Cranial Plating is fair and balanced, it definitely doesn’t kill people (Magic the Gathering Draft)

I haven’t posted very much lately since I’ve been busy with moving. Today though, I just got back from my new/old locals (Redcap’s Corner in Philadelphia) after attending their Modern Masters 2 draft. I had a blast playing the new set. I didn’t open, see or hear of the elusive $140 Tarmogoyf, but I did get to appreciate a myriad of absurd cards.

The Draft Process:

I knew the basics of each draft archetype (I skimmed this article here) , but I didn’t remember the key cards in each while picking my cards.

My Picks in Order:

Pack 1 Pick 1: Indomitable Archangel

Pack 2 Pick 1: Mana Leak

Pack 3 Pick 1: Court Homunculus


Rationales: The archangel made me immediately want to draft Metalcraft. However as I went through I kept taking artifacts and blue support cards slowly (one such card was Thoughtcast) eventually building UW Artifacts. My pack 2 and 3 rares were both Horde of Notions. I happily took commons over each 5-color elemental.

My Deck:


I was running UW Artifact/Metacraft/Affinity. My MVP was Cranial Plating which I was passed 2nd pick pack 2. This card combined with a decent enough chunk of artifacts proved simple, effective and powerful. Anyway, in addition the pictured cards I ran 9 Plains and 7 Islands. Now on to the match-ups!


Round 1: Vs Temur Ramp

My round 1 opponent was the guy sitting next to me (who passed me the plating). My initial thought was that he would be playing Elementals, but he was actually just ramping into Pelakka Wurm.

Said Wurm appeared and beat me game 1. I was way too distraught after this loss, but though I sided in the 4/4 5-mana cost flying bomb Hikari, Twilight Guardian. I also switched out a 2nd Wayfarer’s Bauble for another plains (going up to 9).

Game 2 I opened Court Homunculus into Cranial Plating on curb and swung for too much damage on him. He kept a sketchy hand assuming he’d survive long enough to cast the wurm.

Game 3 was literally the same as Game 2 and Plating won me the match.

Won 2-1

Round 2: Vs Blue/Green Graft

My opponent’s only creatures were Green Graft creatures. I didn’t open plating this game, but instead I opened both Sunspear Shikari and Darksteel Axe. This combination led to a 4/2 Lifelink, First Strike creature on turn 3. It also didn’t help that he dropped a Mutagenic Growth from his hand by accident and forgot that the Kitesail I cast on the Sunspear turn 4 gave Flying.

I cast the Indomitable Archangel against him Game 2 and that combined with Cranial Plating won me the game pretty fast.

Won 2-0

Round 3: Vs Jund Technically

So myself and the other 2-0 players agreed to split the $90 of store credit instead of playing round 3 (which would result in a $60 for 1st place and $30 for 2nd place). I played a fun round with the Jund player and he blew me out using burn spells into Necrogenesis.

So that’s how my Modern Master’s draft went. It was a lot of fun and brought a lot of tension. I would recommend the draft to anyone looking for a high risk environment. It’s really nerve racking to play in a format with Eldrazi Titans and cards that cost upwards of $30 a piece.


While I was hanging out in the store I traded for all of the above cards (except for the Wilt Leaf-Liege which I happened to open in a casually bought MM2 pack). I apologize for the blurry picture, my camera was about to die and I was rushing.

So I will be testing Mono-Red in Standard (what else is new), but I’ll be doing so with higher cost red spells like the Thunderbreak Regent and Flamewake Phoenix. That’s something to figure out over time. However, with a Yugioh regional next week, it’s time to shift gears. Thanks for reading!


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