What if Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss gets a reprint in Mega Tin 2015

So I had this thought…


What if Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss is reprinted in the Yugioh 2015 Mega-Tin?

What will happen (probably):

More people will build/play Burning Abyss

Dante’s price will price will drop from


About $40 at the time of this blog post to hopefully a respectable $15


Well Konami has released Elder God Noden as a Promo in the Mega Tin, or as the tcg will get him, Elder Entity Norden (because we can’t get cool names or possible religious references…)


This is one of, if not the most powerful fusion monster ever printed. It allows for easy combos, OTKs, and Quasar plays. When fall comes the meta of Yugioh will be decided by whether or not Instant Fusion remains at 3…

So why does Noden (Norden is a dumb name, just saying) matter to Dante? Well I assume everyone will buy the tins primarily to get both him and Castel (who is also being reprinted). So how is Konami going to drive multiple sales of the tins? Why would anyone buy more than 1 of each unless there’s an insanely splashable, powerhouse xyz monster to pull. Speaking of which…


Remember this guy?

This card used to be a staple back during the dragon ruler format and even afterward Dracossack remained a high value yugioh card. Then it got reprinted in the 2014 Mega Tin.


Now it’s about $9 to $12 and is very easy to come by.

Now I know this is some simplistic reasoning, BUT if I was in Konami’s position and I wanted to sell as many Mega Tins as possible I would reprint not only Dante, but the Shaddoll, Tellerknight and Yang Zing monsters also (essentially, all of Duelist Alliance). This would give everyone a reason to buy multiple Mega Tins to build these decks.

Now I don’t think that will happen, but I do think Dante will get a reprint eventually. So I’m getting started on making a Burning Abyss deck for when he does.

Now is the point where I would start discussing the decks I’m building, but I’ve got to go so that will have to wait until a later post. Thanks for reading and while I’m not 100% that this will happen, I really wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Running over noobs with Stampeding Elk Herd (Magic the Gathering Draft Story)

I was able to head to the Redcaps Redraft tonight (after my boss randomly let me leave earlier).

I have not drafted in almost 3 weeks so I forgot everything except for Flatten is good. That and Temur Battle Rage steals games. Needless to say I was unprepared.

My Deck:


I played Jund again. It’s becoming my crutch in draft so I’ll have to try something different next time.

My 1st pick in each pack was:


Stampeding Elk Herd

and Frontier Mastiodon, though I guess I lost it, because it wasn’t in my pool later… I don’t know.

I scrubbed out again (I blame being out of practice). The deck was ok, but I made a lot of mistakes.

Round 1: Vs Sultai Manifest

Game 1 I got blown out by Ethereal Ambush. However, Games 2 and 3 he opened like no lands and I trampled him with Elk.

Won 2-1

Round 2: Vs Jeskai Aggro

This game the card that caused me problems was War Flare which caused me to lose game 2. I then lost game 3.

I will someday beat my roommate in limited… Someday…

Loss 1-2

Round 3: RB Dash

I am so upset over a glorious mistake game 1 where I mistook Sheltered Aerie for my 3rd land. I then lost very fast. However, I got the luckiest topdeck in game 2 where I pulled Temur Battle Rage to let the Elk Herd Trample over Sidisi, Undead Vizier for game when he had me dead on the next turn. Game 3 he beat me, but it was a good last 2 games.

Loss 1-2

MVPs of the night was Tread Upon and Temur Battle Rage both of which won me a game or two. I’m still salty over my mistakes, but the rare pool wiped out my salt. The best rare was Soulfire Grandmaster, then Dromoka Command and then… Nothing over $2.


I took Sidisi, then Damnable Pact, Foe Razer Regent and the last guy left before taking the foil Servant of the Scale so I took it.

It was fun, I prefer rare redraft, though my life goal is to go 2-1 again like the draft back in Theros block where I drafted 2 Revel of the Fallen God.

Anyhow, thanks for reading as always.

After the Wixoss Party, New Magic Decks, Cool Sites/Apps

I’m going to say a bunch of things really quickly that I hope resonates with someone somewhere.

Cool Sites/Apps

Game Findr

So the app Game Findr (which I backed on Kickstarter awhile back) just launched. You can find a download link for it here. I’m still figuring out the app, but you can use it to contact other people who play the same games that you do in your area. I’m certain it will be a useful tool in finding people to play with wherever you live.


I also made an account on Pucatrade, which is a site where you can send magic cards to people to gain points. These points traded for more cards. I have extreme issue with the site only allowing the exchange of NM/M (Near Mint/Mint), but I’ve been told that the site will update to allow for lightly played cards to be offered for trade in the future.

New MTG Deck/Plan

I built a new Tiny Leaders deck with Varolz, the Scar-Striped. It’s still a work in progress since the meta version of the deck is really expensive, though as usual I’m making due with what I have lying around.


I’m also actively trying to downsize my MTG collection. I have 2 Binders at present, 1 for Magic and 1 for everything else. I’d rather fit all the cards that I’d would carry to events and such into 1 binder.



Pretty much I want to fit all that’s in the 2nd row into the 1st row. For this reason I’ve revived my Ebay and Tcgtrader stores to try and push out as many bulk cards as possible.

After the Wixoss Party

Nyan in his infinite kindness gave both me and my roommate a huge amount of new cards.


Midoriko now actually has beasts.


Mirurun now has cross signi (the awesome new form of signi with combined art)


I need new sleeves for this deck to make the cards line up better. It still looks good to me though.


Eldora now has an actual combo, in terms of making her creatures unblockable.


I also have much joy in having a foil version of my favorite card in this game. Anyway, I hope some of the information here was in some way beneficial. Thanks for reading as always.

The Morning Before the Wixoss Party

The morning before the Wixoss Party and all through the house not a signi was stirring not even a mouse


My friend Nyan, the Master of Wixoss is coming to visit today so I thought I’d look over my decks before the coming challenge.

SDC13646 (2)-001

I’ve built 5 decks thus far (because I would) and I’ve found love for each of them in various ways.

Hanayo (Mono-Red)


Hanayo is still a Mono-Red Aggro deck (much like my Standard deck… sort of). She employs a mix of burn spells to counterbalance running only lv 2 or lower signi.

Eldora (Merfolk)


Eldora has become a Merfolk tribal deck using the Wixoss equivalent (Water Phantom).

Iona (Reanimater Control)


Iona is Black/White reanimate deck that seeks to make a lock using the lv 5 Iona and the Art Dark Matter.

Mirurun (Mono-Blue Madness)


Mirurun is a strange combination of aggro, control and scry. She also has the power to steal spells.

Midoriko (Green Stompy)


I just made this using the trial deck because I opened the lv 3 Midoriko in the set 4 box I opened ages ago. She gives her creatures Trample, sorry Piercing no wait it’s called Lancer.

Anyway, the party already started!  All these decks are about to undergo a lot of changes. Thanks for reading or much more likely looking at pretty pictures. Have a great day!

When you win the FNM promo and it’s Frost Walker… (Magic the Gathering EDH post)

For reasons I’ll hopefully laugh about later in life I choose to play in the EDH/Commander match at Redcaps this week (yesterday). Joining the commander game was free and you were entered into a raffle to win the FNM promo (it’s really a good deal actually). Anyway I entered with my Superfriends deck (now updated with counterspells).

Actual Match: Progentitus vs Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite vs Rhys the Redeemed vs Iroas, God of Victory

My deck for the first time in ages (possibly ever) gave me the perfect set-up to win the game in under 30 minutes (and if you know EDH games, they don’t end in 30 minutes…)


I played Soul Ring turn 2, Doubling Season turn 3, and Elspeth, Knight’s Errant (and ultimate’d her, gaining the Indestructible Emblem) turn 4. Then the guy playing Elesh Norn (who was pretty cool and friendly I might add) used Decimater Web on me, which happened to mill my Armageddon while I had an Eternal Witness in hand. Thus, on turn 6 I played Ewit, got back Armageddon and destroyed all lands causing everyone else to surrender.

Since things may never go that well again I’m recording that match, also I won the raffle and got a Frost Walker too whoo.

The other matches were:

Progentitus vs Elesh Norn vs Iroas

Elesh Norn won using Proliferate/Infect after Iroas killed me (or rather Aurelia did)

Progenitus vs Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Derevi won because he countered all my boardwipes and I used Armageddon with no follow-up play (#Misplays).

Progenitus vs Sigarda, Host of Herons vs Roon of the Hidden Realms

I have to hand it to the guy playing Derevi, he actually had a commander for each of his decks which he swapped between for Single/Multiplayer EDH (he just used his Derevi deck with Roon as his commander instead). It was a really cool idea. Anyway Sigarda voltron deck killed us both though it was really cool to watch.

After that I left with a renewed love for EDH and not a single penny spent. I have no regrets whatsoever.

Can one man really play the most expensive deck in Yugioh and the cheapest deck in Magic the Gathering?

So for the longest time I’ve been playing various cards without analyzing why I’m playing them or how I got where I am now.



So awhile back I was torn between playing Heroes, Infernoids or Nekroz. I ended up building all 3 decks (sort of), but I never fell in love with Heroes or Infernoids like I did with Nekroz. Heroes was too linear a deck of summong Masked Hero Dark Law, while Infernoids were too inconsistent relying on the blind mills of Reasoning/Monster Gate in order to be potent. Nekroz has some of the greatest consistency in the game’s recent history. It’s undeniably the best deck in the current format. However my deck is imperfect in that it only has 1 Nekroz of Valkyrus. Now why do I only run 1?


Well this card costs about $45-50 and it’s not worth buying it when I barely get to play Yugioh anymore. Sure it would’ve helped me out a lot back at the regional, but for the time being there’s little hope of me getting this outside of somehow pulling it (I’ve been buying THSF packs whenever I see them, gotta try).

Magic the Gathering



So in my last FNM post I showed a Midrange Mono-Red deck. I built it because

A) Mono red with tokens didn’t feel as strong to me at the time

B) I wanted to play Thunderbreak Regent

I’m still torn over which is the better build (the standard Mono-Red deck is far more popular and I would assume consistent).


Still it’s a mute point as I borrowed the Eidolon of the Great Revels for the tournament. Unless my friend decides to draft/not play Standard on friday I’m probably not playing for a bit (both builds need 4 Eidolon who like Valk total around $40 as you can see here). Eidolon is also rotating out of Standard soon so I have no plans to buy them for that much, at least not now.



I thought it would be cute to build a edh deck with Soraya the Falconer, and then randomly I found my Promo Anthousa, Setsessan Hero (ans hence another deck was born). Neither of these decks are very serious and I guess they would fall into the category of budget edh decks (Soraya could be a Tiny Leader Commander too in hindsight).


So I’ve had a crummy elf deck built for the rare modern game I’d get sucked into. However after an Elf deck topped the recent Modern GP I feel a strong need to try and improve my current deck.


This is what I have so far. I have no plans to drop the $200+ needed to make this deck competitive, but I’d like to make it at least playable.



I built these 4 decks, but I’m still forever at a loss as to how to make them “good”. You can only lose so many times before you honestly consider quitting not because you don’t love the game, but because you don’t feel that you’ve gotten any better at it in months.

As for every other game I still wait to learn Vanguard. I have my Weiss deck at the ready (pictures at a later time I guess). I can’t really play Pokemon since my cards are too old for tournaments. My only Naruto playing friend is back in New Jersey and I have no one I can convince to play MLP with me (nor do I have my cards with me).

Current goals are as follows:

  • Figure out a Mono-Red Build that can beat Abzan. That’s it, and while it may seem like a simple goal trust me it’s not while Siege Rhino and Sorin are on the loose. The only game that night at FNM where I felt totally powerless was in the Abzan match-up. I think this is where I need to focus the most (especially in my sideboard).
  • Get a regular Yugioh Playgroup going (Otherwise my even more of my cards will gather dust)
  • Acquire Modern Elf deck pieces (Without going bankrupt)
  • Try out this new Force of Will game (I was going to buy an intro deck, but the MSRP was pricey so I figured I’d check online first). I know nothing except that the stats look like Yugioh stats and that intrigues me.
  • Get a Wixoss deck that can win consistently (Or at least often)
  • Find someone to actively play each card game with (This is more of a life goal than a summer one).

Well I should really be sleeping right now, so I’ll call it a night.

6/12/15 FNM Trying Standard


Whelp I just made that first line a total lie.

I played the Standard tournament at Redcaps Corner tonight. It was fun, but I am still overflowing with salt and I will remain all the salt probably for the next few hours (days).

My Deck (My current MTG deck):


I’m playing Mono-Red Midrange (also known as Middle Red). I got the inspiration somewhat from this deck list on MTG Goldfish here.

The “Synergy”

ImagetbdImage (7)

The deck is geared toward the reviving Flamewake Phoenix with Thunderbreak Regent. It’s the main “cute” play of the deck though when it works it’s great.

Other than that the deck still plays the standard red cards. I’m going to keep editing the deck (though I’m still considering going back to straight Mono Red aggro with tokens).

My Match-Ups

Round 1: Vs Abzan Control

I got destroyed by the Den Protector. Also my opponent was able to re-summon 2 Deathmist Raptors off of that Den Protector and I was crushed. I actually not sure how to fight Abzan (which stinks since it’s the best deck in the format).

Lose: 0-2

Round 2: Vs Esper Dragons

Now this was a completely different game. He used Foul-Tongue Invocation to heal his life total while trying to stabilize with Silumgar, the Drifting Death. However, Thunderbreak and Silumgar bounced off each other while Flamewake poked him for game.

Win: 2-0

Round 3: Vs Mardu Dragons

I played against a good friend running a Mardu Dragon deck. We played that match up multiple times the night before and we both knew each other’s decks fully. Game 1 he kept a 1 lander and it was a short fight. Game 2 he beat me in the long run. Game 3, I beat him in the race.

Win: 2-1

Round 4: Vs UB Control

I played a very weary Control player. Game 1 I beat him very fast. Game 2 he kept a hand of Caves of Kolios, Swamp, 3 Drown in Sorrow, 1 Ultimate Price and Bile Blight. All you need to know is that he didn’t draw a 3rd land.

Win: 2-0

Round 5: Vs Red/White Midrange

I lost games  1 and 2 due to getting mana screwed. Hence my salt, my eternal salt…

Loss: 0-2

Anyway, that was my night. I made it into the Top 8, but didn’t get the promo (a Frost Walker was lost this night). I definitely prefer drafting, but I had a good time outside of round 5…

Thanks for reading and may you not get mana screwed in the final round of your tournament.

I’m trash at Magic the Gathering limited, learn from my failures :(

I’m saddened by scrubbing out yet again (aint that a way to start a post). Though maybe some of my mistakes will help you to avoid such slip-ups in your DTK drafting.

My Deck:


This is my first time playing Jund… at all. It was really fun though (Patrick you were right!). A friend and I were discussing the best commons cards in DTK on the way to Redcaps Corner and bascially I tried to draft as many as possible.

My Picks:


Pack 1, Pick 1: Flatten over Myth Realized

Pack 2, Pick 1: Atarka Monument over I don’t recall

Pack 3, Pick 1: Reach of Shadows over some awful rare

I think these were solid picks. My basic plan was to use green for ramp, black for removal (Flatten, which I had 2 of) and Red for Sarkhan’s Rage, which I also had 2 of. All of these put in work and if they weren’t in my hand I was wishing for them.

The Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs Blue/White Dragon-Manifest

I 2-0’ed my opponent due to drawing into removal accurately and him misplaying with Illusory Gains.

Lesson: Don’t get overconfident after winning game 1.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Jund (Mirror Match)

We played a long grind match game 1 where I mulled over a Yasova, Dragonclaw move for what felt like 10 minutes. However, I died on the back swing. Game 2 I lost 17 life on  turn 6 thanks to Temur Battle Rage. Fear this card, it’s scary in limited and I regret passing it in hindsight.

Lesson: if you see a Temur Battle Rage after killing it as a Manifest, play with it in mind in the later games.

Lose 0-2

Round 3: Vs Blue/White Flyers

I played another grind game round 1, but I lost despite having 10 creatures out. His flyers were too strong, then game 2 I destroyed him early game only to lose everything to a string of removal spells (Reality Shift for game…)

Lesson: There are always tap/exile tricks you have to watch out for.

Lose 0-2

It was a hard night, BUT I really liked my deck (definitely something to consider building down the road). I picked up a pile of cards for Birds EDH also.


It’s pretty much White Weenie deck only using a bunch of janky bird creatures. I made it as a joke with my friends, but it’s fun to build a new deck (as always). Whelp I’m tired out, but I now know to try out more 3+ color decks in the future. Before tonight I usually stuck to 2 color decks. Anyways, thanks for reading and good luck in whatever events you have coming up.

How to win a Rare Redraft even when you lose (Magic the Gathering draft story)

I finally went to my first (in a long time and quite possibly last) Magic the Gathering Rare Redraft at Redcaps.

What is a Rare Redraft?

A draft format where all the rares and foils are returned after the games end. The players with the most wins then take the rares in the order of won the most games or this case whatever the dice decide.

My Deck:


Not pictured are the End Hostilities and Flooded Strand. I handed back after the draft. I played UW Control with Venerable Lanmasu as the finisher.

For some reason we drafted triple Khans of Tarkir packs in a 6-person pod (also known as a recipe for disaster). Anyway, I’m low on time/exhausted so I’ll reflect on the match-ups very quickly.

Round 1: Vs Sagu Mauler

Closed out Game 1 quickly, lost to Sagu game 2, won with the Siegecraft (jank card ftw) on a Jeskai Windscout game 3.

Won 2-1

Round 2: Vs 5 Color Zoo

I won game 1 handily, but lost games 2 and 3 after the stall wars began.

Lose 1-2

Round 3: Vs 4 Color Zoo

Morphs on morphs on morphs, but I lost out in the end.

Lose 1-2

MVP of the draft was War Bememoth, it kept appearing every game and was a consistent blocker. Khans format leads to a lot of stall boards filled with Morphs. The morphs I like, the stall I don’t like. I spent every game begging to top deck End Hostilities for a blowout. That being said playing KTK was a rare occurrence and soon I’ll be back to playing Dragons (aka normalcy).


On a more pleasant note I traded for a few good standard cards while I was there.


I’m tinkering with BW Warriors alongside Mono-Red so I’m getting some staples. I’ll post the decklists this weekend (hopefully).

Thoughts on the Rare Redraft (so this post isn’t completely pointless):

If you’re a good player, the rare redraft is a great way to open 8+ packs and get the rarest cards from them. If you’re a new player, I wouldn’t recommend the draft as few things are as saddening as opening a foil/rare card and having to hand it back afterwards. I personally really like Redraft, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Final Thoughts:

I can’t go to Redraft again due to my work hours, but I should be able to do FNMs again. I can only hope this leads to more material to post about. Anyways, thanks for reading as always.

When the Yugioh Regional and Magic Draft leave you depressed enough to build Kangee EDH…

So last weekend I attended both the 5-30-15 Yugioh Regional at the Philadelphia Convention Center and a Modern Masters 2 draft. For some strange reason I’m combining these perfectly separate topics into one.

Yugioh Regional Report

My Deck:

11304039_10205480581112222_141730532_n-00111350361_10205480580992219_1152411439_n-001 11267914_10205480580832215_1818412125_n-001

I played Nekroz at the event (cough cough best deck in the format). Most of the deck was fairly standard with the exception of my 1 Valk and my single copy of Honest (the crazy idea of a close friend). While a weird excuse I had invited a lot of friends both from my hometown and my local friends and I was very worried about getting everyone to the event safely. I didn’t playtest or plan I just gathered some cards and rolled with it.

My Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs Satellarknights

He opened no traps game 1 and OTK’d him. He opened traps game 2 and killed me. We got into a Djinn-Lock meets Vanity’s stalemate game 3 and I won in time.

Won 2-1

Round 2: Vs Nekroz

I learned just what I’ve been doing to people for months now. That being said he just broke my turn 1 Djinn-Lock 2 games in a row and killed me.

Loss 0-2

Round 3: Vs Satellarknights

I made a lot of misplays and stopped thinking. Never stop thinking, it’s really scary. Anyway I couldn’t/didn’t try to defeat him in time and we drew.

Draw 1-1

Round 4: Vs Yang Zing

Our game 1 took 40 minutes (which I lost). I couldn’t beat him in game 2 either sadly especially not in time.

Loss 0-2

Round 5: ???

The first bye

Round 6: Vs Ritual Beasts

I took game 1, then he took game 2. I won game 3 in time (I too am sensing a theme here).

Won 2-1

Round 7: ???

Another bye. At this point my last friend got their 3rd loss and everyone else wanted to leave so I dropped.

I saved quite a bit at this event and only bought a Nekroz of Sophia to add to my Nekroz collection.


(And yes this is virtually un-playable, but it’s also beautiful)

I was very out of practice, but my friends all participated in the event and got home safely. I couldn’t ask for much more.

I also got to play-test this lovely new Hanayo I got from TCGRepublic.


My Wixoss friend also attended the event and we played the mono-red mirror in between rounds. It really helped to de-stress and we confus- I mean showed the game to a lot of people.

Modern Masters 2 Draft 2

My Deck


Modern Masters has been the most fun money sink I’ve ever tried. The draft format has so much pre-built synergy that the decks play really well. I tried out Black/White Soulshift this time. My 1st pack, 1st pick was Mirran Crusader (which has a very visible crease on its back…)


2nd pack had a Banefire and the 3rd pack had Profane Command, no money, but many playables. The 2 Nameless Inversions were the MVPs though.

My Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs BW (Splashing Green and Blue)

I played the mirror against one of my friends. He splashed blue for Shadowmage Infiltrator and Green for Selesnya Guildmage. I lost game 1 to Waxmane Baku. Game 2 grinded out until his Selesnya Guildmage became absurd, though lost due to tapping my mana wrong on the turn I had potential lethal (live and learn…)

Round 2: Vs UW Proliferate and UW Affinity

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder proved his power and won me game 1 vs Thurmmingbird Turbo. However, I lost in the late game to affinity after my round 2 opponent had to leave, so I played a different friend instead.

Round 3: Vs WR Combo

My friend was attending his first draft, he usually plays control so trying Red/White aggro was out of his comfort zone. Profane Command sat dead in my hand game 1 so I sided in another swamp. Games 2 & 3 though the Sunspear came through winning me both games (Lifelink pushed it over the edge).

We weren’t playing for anything so victory was not really a necessity.


So after returning home from the Yugioh tournament my friends convinced me to make a joke EDH deck. I was stuck on what to do after a few hours of running through the MTG legendary creatures list (partially why this post is multiple days late). Eventually though I found Soraya the Falconer and swore my eternal loyalty to the birds, but more on that later…