Burying Cards in the Sand

Says will post on Fridays

Doesn’t post anything for over a week

All I can do as penance is upload some pictures of cards I buried in the sand during my recent vacation.


Yes let it be known that given the opportunity to visit to the beach I will sit around for an hour half-burying cards.


The good rank 4s


Something something lost signer dragon found on a beach


Sands = Dromoka Wastes clearly


I love this card, but truth be told it’s never brought me closer to winning


Clearly deserving to be left in sand.

You know in hindsight I do realize that this was both foolish and unnecessary, but I had no one to actually play with for a long time. I also hoped that some of the pictures would be cool. I think the only actual damage would be to the sleeves themselves, as I spent a long time knocking sand out of them afterward.

Anyway, I am not dead and will return to post sporadically about card games later this week. Thanks for dropping by.


One thought on “Burying Cards in the Sand

  1. I relate to this post as a statement about the experience of life. Up front you present yourself as having disappointed your audience as you perceive them, but undeterred you continue with your inane ramblings. Faced with a commonly-enjoyed pastime which you yourself cannot bring yourself to engage in as hoped, you partake in this senseless activity to distract yourself from your inner thoughts. And indeed it is relieving, but ultimately purposeless. The heat batters you from every side of your body and the distinction between the release from your thoughts and the release from your sensations is simultaneously consciously and unconsciously apparent. You soon don’t have the energy to return fully to your own mind, and must continue on fulfilling only your short-sighted desires to continue to make this statement to yourself about the futility of being. Only later on, once the world beyond the beach becomes real to you again, will you find that objectively your actions have advanced nothing in your life, but at the deepest level of your being you can’t begrudge yourself those benumbing hours.


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