How to have like 20 Magic the Gathering decks in under a year (2015 deck brag post)

Continuing from the last inventory post, this post shows the Magic the Gathering decks I’ve built since my Senior year of High School.

Magic the Gathering


Commander Decks:

Vorel of the Hull Clade – This was my first EDH deck. During my Freshman year I was devoted to Simic (to the point of cosplaying as a Simic bio-engineer at one point). I tried to make the deck work during Ravnica block, but I never got it consistent enough for standard. When I learned about EDH I found a home for all of my beloved Simic cards. However, I quit using the deck when I grew tired of my huge creatures just getting boardwiped before they could attack.

Daretti, Scrap Savant – So I once thought an EDH tournament was going to happen so I built what I thought at the time was a “legit” EDH deck. To make a long story very short the EDH tournament became an M15 draft and I blew like $60 in vain. I only keep this deck because the thought of forming a Platinum Angel lock is a strong drug.

Progenitus (Super Friends) – My Actual EDH deck and the only one I ever tend to play. As I’ve mentioned all this deck does is wipe the board and play planeswalkers.


Standard (Khans Cycle)

Essentially I built a deck for each of my Pre-Release Promos (That’s still no excuse to run Sultai Ascendancy mind you, but I digress).

Sultai Whip – When Khans of Tarkir came out I tried to build a Sidisi, Brood Tyrant Commander deck. However, I didn’t build the deck optimally enough and it never got close to winning. I downgraded it into a Standard deck with 1 of pretty much every expensive card (Sidisi, Whip, etc.). This left me with a deck I used to affectionately call “singletin” Sidisi. I was going to make this my standard deck after the PPTQ, but I wandered back to Mono-Red and ultimately left this deck behind.

Mardu Flavor – My favorite card in Fate Reforged is Brutal Hordechief. At the pre-release for the set I actually opened 2 copies of him (one of which was my promo card!). I tried to build a deck for him, but it would up as a simple deck to hold all my Mardu cards. I think the card is insanely powerful, but I never figured out a good way to abuse him.

Dromoka Flavor – I jumped ship again with Dragons of Tarkir due to a love of Arashin Sovereign (The closest thing to Exodia in Limited). After pulling both a Dromoka and a Soveriegn as promos, I built a deck with my remaining DTK commons/uncommons to house them.


Almost all of my Mono-Red Decks

RDW – This was my first Magic deck, given to me by a close friend back in High School. I never took it part and just throw in more red staples in as they left standard.

Defender Burn – An untested Legacy deck I made with the left over M15, Theros and Conspiracy Defenders.

Standard Mono-Red – My actual standard deck.

Theros Flavor Mono-Red – I literally just didn’t want Akroan Crusader to rot in a spare card pile. I love him too much for that. This deck is just all of the red cards from Theros.


My Modern Green Devotion Deck, which was a modification of the first deck I built when starting Magic (Green Ramp). This deck is a pile of Elves that can at best drop Polukranos on turn 3. My goal was to combo Khalni Hydra with Aspect of Hydra to swing for big damage thanks to his 8 devotion. This has never happened sadly, but a man can dream.


A shocking number of Standard/Legacy/Modern decks

Mono-Black Dark Ritual – I made this when I bought 4 Dark Rituals from the $1 Rare box years ago and thought it was broken.

Talrand Mono-Blue – The deck I brought to my first Magic tournament. This is pretty much where all my counter-spells went. My amazing plan was combine Talrand, Sky Summoner with counters/bounce spells to create 2/2 drakes to attack with. I went 1-3 at that tournament, beating only a UG combo deck piloted by an 8th grader (that being said with Thragtusk and Geist of Saint Traft as enemies I look back and wonder how I didn’t do worse).

Golgari Self-Mill – During Theros block I saw Nemesis of Mortals and thought it was an amazing card. I then went through way to much trouble to get copies of Grisly Salvage for this deck.

Unexpected Results UG – I had one goal that semester in Magic and that was to drop Worldspine Wurm off of Unexpected Results. After about 2 months of play I managed this feat and then pretty much abandoned the deck

Exalted B/W – My 2nd Magic deck which is just the 2013 starter deck tweaked with more enchantments.

Living Lands Mono-Green – Unlike Dark Ritual it wasn’t that I thought Living Lands was good, but rather that I thought it was hilarious. After getting a playset from another $1 magic rare box (I think your seeing a theme here) I built a ramp deck with the goal of Overrunning my opponent with Forests (and yes I was blown out by Mizzium Mortars more than once).

Izzet Burn – A guy I knew in High School upon learning I played Magic, drove to my house and gave me an Easter egg holding all of his cards (I know that sounds pretty far-fetched, but it actually happened!). This deck was essentially fully packed in that Easter Egg so I edited it slightly before putting it aside.

Near Death Experience B/W – Another reason why the $1 Magic rare box will be the death of me. I fell in love with this alternate win-condition card and built the best deck I could around it. Sadly there was always a burn user in play group to ruin my actual winning and that everyone figured out how to play around it very fast.

Tri-Color Mill UBG – The same friend who brought me into Magic was trying to build a Tri-Color mill deck. I don’t know if he ever finished it, but I build my own as a homage to his idea. This was the 2nd deck I built after making the aforementioned Green Ramp deck. This is pure unsupported opinion right here, but I feel like Yugioh players entering Magic would be drawn to mill as it’s not an option in competitive Yugioh and hasn’t been in ages (if you try to mill your opponent in modern Yugioh they will probably thank you if they haven’t died laughing at the first sight of your Needle Worm).

Tokens B/W – This is just a tweaked version of the Sorin deck from the Sorin vs Tibalt duel deck. I added the M15 Triplicate Spirits to it (since that card did nothing in drafting that cycle hahahaha… I wish…).

Mono-Green Fight – I had this idea to force fights with Deathtouch creatures using the card Ulvenwald Tracker. That idea became this deck which I can only recall ever using against 2 friends who I had just taught magic (one playing esper control the other playing G/W tokens). A marvelously bad fanfic of the game was made during that match and I never used the deck again.

B/W Burn – Pretty much I made a Black Devotion based around another card that totally did nothing in draft, Gray Merchant of Asmodel. Yep, definitely not a game-changing (stealing) bomb or anything…

Ensoul Ornithopter U/W – I want to know the madman at Wizards of the Coast who green-lighted the release of a 0 Mana-Cost Flying Artifact and a card that makes any artifact into a 5/5 creature in the same set. A 5/5 flyer on turn 2 is totally fair. Yeah I made that deck in an attempt to live the dream. It’s a messed up deck if it opens both cards on curb, otherwise it was too tame to play.

Gruul Aggro – I tried to make Gruul EDH at some point with Radha, Heir to Keld, then with Ruric Thar, Unbowed. However, my playstyle in EDH is control, not aggro so I abandoned the whole idea. I then used the scraps to build this deck (big surprise).

Mono-Red Tibalt – The only planeswalker you can have 5 of and still not care. Just a tweaked version of the Tibalt dual deck with a bunch more Unearth cards to mitigate Tibalt’s randomness.

5-Color Dredge – Ok I have no idea what lead me to build this deck, but I made pretty much it was about bestowing a Chromanticore on a Troll Ascetic. It’s not bad in context, but I never got it to work.

Gorgon Tribal – During Theros block I used even more dredge cards to make a G/B deck for all of the Gorgon creatures I could find. The deck’s headliner was Hythonia the Cruel, with the plan of using her Monstrous effect to boardwipe all the non-gorgons then attack for game. It was fun, but without the Whip of Erebos it really didn’t work.

Minotaur Tribal – This used to be my standard deck. During Theros I tried desperately to make a competitive Minotaur deck, though this mostly spawned from opening a lot of foil Minotaur cards. Sadly I could never recover from the much beloved Supreme Verdict that was also in standard at the time. Though anytime Kragma Warcaller came down turn 4 I tended to win right then.


I took this deck to a tournament at Zenkaicon a while back and went 3-2 (Best accomplishment I ever had with it). Other than that I played it religiously until the summer I started EDH and then it fell by the wayside.

Door to Nothingness – Progenitus is my favorite creature in Magic, but Door to Nothingness is without a doubt my favorite card. Pretty much I made this deck as my go to casual deck with the simple goal of getting an active Door out every game.


I loved this deck, but (party due to my own actions) EDH took over my campus Magic community. Eventually no one played casual Legacy and I had no further use for this deck.

And that’s the story of how I came to have 31 Magic the Gathering decks (counting the un-pictured “Tiny Leaders” deck I made post StarCity). I would be taken aback if I wasn’t certain I had more Yugioh decks than this, though that will have to wait for another time. Thanks for reading.


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