin at about $20-25. This card is very powerful and acts as one of the strongest floodgate cards in the current game.


While this card is face-up on the field, neither play can activate monster effects. This hurts A LOT of the Yugioh game, not just the meta, but the game itself (you don’t have to be a Yugioh player to understand why). Many decks in Yugioh rely on monster effects to advance their win condition and this card can very easily disrupt them all. As a collector and enthusiast I’m overjoyed to have pulled such a card. I’ll also give an honorable mention to Dragonlord Kolaghan who while not Ojutai is the same rarity as Ojutai and that’s just crazy enough by itself.

In summary, this is just a random blog post about a buying a few packs and pulling decent cards. The only relevance to it is that every pack of trading cards (bar tampering) could have the very cards that you’re looking for!

HOWEVER, I am not a promoter of ever buying loose packs and I’ll make a post about why I believe this in the near future (I started writing it during this post, but soon realized that I needed some help with it). This just happens to be one of the rare times when life tries to prove me wrong. In conclusion, do buy Dragons of Tarkir, don’t buy Primal Origin (though that’s another post by itself) and once in a blue moon gamble on a card pack. You knows you might just win.


Yugioh WSUP Box Opening (Pessimism and Low Expectations for the Win)


I had lost all my faith in World Superstars when Elder God Noden was not confirmed for the set. I fully expected him to become the new Brionac and break the Yugioh meta much to many players’ disdain. When the most expensive and meta cards in the set were revealed to be the Star Seraphs however, I regretted even pre-ordering the box.


So when I returned to find the box I yielded to the fact that it would be more fun to open the packs than sit on them in hopes of their price jumping. I thank my friends for supporting me in this as I had a great time with this set ultimately. Also special thanks to the seller for not only a great pre-order price, but also including a free Star Pack with the box.

The Pulls


A playset of Star Seraph Scepters and 1 Star Seraph Sovereignty were the most relevant pulls. It was a very good box both value and utility-wise.


I also pulled these Legendary Prize cards, which are up for auction on my eBay store at the time of this post. I don’t really care for them due to the “This card cannot be used in a duel” clause. Now I know this doesn’t actually mean anything, but it annoys me that they would print that on the card rather than just ban it (I also dislike Card of Last Will for the same reason).



I underestimated how much I’d enjoy getting this many older archetype support cards. They’ve really given new life to the Zexal era decks I had lying around.


The other cards with no home at the moment.


My guilty pleasure, I really love this card. I think it has amazing artwork and I really wish I could play it in Nekroz. Sadly any deck that runs this would probably be much better off without it. Still I give the art award to Spiritual Whisperer here.

So why does any of this matter?

I think there’s a reason  that this set’s price is not raising, (but rather dropping). The Star Seraphs are very potent cards that can be easily splashed into the current Yugioh meta. Other than them there is not much value in this set. All of the other support released is pretty much too little too late to become meta relevant.


If cards like Chromonaly Nebra Disk or Gagaga Sister can bring their own archetypes to a competitive level I would be pleasantly surprised. Sovereignty is the most expensive card in this set at about $20 at the time of this post. I predict that it will stay between $15-25 (Scepter between $8-$15). Furthermore, unless a rogue deck makes use of any of the miscellaneous support in the set seem competitive then nothing in this card pool will hold any sort of monetary value (you can check the card values here).

So the takeaway message is this is not a good set to invest in. Rather it should be brought primarily for collecting cards that the tcg has missed and for adding foils to your binder. That being said it’s hard to not enjoy going through an all foil set.


Thank you very much for reading.

Burying Cards in the Sand

Says will post on Fridays

Doesn’t post anything for over a week

All I can do as penance is upload some pictures of cards I buried in the sand during my recent vacation.


Yes let it be known that given the opportunity to visit to the beach I will sit around for an hour half-burying cards.


The good rank 4s


Something something lost signer dragon found on a beach


Sands = Dromoka Wastes clearly


I love this card, but truth be told it’s never brought me closer to winning


Clearly deserving to be left in sand.

You know in hindsight I do realize that this was both foolish and unnecessary, but I had no one to actually play with for a long time. I also hoped that some of the pictures would be cool. I think the only actual damage would be to the sleeves themselves, as I spent a long time knocking sand out of them afterward.

Anyway, I am not dead and will return to post sporadically about card games later this week. Thanks for dropping by.

Selector Infected Wixoss Set 4 Box Opening (The Lv 5 Iona Appears!)

As the long road of cardboard indulgence never ends, I ordered a box of Wixoss cards a few weeks ago.


My plan was to use this box to augment the Iona (Black Crave) deck I purchased recently. Also this box was on sale on Amazon at the time.

The Packs


I got really lucky with this box, opening as aforementioned the card on the front the packs (Iona, Ultima/Maiden).


Here are some pictures of the other cards I pulled.


New Iona cards


LRIG Cards


Another chunk of 1p cards that may someday have purpose if I ever go to Japan.


2 copies of Servant X (The Boss of all Servants)


It was a very good box. I’d recommend this set to anyone looking to upgrade their Iona deck. Also I may not get to post tomorrow night, but if I do it will be about what decks I’m playing in Yugioh/Magic at the moment. Thanks for dropping by!

Deck Inventory 2015 (Only Yugioh)

My goal was and still to some extent is to make a functioning Yugioh deck for every meaningful character in the currently 15-year running anime franchise. This is the current result of such a goal.


Nekroz  (My Competitive Deck)


Yosenju (Neo New Silvio)


Gem Knights (Masumi)

X-Sabers (Yaiba)

Constellars (Dipper)


Monarchs (Neo Silvio)

Melodius Divas (Zuzu)

Superheavy Samurai (Gong)

Performpals (Yuya)


Raidraptors (Waiting on that new support badly, Shay)


Mythic Dragon Rulers (Mizar)

Fluffals (Sora)

Hooves (Girag)


Blue Birds (Rio)

Sharks/Water Xyz (Shark)

Trains (Anna)

Photon Galaxy (Kite)


Plant Synchro (Akiza)

Blackwings (Crow)

Resonator Synchro (Jack Atlas)

Morphtronics (Leo)


Chronomaly (Trey)

Gimmick Puppets (Quattro)

Raccoons (Ponta)

Heraldic Beasts (Vetrix)






Inca Synchro (Rex Godwin)

Earthbound Immortals (Roman Godwin)

Psychic Tribal (Sayer)

Meklords (Aporia)


Chain Burn


Exodia (Adrian/Solomon)

Trap Xyz (Yuto)


Volcanics (Axel)

Cloudians (Adrian)

Rock Stun (Jim)

Crystal Beasts (Jesse)


Infernity (Kalin)

Reactors (Greiger)

Reptilianne (Misty)

Fortune Fillies (Carly)


Battlin’ Boxers (Alito)

Star Seraphs (Dumon)

Gorgonics (Vector)

Umbral Horror (Vector)


Armed Dragons (Chazz)

D-Heroes (Aster)

Red Eyes Dragons (Atticus)

Cydra (Zane)


Harpies (Mai)


Rescue Cat Synchro



Winged Dragon of Ra Burn (Marik)

Joey Wheeler Homage

VWXYZ Dragon Cannon (Chazz)

Blue Eyes White Dragon (Kaiba)


Destiny Board Fiends (Bakura)

Relinquished (Pegasus)

Exchange of the Spirits OTK (Ishizu)

Traps.Deck (Odion)


Amazons (Tania)

Insects Tribal (Weevil)

A Legendary Ocean Stall (Mako Tsunami)

Machine Tribal (Bandit Keith)


Synchrons (Yusei)

E-Heroes (Jaden)

Masked Heroes (Jaden)


Gagaga/ZW (Yuma)

Gogogo (Yuma)

Dark Magician (Yugi)


Stall Burn

Ancient Gears (Crowler)

Heal Burn



Super Defense Robots (Orbital 7)

Heroic Challengers (Nistro)

Butterspies (Dextra)

Armor Ninjas (Kaze)


Cyber Warriors (Alexis)

Vehicroids (Syrus)

Dinosaur Tribal (Hassleberry)

Geddons (Misawa)


Dark Worlds


Arcana Force (Sartorius)

Clear World (Fujiwara)


Six Samurai

Fire Kings

Machina Gadgets

Malicevorous Fiends (#96)

94 Yugioh decks and counting…


This ends my inventory series of posts. I am not a megalomaniac I swear. These decks are not competitive nor perfectly optimized. All, but a few of them are entirely casual. They use the thousands commons and junk rares that I’ve gained over the many years of collecting cards. I’ve come to realize after all of these posts that I really love deck-building, possibly with the shortcoming of being far too fickle and too prone to abandon one deck for another. Still I cannot deny that these various stacks of cards are my personal treasure as a card game enthusiast.


I’ll try to post weekly on Fridays from this point on (probably either advice posts, FNM summaries or whatever seems relevant at the time). Thanks for reading.

How to have like 20 Magic the Gathering decks in under a year (2015 deck brag post)

Continuing from the last inventory post, this post shows the Magic the Gathering decks I’ve built since my Senior year of High School.

Magic the Gathering


Commander Decks:

Vorel of the Hull Clade – This was my first EDH deck. During my Freshman year I was devoted to Simic (to the point of cosplaying as a Simic bio-engineer at one point). I tried to make the deck work during Ravnica block, but I never got it consistent enough for standard. When I learned about EDH I found a home for all of my beloved Simic cards. However, I quit using the deck when I grew tired of my huge creatures just getting boardwiped before they could attack.

Daretti, Scrap Savant – So I once thought an EDH tournament was going to happen so I built what I thought at the time was a “legit” EDH deck. To make a long story very short the EDH tournament became an M15 draft and I blew like $60 in vain. I only keep this deck because the thought of forming a Platinum Angel lock is a strong drug.

Progenitus (Super Friends) – My Actual EDH deck and the only one I ever tend to play. As I’ve mentioned all this deck does is wipe the board and play planeswalkers.


Standard (Khans Cycle)

Essentially I built a deck for each of my Pre-Release Promos (That’s still no excuse to run Sultai Ascendancy mind you, but I digress).

Sultai Whip – When Khans of Tarkir came out I tried to build a Sidisi, Brood Tyrant Commander deck. However, I didn’t build the deck optimally enough and it never got close to winning. I downgraded it into a Standard deck with 1 of pretty much every expensive card (Sidisi, Whip, etc.). This left me with a deck I used to affectionately call “singletin” Sidisi. I was going to make this my standard deck after the PPTQ, but I wandered back to Mono-Red and ultimately left this deck behind.

Mardu Flavor – My favorite card in Fate Reforged is Brutal Hordechief. At the pre-release for the set I actually opened 2 copies of him (one of which was my promo card!). I tried to build a deck for him, but it would up as a simple deck to hold all my Mardu cards. I think the card is insanely powerful, but I never figured out a good way to abuse him.

Dromoka Flavor – I jumped ship again with Dragons of Tarkir due to a love of Arashin Sovereign (The closest thing to Exodia in Limited). After pulling both a Dromoka and a Soveriegn as promos, I built a deck with my remaining DTK commons/uncommons to house them.


Almost all of my Mono-Red Decks

RDW – This was my first Magic deck, given to me by a close friend back in High School. I never took it part and just throw in more red staples in as they left standard.

Defender Burn – An untested Legacy deck I made with the left over M15, Theros and Conspiracy Defenders.

Standard Mono-Red – My actual standard deck.

Theros Flavor Mono-Red – I literally just didn’t want Akroan Crusader to rot in a spare card pile. I love him too much for that. This deck is just all of the red cards from Theros.


My Modern Green Devotion Deck, which was a modification of the first deck I built when starting Magic (Green Ramp). This deck is a pile of Elves that can at best drop Polukranos on turn 3. My goal was to combo Khalni Hydra with Aspect of Hydra to swing for big damage thanks to his 8 devotion. This has never happened sadly, but a man can dream.


A shocking number of Standard/Legacy/Modern decks

Mono-Black Dark Ritual – I made this when I bought 4 Dark Rituals from the $1 Rare box years ago and thought it was broken.

Talrand Mono-Blue – The deck I brought to my first Magic tournament. This is pretty much where all my counter-spells went. My amazing plan was combine Talrand, Sky Summoner with counters/bounce spells to create 2/2 drakes to attack with. I went 1-3 at that tournament, beating only a UG combo deck piloted by an 8th grader (that being said with Thragtusk and Geist of Saint Traft as enemies I look back and wonder how I didn’t do worse).

Golgari Self-Mill – During Theros block I saw Nemesis of Mortals and thought it was an amazing card. I then went through way to much trouble to get copies of Grisly Salvage for this deck.

Unexpected Results UG – I had one goal that semester in Magic and that was to drop Worldspine Wurm off of Unexpected Results. After about 2 months of play I managed this feat and then pretty much abandoned the deck

Exalted B/W – My 2nd Magic deck which is just the 2013 starter deck tweaked with more enchantments.

Living Lands Mono-Green – Unlike Dark Ritual it wasn’t that I thought Living Lands was good, but rather that I thought it was hilarious. After getting a playset from another $1 magic rare box (I think your seeing a theme here) I built a ramp deck with the goal of Overrunning my opponent with Forests (and yes I was blown out by Mizzium Mortars more than once).

Izzet Burn – A guy I knew in High School upon learning I played Magic, drove to my house and gave me an Easter egg holding all of his cards (I know that sounds pretty far-fetched, but it actually happened!). This deck was essentially fully packed in that Easter Egg so I edited it slightly before putting it aside.

Near Death Experience B/W – Another reason why the $1 Magic rare box will be the death of me. I fell in love with this alternate win-condition card and built the best deck I could around it. Sadly there was always a burn user in play group to ruin my actual winning and that everyone figured out how to play around it very fast.

Tri-Color Mill UBG – The same friend who brought me into Magic was trying to build a Tri-Color mill deck. I don’t know if he ever finished it, but I build my own as a homage to his idea. This was the 2nd deck I built after making the aforementioned Green Ramp deck. This is pure unsupported opinion right here, but I feel like Yugioh players entering Magic would be drawn to mill as it’s not an option in competitive Yugioh and hasn’t been in ages (if you try to mill your opponent in modern Yugioh they will probably thank you if they haven’t died laughing at the first sight of your Needle Worm).

Tokens B/W – This is just a tweaked version of the Sorin deck from the Sorin vs Tibalt duel deck. I added the M15 Triplicate Spirits to it (since that card did nothing in drafting that cycle hahahaha… I wish…).

Mono-Green Fight – I had this idea to force fights with Deathtouch creatures using the card Ulvenwald Tracker. That idea became this deck which I can only recall ever using against 2 friends who I had just taught magic (one playing esper control the other playing G/W tokens). A marvelously bad fanfic of the game was made during that match and I never used the deck again.

B/W Burn – Pretty much I made a Black Devotion based around another card that totally did nothing in draft, Gray Merchant of Asmodel. Yep, definitely not a game-changing (stealing) bomb or anything…

Ensoul Ornithopter U/W – I want to know the madman at Wizards of the Coast who green-lighted the release of a 0 Mana-Cost Flying Artifact and a card that makes any artifact into a 5/5 creature in the same set. A 5/5 flyer on turn 2 is totally fair. Yeah I made that deck in an attempt to live the dream. It’s a messed up deck if it opens both cards on curb, otherwise it was too tame to play.

Gruul Aggro – I tried to make Gruul EDH at some point with Radha, Heir to Keld, then with Ruric Thar, Unbowed. However, my playstyle in EDH is control, not aggro so I abandoned the whole idea. I then used the scraps to build this deck (big surprise).

Mono-Red Tibalt – The only planeswalker you can have 5 of and still not care. Just a tweaked version of the Tibalt dual deck with a bunch more Unearth cards to mitigate Tibalt’s randomness.

5-Color Dredge – Ok I have no idea what lead me to build this deck, but I made pretty much it was about bestowing a Chromanticore on a Troll Ascetic. It’s not bad in context, but I never got it to work.

Gorgon Tribal – During Theros block I used even more dredge cards to make a G/B deck for all of the Gorgon creatures I could find. The deck’s headliner was Hythonia the Cruel, with the plan of using her Monstrous effect to boardwipe all the non-gorgons then attack for game. It was fun, but without the Whip of Erebos it really didn’t work.

Minotaur Tribal – This used to be my standard deck. During Theros I tried desperately to make a competitive Minotaur deck, though this mostly spawned from opening a lot of foil Minotaur cards. Sadly I could never recover from the much beloved Supreme Verdict that was also in standard at the time. Though anytime Kragma Warcaller came down turn 4 I tended to win right then.


I took this deck to a tournament at Zenkaicon a while back and went 3-2 (Best accomplishment I ever had with it). Other than that I played it religiously until the summer I started EDH and then it fell by the wayside.

Door to Nothingness – Progenitus is my favorite creature in Magic, but Door to Nothingness is without a doubt my favorite card. Pretty much I made this deck as my go to casual deck with the simple goal of getting an active Door out every game.


I loved this deck, but (party due to my own actions) EDH took over my campus Magic community. Eventually no one played casual Legacy and I had no further use for this deck.

And that’s the story of how I came to have 31 Magic the Gathering decks (counting the un-pictured “Tiny Leaders” deck I made post StarCity). I would be taken aback if I wasn’t certain I had more Yugioh decks than this, though that will have to wait for another time. Thanks for reading.

Deck Inventory 2015 (Everything, but Magic the Gathering and Yugioh)

Imagine first of all that you’ve been buying trading cards since High School, and that while doing so you abandoned video games, vacations or any other thing a normal youth spends their money on. Secondly, imagine you have a penchant to build decks and then get bored of them rather quickly. However, after getting tired of your deck rather than take it apart you just leave it in a box (or my case a tin) for a few years. Well I have pretty much have done this my entire young life and now I decided to look back and see just how many decks I’ve come to have.


That’s a lot of cards. I really never stopped to see just how many decks were gathering dust in these Yugioh tins.


I don’t mean to sound disingenuous here as I actually do have a fondness for every deck I’ve built (except for maybe the Gruul deck, because I hate the Gruul…). Anyway, the rest of this post will be how I came to build/acquire all of these decks.



Royal Paladin (Seeker) – I was given a Royal Paladin deck by one of my closest friends after she returned from Japan. I then bought and combined it with an English copy of the same deck. I have no idea if in doing I made the deck any better as I’ve still never played it. This is main and only Vanguard deck.

Weiss Schwarz


Madoka – Some of the worst decisions for one’s wallet are made in the anime convention dealer’s room. Mine was getting all of my friends to buy a Weiss Schwarz deck with me. Madoka is my second favorite anime ever so when I saw the deck I caved despite not knowing anything about the game. 2 months later I can safely say I love the deck and that my only regret is not having any foils cards for it.



Mental Power – I spent my whole middle school life getting destroyed in Naruto. After failing to make a Kiba-based mill deck work I traded my entire deck for the basic pieces to build a Mental Power deck. This deck was ironically finished only after a $20 purchase of 2 cards from my school’s resident top player/dealer right as the school year ended. I then left the deck in a box (not even a tin) and gave away the rest of my cards.

Tenten Turbo – After randomly getting back into Naruto thanks the same friend I gradually got bored of my consistent mental power deck and tried building another deck. This very wimpy 1010 deck was the result. Why Tenten? Because of all the characters in Naruto, she got a pretty awful deal. She was never relevant, her man died and didn’t get brought back (R.I.P. Neji) and she didn’t even get married in the end. My condolences was building a deck in her honor. Sadly just like her, it kind of sucked.



Fossils – This Aerodactyl has an absurd ability that messes up the basic  mechanics of the Pkm card game (it negates evolution, which doesn’t make any sense actually). I couldn’t help, but build a deck around it.

Kingdra Ex – This Kingdra Ex was the only card I ever remember opening in a Pokemon card pack as a kid. I’ve tried to have a deck built for it ever since.

Beedrill – Beedrill is one of my favorite Pokemon. When I tried getting back into Pokemon last year I tried to make the best Beedrill deck I could with my cards from the late 90s. I was then soundly thrashed by a friend who had just opened her first starter deck. I’ve been slowly upgrading my Beedrill deck since then and while it’s not legal in any format that I know of beyond casual it’s my favorite and main Pkm deck.



Rainbow Dash Swift – This was my first starter deck which was bought for me by a friend. I made some minor tweaks, but its still maintained the basic RD go really fast mindset.

Fluttershy Caretaker – Another modified starter deck this time based on Fluttershy’s ability to get absurdly strong when teamed with her critter minions.

Applejack Stubborn – Somehow Applejack has all of the Hand/Deck disruption. Neither of which is very honest, but nonetheless I threw all of her cards into this deck.

Luna Studious – This was a Twilight Sparkle deck until Princess Luna came along and did everything a lot better.

Maud Pie (Dredge) – Yet another tweaked starter deck, I only remember putting a lot of different card types in to fuel Maud Pie’s effect.

DJ Pon3 (Control) – I tried really hard to put all of the elements of a Magic the Gathering Control deck into MLP. Pink/Purple had a myriad of Draw/Dismissal cards (kill spells) to abuse however, I only ended up playing this deck once so I’m not sure if I got it right.

Rarity (Equipment) – RARITY IS BEST PONY. Ok now that that is out of my system, this was a deck I threw together with cards from the other starter decks and a few booster packs (mostly just Rarity and a pile of hats to be honest). While Rarity is my favorite pony I don’t think the deck ever worked if I didn’t open the right hat.



Hanayo (Red Aggro) – The series 1 Red Ambition deck tweaked with cards from 2 box openings. It plays like Mono-Red in Magic, burn your opponent’s creatures and attack directly in the first few turns (loses badly in the late game though).

Eldora (Blue Combo) – The series 2 Blue Request Deck tweaked with the same resources as Hanayo was. I’ve never won a legitimate game with this deck, though it’s still the most interesting deck I’ve ever played in any card game.

Iona (B/W Midrange) – The Black Crave deck unedited from the box.

I started doing this for the Magic the Gathering decks and the word count got distressingly long so I’ll leave that for another day. Thanks for dropping by, 17 decks and counting!

Star City Games Standard Open Event Summary


So I went to the Star City Games Standard Open earlier today. It was a wild road that started at 4 AM and took a 3 hour car ride. I carpooled with 2 friends who also were entering the event. Of course I played Mono-Red Aggro, though my build was more or less thrown together in the car on the way there.

My Deck


I played a Dash build with 3 borrowed Lightning Berserkers (not pictured). The deck was fun, but there was a lot of obvious shortcomings that really hammered me in the rounds.

My Side Deck


My sideboard was geared more toward the Jeskai Match-up (as I have a healthy fear of Monastery Mentor). However, the MVP of my side was Searing Blood.


I resolved this spell once all day, but given the match-ups I had I was wishing for it almost every game. Anyway, before I pass out I’ll discuss my match-ups, what I’ve learned and how I’ll move forward.

My Match-Ups

Round 1: Mono Red Mirror

The Mono-Red Mirror is very fast and very messy. My opponent was a nice guy playing a far more diverse (albeit bizarre) red deck than mine. He was running Goblin Rabblemaster, but he fell to my Wild Slash consistently. However, he beat me Game 1 after I got him to 1 life. Game 2 he used the Khans effect of Outpost Siege to out advantage me (I should also note he hit me for 7 damage with Mob Rule). Anyway, I lost to him in 2 very neck and neck games.

Lose 0-2

Round 2: Vs UB Control

My opponent had the name as my round 1 opponent, however he was playing the exact opposite deck. I wish I could describe his build more, but I 2-0’ed him before he could drop whatever his control finisher was. I saw alot of cards like Anticipate, Negate and of course Dissolve though.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Esper Control

This guy seemed really nice granted he was playing Esper Control, which I thought was a match-up in my favor until he dropped Dragonlord Ojutai against me on curb (turn 5). Ojutai then proceeded to beat me single-handed. So my sideboard seemed pretty prepared for this.


I boarded in all 4 Rending Volleys for this match-up. I thought and still think this card is an amazing sideboard option. Essentially, my thought process was to use it to kill Ojutai after he attacked me with it. However, that was when he brought out Silumgar, the Drifting Death against me. Now I actually did beat him despite Silumgar showing up. I burned him out Game 2, but ended up losing Game 3 when he attacked with Ojutai after dropping Silumgar (and killing all my tokens in the process).

Lose 1-2

Round 4: Vs Jeskai Tokens

Ok so this is first game that made me want to board additional Searing Bloods (and maybe also Scouring Sands). My opponent kept playing Hordeling Outburst, but I still reduced his life to 1 relatively quickly. He tried to use Seeker of the Way to heal himself, but what gave me the game were my main boarded Impact Tremors. Game 2 I opened into 2 Impact Tremors on curb before dropping Dragon Fodder to burn for 4 damage. I closed out the game soon after that.

Win 2-0


This got me thinking about the above 4 cards (which I lovingly referred as the “cute techs”). I only cast each in 1-2 games apiece today and I boarded out Break Through the Line and Outpost Siege literally every game. Impact Tremors put in work Round 3, but failed against the 4 turn Ojutai clock. It won me Round 4 almost by itself, but I dead-drew it late into Round 5. I won Game 1 of Round 5 using Outpost Siege and Break Through the Line appeared and failed only once during Round 1. Now I understand that including these cards at such a low ratio is why I didn’t open them frequently. The real issue is I’m not sure if I should add more or less of them. Outpost Siege and Impact Tremors were very good, but dead drawing them or not being able to cast them really hurt. Anyways, let’s wind this up.

Round 5: Vs Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

If I just had some more Searing Bloods, I think I could’ve held my own against this guy. As I said I took Game 1 with Outpost Siege. I boarded out my own hordeling outbursts Game 2 and lost after getting him down to 5. I did kill each and every one his Soulfire Grandmasters before he could resolve them though (one of which was killed by Searing Blood). I lost Game 3 when performed an amazing combo with his Jeskai Ascendancy (hitting me for 18 total in 1 turn).

By this point my friends were all also X-3 so we all dropped and left earlier.


So I’m going to keep working with Red. I’m not sure how many copies of each enchantment will stay in at this point (if at all), but that’s a matter to figure out through play-testing. All in all it wasn’t a bad day though 6 hours of driving to spend a decent amount just to lose at Magic is probably something I won’t due again until I’m confident in my build (i.e. crack and I finish my Rabblemaster playset).

Also this pile of cards is why I should never be allowed near the $1 Magc bulk rare box. It never ends well. Though I am taking a new plunge and making a Tiny Leaders deck using Jaya Ballard, Task Mage as Commander. Why? Because I’ll never have enough Red in my life. Thanks for reading.


My Crazy Adventure Pre-Adventure Post

I apologize for not posting this week! I was legitimately organizing my decks for an inventory post of sorts ever since Monday. However, I just got invited by a friend (the same friend) to the Star City Games Open Series tomorrow in Syracuse NY. Living by the motto of Wynaut I’m heading out.

So my deck is Mono-Red Agrro, however I’m missing a few cards that I ordered which didn’t arrive in time (See Lightning Berserker).

This was my ideal build (or just theorized build) here.


The goal is to use Break Through the Line to let Dash Creatures like Berserker attack the opponent directly. By combining that with both Impact Tremors and Outpost Siege you can also burn your opponent whenever your creatures enter the battlefield or return to the hand. However, with my limited amount of Dash (I’m borrowing 3 Berserkers) I’m planning to main a few more burn spells (Time to Roast some Siege Rhinos!). I haven’t gotten much testing in admittedly since I edited the deck (also my ideal deck runs cards like Titan’s Strength which I’ve cut from fear of losing 2 cards to Ultimate Price). I’m currently telling myself that I’ll draft and enter side events to avoid getting crushed in the main event.

I’m sure I will return to post about this event a very tired and very defeated man. However, I can’t deny that I’m pretty excited. I’ll try to post maybe 2-3 times a week from now on! Thanks for reading!