I’m trash at Magic the Gathering limited, learn from my failures :(

I’m saddened by scrubbing out yet again (aint that a way to start a post). Though maybe some of my mistakes will help you to avoid such slip-ups in your DTK drafting.

My Deck:


This is my first time playing Jund… at all. It was really fun though (Patrick you were right!). A friend and I were discussing the best commons cards in DTK on the way to Redcaps Corner and bascially I tried to draft as many as possible.

My Picks:


Pack 1, Pick 1: Flatten over Myth Realized

Pack 2, Pick 1: Atarka Monument over I don’t recall

Pack 3, Pick 1: Reach of Shadows over some awful rare

I think these were solid picks. My basic plan was to use green for ramp, black for removal (Flatten, which I had 2 of) and Red for Sarkhan’s Rage, which I also had 2 of. All of these put in work and if they weren’t in my hand I was wishing for them.

The Match-Ups:

Round 1: Vs Blue/White Dragon-Manifest

I 2-0’ed my opponent due to drawing into removal accurately and him misplaying with Illusory Gains.

Lesson: Don’t get overconfident after winning game 1.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Jund (Mirror Match)

We played a long grind match game 1 where I mulled over a Yasova, Dragonclaw move for what felt like 10 minutes. However, I died on the back swing. Game 2 I lost 17 life on  turn 6 thanks to Temur Battle Rage. Fear this card, it’s scary in limited and I regret passing it in hindsight.

Lesson: if you see a Temur Battle Rage after killing it as a Manifest, play with it in mind in the later games.

Lose 0-2

Round 3: Vs Blue/White Flyers

I played another grind game round 1, but I lost despite having 10 creatures out. His flyers were too strong, then game 2 I destroyed him early game only to lose everything to a string of removal spells (Reality Shift for game…)

Lesson: There are always tap/exile tricks you have to watch out for.

Lose 0-2

It was a hard night, BUT I really liked my deck (definitely something to consider building down the road). I picked up a pile of cards for Birds EDH also.


It’s pretty much White Weenie deck only using a bunch of janky bird creatures. I made it as a joke with my friends, but it’s fun to build a new deck (as always). Whelp I’m tired out, but I now know to try out more 3+ color decks in the future. Before tonight I usually stuck to 2 color decks. Anyways, thanks for reading and good luck in whatever events you have coming up.


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