Yugioh WSUP Box Opening (Pessimism and Low Expectations for the Win)


I had lost all my faith in World Superstars when Elder God Noden was not confirmed for the set. I fully expected him to become the new Brionac and break the Yugioh meta much to many players’ disdain. When the most expensive and meta cards in the set were revealed to be the Star Seraphs however, I regretted even pre-ordering the box.


So when I returned to find the box I yielded to the fact that it would be more fun to open the packs than sit on them in hopes of their price jumping. I thank my friends for supporting me in this as I had a great time with this set ultimately. Also special thanks to the seller for not only a great pre-order price, but also including a free Star Pack with the box.

The Pulls


A playset of Star Seraph Scepters and 1 Star Seraph Sovereignty were the most relevant pulls. It was a very good box both value and utility-wise.


I also pulled these Legendary Prize cards, which are up for auction on my eBay store at the time of this post. I don’t really care for them due to the “This card cannot be used in a duel” clause. Now I know this doesn’t actually mean anything, but it annoys me that they would print that on the card rather than just ban it (I also dislike Card of Last Will for the same reason).



I underestimated how much I’d enjoy getting this many older archetype support cards. They’ve really given new life to the Zexal era decks I had lying around.


The other cards with no home at the moment.


My guilty pleasure, I really love this card. I think it has amazing artwork and I really wish I could play it in Nekroz. Sadly any deck that runs this would probably be much better off without it. Still I give the art award to Spiritual Whisperer here.

So why does any of this matter?

I think there’s a reason  that this set’s price is not raising, (but rather dropping). The Star Seraphs are very potent cards that can be easily splashed into the current Yugioh meta. Other than them there is not much value in this set. All of the other support released is pretty much too little too late to become meta relevant.


If cards like Chromonaly Nebra Disk or Gagaga Sister can bring their own archetypes to a competitive level I would be pleasantly surprised. Sovereignty is the most expensive card in this set at about $20 at the time of this post. I predict that it will stay between $15-25 (Scepter between $8-$15). Furthermore, unless a rogue deck makes use of any of the miscellaneous support in the set seem competitive then nothing in this card pool will hold any sort of monetary value (you can check the card values here).

So the takeaway message is this is not a good set to invest in. Rather it should be brought primarily for collecting cards that the tcg has missed and for adding foils to your binder. That being said it’s hard to not enjoy going through an all foil set.


Thank you very much for reading.


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