Lucky idiot pulls the only expensive card in Primal Origins (Opening packs and not being punished? Impossible)

I visited my local comic store East Side Mags earlier to chat with the owner and inquire about the recent FNMs/Game Day (which I missed regrettably). While there I noticed 4 Primal Origin Yugioh packs left for sale and decided to buy them all. Yugioh had never sold very well since all that the store had ordered was 1 shipment of Primal (which I personally believe is one of the worst Yugioh core sets ever printed). Also remembering the recent price jump of Dragonlord Ojutai I decided to get 2 DTK packs as well (gottalivethedream).


I was trying to write a meaningful post for this, but I kept writing about something that had nothing to do with these packs/cards. Anyway as the title implies decent pulls were had.


Majesty’s Fiend is currently the most expensive card in Primal Origin at about $20-25. This card is very powerful and acts as one of the strongest floodgate cards in the current game.


While this card is face-up on the field, neither play can activate monster effects. This hurts A LOT of the Yugioh game, not just the meta, but the game itself (you don’t have to be a Yugioh player to understand why). Many decks in Yugioh rely on monster effects to advance their win condition and this card can very easily disrupt them all. As a collector and enthusiast I’m overjoyed to have pulled such a card. I’ll also give an honorable mention to Dragonlord Kolaghan who while not Ojutai is the same rarity as Ojutai and that’s just crazy enough by itself.

In summary, this is just a random blog post about a buying a few packs and pulling decent cards. The only relevance to it is that every pack of trading cards (bar tampering) could have the very cards that you’re looking for!

HOWEVER, I am not a promoter of ever buying loose packs and I’ll make a post about why I believe this in the near future (I started writing it during this post, but soon realized that I needed some help with it). This just happens to be one of the rare times when life tries to prove me wrong. In conclusion, do buy Dragons of Tarkir, don’t buy Primal Origin (though that’s another post by itself) and once in a blue moon gamble on a card pack. You knows you might just win.



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