Selector Infected Wixoss Set 4 Box Opening (The Lv 5 Iona Appears!)

As the long road of cardboard indulgence never ends, I ordered a box of Wixoss cards a few weeks ago.


My plan was to use this box to augment the Iona (Black Crave) deck I purchased recently. Also this box was on sale on Amazon at the time.

The Packs


I got really lucky with this box, opening as aforementioned the card on the front the packs (Iona, Ultima/Maiden).


Here are some pictures of the other cards I pulled.


New Iona cards


LRIG Cards


Another chunk of 1p cards that may someday have purpose if I ever go to Japan.


2 copies of Servant X (The Boss of all Servants)


It was a very good box. I’d recommend this set to anyone looking to upgrade their Iona deck. Also I may not get to post tomorrow night, but if I do it will be about what decks I’m playing in Yugioh/Magic at the moment. Thanks for dropping by!


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