How to win a Rare Redraft even when you lose (Magic the Gathering draft story)

I finally went to my first (in a long time and quite possibly last) Magic the Gathering Rare Redraft at Redcaps.

What is a Rare Redraft?

A draft format where all the rares and foils are returned after the games end. The players with the most wins then take the rares in the order of won the most games or this case whatever the dice decide.

My Deck:


Not pictured are the End Hostilities and Flooded Strand. I handed back after the draft. I played UW Control with Venerable Lanmasu as the finisher.

For some reason we drafted triple Khans of Tarkir packs in a 6-person pod (also known as a recipe for disaster). Anyway, I’m low on time/exhausted so I’ll reflect on the match-ups very quickly.

Round 1: Vs Sagu Mauler

Closed out Game 1 quickly, lost to Sagu game 2, won with the Siegecraft (jank card ftw) on a Jeskai Windscout game 3.

Won 2-1

Round 2: Vs 5 Color Zoo

I won game 1 handily, but lost games 2 and 3 after the stall wars began.

Lose 1-2

Round 3: Vs 4 Color Zoo

Morphs on morphs on morphs, but I lost out in the end.

Lose 1-2

MVP of the draft was War Bememoth, it kept appearing every game and was a consistent blocker. Khans format leads to a lot of stall boards filled with Morphs. The morphs I like, the stall I don’t like. I spent every game begging to top deck End Hostilities for a blowout. That being said playing KTK was a rare occurrence and soon I’ll be back to playing Dragons (aka normalcy).


On a more pleasant note I traded for a few good standard cards while I was there.


I’m tinkering with BW Warriors alongside Mono-Red so I’m getting some staples. I’ll post the decklists this weekend (hopefully).

Thoughts on the Rare Redraft (so this post isn’t completely pointless):

If you’re a good player, the rare redraft is a great way to open 8+ packs and get the rarest cards from them. If you’re a new player, I wouldn’t recommend the draft as few things are as saddening as opening a foil/rare card and having to hand it back afterwards. I personally really like Redraft, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Final Thoughts:

I can’t go to Redraft again due to my work hours, but I should be able to do FNMs again. I can only hope this leads to more material to post about. Anyways, thanks for reading as always.


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