My Crazy Adventure Pre-Adventure Post

I apologize for not posting this week! I was legitimately organizing my decks for an inventory post of sorts ever since Monday. However, I just got invited by a friend (the same friend) to the Star City Games Open Series tomorrow in Syracuse NY. Living by the motto of Wynaut I’m heading out.

So my deck is Mono-Red Agrro, however I’m missing a few cards that I ordered which didn’t arrive in time (See Lightning Berserker).

This was my ideal build (or just theorized build) here.


The goal is to use Break Through the Line to let Dash Creatures like Berserker attack the opponent directly. By combining that with both Impact Tremors and Outpost Siege you can also burn your opponent whenever your creatures enter the battlefield or return to the hand. However, with my limited amount of Dash (I’m borrowing 3 Berserkers) I’m planning to main a few more burn spells (Time to Roast some Siege Rhinos!). I haven’t gotten much testing in admittedly since I edited the deck (also my ideal deck runs cards like Titan’s Strength which I’ve cut from fear of losing 2 cards to Ultimate Price). I’m currently telling myself that I’ll draft and enter side events to avoid getting crushed in the main event.

I’m sure I will return to post about this event a very tired and very defeated man. However, I can’t deny that I’m pretty excited. I’ll try to post maybe 2-3 times a week from now on! Thanks for reading!


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