When the Yugioh Regional and Magic Draft leave you depressed enough to build Kangee EDH…

So last weekend I attended both the 5-30-15 Yugioh Regional at the Philadelphia Convention Center and a Modern Masters 2 draft. For some strange reason I’m combining these perfectly separate topics into one.

Yugioh Regional Report

My Deck:

11304039_10205480581112222_141730532_n-00111350361_10205480580992219_1152411439_n-001 11267914_10205480580832215_1818412125_n-001

I played Nekroz at the event (cough cough best deck in the format). Most of the deck was fairly standard with the exception of my 1 Valk and my single copy of Honest (the crazy idea of a close friend). While a weird excuse I had invited a lot of friends both from my hometown and my local friends and I was very worried about getting everyone to the event safely. I didn’t playtest or plan I just gathered some cards and rolled with it.

My Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs Satellarknights

He opened no traps game 1 and OTK’d him. He opened traps game 2 and killed me. We got into a Djinn-Lock meets Vanity’s stalemate game 3 and I won in time.

Won 2-1

Round 2: Vs Nekroz

I learned just what I’ve been doing to people for months now. That being said he just broke my turn 1 Djinn-Lock 2 games in a row and killed me.

Loss 0-2

Round 3: Vs Satellarknights

I made a lot of misplays and stopped thinking. Never stop thinking, it’s really scary. Anyway I couldn’t/didn’t try to defeat him in time and we drew.

Draw 1-1

Round 4: Vs Yang Zing

Our game 1 took 40 minutes (which I lost). I couldn’t beat him in game 2 either sadly especially not in time.

Loss 0-2

Round 5: ???

The first bye

Round 6: Vs Ritual Beasts

I took game 1, then he took game 2. I won game 3 in time (I too am sensing a theme here).

Won 2-1

Round 7: ???

Another bye. At this point my last friend got their 3rd loss and everyone else wanted to leave so I dropped.

I saved quite a bit at this event and only bought a Nekroz of Sophia to add to my Nekroz collection.


(And yes this is virtually un-playable, but it’s also beautiful)

I was very out of practice, but my friends all participated in the event and got home safely. I couldn’t ask for much more.

I also got to play-test this lovely new Hanayo I got from TCGRepublic.


My Wixoss friend also attended the event and we played the mono-red mirror in between rounds. It really helped to de-stress and we confus- I mean showed the game to a lot of people.

Modern Masters 2 Draft 2

My Deck


Modern Masters has been the most fun money sink I’ve ever tried. The draft format has so much pre-built synergy that the decks play really well. I tried out Black/White Soulshift this time. My 1st pack, 1st pick was Mirran Crusader (which has a very visible crease on its back…)


2nd pack had a Banefire and the 3rd pack had Profane Command, no money, but many playables. The 2 Nameless Inversions were the MVPs though.

My Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs BW (Splashing Green and Blue)

I played the mirror against one of my friends. He splashed blue for Shadowmage Infiltrator and Green for Selesnya Guildmage. I lost game 1 to Waxmane Baku. Game 2 grinded out until his Selesnya Guildmage became absurd, though lost due to tapping my mana wrong on the turn I had potential lethal (live and learn…)

Round 2: Vs UW Proliferate and UW Affinity

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder proved his power and won me game 1 vs Thurmmingbird Turbo. However, I lost in the late game to affinity after my round 2 opponent had to leave, so I played a different friend instead.

Round 3: Vs WR Combo

My friend was attending his first draft, he usually plays control so trying Red/White aggro was out of his comfort zone. Profane Command sat dead in my hand game 1 so I sided in another swamp. Games 2 & 3 though the Sunspear came through winning me both games (Lifelink pushed it over the edge).

We weren’t playing for anything so victory was not really a necessity.


So after returning home from the Yugioh tournament my friends convinced me to make a joke EDH deck. I was stuck on what to do after a few hours of running through the MTG legendary creatures list (partially why this post is multiple days late). Eventually though I found Soraya the Falconer and swore my eternal loyalty to the birds, but more on that later…



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